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My mother was Margaret Smerdon, and Robart Smerdon was my 10th great grandfather. This page is a forum for information about the surname Smerdon, our ancestry and contacts with other Smerdon families around the world. If you have researched your own Smerdon family tree and would like to share it with others, or would like to trace lost branches of the family, please contact us by clicking here on Contact .

Look forward to hearing from you !!


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Subject: The Smerdon Clan
From Peter Smerdon

Hello Simon
I've just seen your family tree on Bev Petersen's home page. I come from Plymouth, Devon and have a tree back to about 1700. Thomas (1825 - 1885 was my grandfather's cousin ! I recently discovered Michael in Adelaide and have exchanged trees discovered that we are third cousins once removed - at least that is what my computer tells me. I don't know what that makes you and I but we must be some sort of cousin.

Best wishes Peter Smerdon

Subject: The Smerdon Clan
From Peter Smerdon

Many thanks for your email. Since my original message I have explored the story of Thomas hidden behind your tree. I received from Michael a copy of his Diary but did not realise the reasons behind the emigration. I see that you also have a background in London. After the first world war my father went up to London to seek his fortune. He never managed to do that but it was where he met my mother so I was born in London and lived there until 1959 when I moved down to Plymouth. We used to live in Streatham. When my father retired they moved back to Plymouth where they spent the rest of their lives. A few years ago 3 of my first cousins (John, Tim & Peter) emigrated to Canada and all are now in the Vancouver area where they seem to have multiplied quite rapidly. Another cousin's (Leslie) widow went to Brisbane with her family after Leslie's death, so even the current generation have scattered widely. Ever since I received your email I've been looking in the mirror to see if I can detect what the "Smerdon features" are, but no real luck!
I attach a GEDCOM copy of our family tree which is the same as I sent to Michael a few months ago.

Best wishes Peter

Subject: Greetings from Down Under
From Michael Smerdon

Hi Simon,
Sorry, I have been neglecting my northern hemisphere cousins of late! The last message I received from you and Peter was in early July. I'm very pleased that you have caught up with each other and are exchanging thoughts on the late Thomas Smerdons- I'm sorry I can't add any constructive ideas on the subject except to refer to one of your late Fathers epistles[I have kept all of his letters and may I say they bring great joy to me on rereading them from time to time]- in one such letter from Ewell of 3 January 1993 "I found the will of Thomas senior made in 1848 quite fascinating. The only solution I can suggest to the problem of the "unknowns" mentioned therein is that they were his sons by a previous marriage. He would have been 32 when he married Grace Hamlyn in 1824, which would have been very late for a first marriage, in those days. If he had first married at say 21 there would have been time to beget Robert[as executor and residuary legatee- he was probably the eldest son. Edward[ who must have predeceased him] as the bequest is to Edward's son, John,- Elias, Elijah and Elisha before remarrying in 1824. the first wife must have been exhausted from child bearing. So where do the two :sons-in-law come in? one of them might have been Ann's first husband still living in 1848- if it was Thomas Smerdon then it was a marriage of Smerdons, not impossible if they were cousins. But that would still leave Thomas Willcocks, as Ann was Thomas[seniors] only daughter." Your Father obviously pondered on these points at great length but in the end He remarks"The mystery remains"!!!

Michael Smerdon - Adelaide Australia

Subject: Smerdon Will
From Simon Begent

Dear Michael and Peter,

Thanks for your emails. I am sure that Peter is right and has the answer to Thomas Smerdon's Will (see below) that was puzzling my Father back in 1993. It is the Will of Thomas Smerdon (1761-1848) which was signed on 16th January 1848 just 9 days before he was buried on 25th January. His wife Susanna (nee Lear) had died the previous year.

Thomas Smerdon's Will:
"In the Name of God Amen. I Thomas Smerdon in the Parish of Buckland in the Moor of the County of Devon Yeoman being of sound mind and memory do make this my last Will and Testament in name following first and principally I commend my soul to Almighty God - and my Body I desire may be decently interred at the discretion of my Executor hereafter named and as to such worldly estates as God in his Goodness has bestowed upon me I give and dispose as follows - I give unto my son Thomas the sum of Twenty Pounds and to my Grandson John the son of Edward Smerdon my son the like sum Twenty Pounds. I give to my son William the like sum of Twenty pounds and to my son Elias the sum of Twenty five Pounds and to my son Richard I give Twenty pounds and to my son Elijah the sum of Ten Pounds. I give the sum of Five Pounds to my son in law Thos Smerdon and to the sister of Thos Smerdon called Mary the sum of Five Pounds and to my son Elisha Five Pounds and my son in Law Thos Willcocks one pound and the remainder of my property I give to my son Robert after paying all just debts I make him my sole Executor and to see this my Will is attended to - Signed in the presence of Dated this 16th day of January 1848"

There are bequests to all his sons that were then living - Thomas 20, William 20, Elias 25, Richard 20, Elijah 20, Elisha 5, Robert (remaining property), and grandson John (son of Edward) 20. This ties up with Peter's family tree, which I have shown on my webpage Puzzling however are the bequests to his son-in-law Thomas Smerdon 5, his sister Mary 5, and son-in-law Thomas Willocks 1. His only living daughter at that time was Mary who had married Elias Mann in 1821. Was this the Mary referred to and had she remarried another Thomas Smerdon - perhaps a cousin? Or was Thomas Willcocks her husband? Perhaps the Thomas Smerdon referred to was his grandson Thomas (1825-1865) who later married Grace Hamlyn in 1855. In that case it strange that none of his other grandchildren were included in the will. Any ideas?

Subject: Smerdon Family
From Ana Bowden

Hello, I have accessed your home page via Jon Smerdon's website. It seems that both you and my husband Gordon are the 6th greatgrandsons of John Smerdon and Alice Hamlyn. I have attached some info on Gordon's line and would welcome any further information you are able to provide.

Look forward to hearing from you.
Ana Bowden

Subject: Early Smerdons
From Peter Smerdon

Attached herewith is a GEDCOM file which shows details of 4 generations of the family before John & Alice Hamlyn. Nothing nasty has come from this end of the tree - in fact the halo has started to shine because John turned out to have been a churchwarden. It's interesting, and slightly unusual, how the family migrated in those early days with Robert and Isett coming from Widecombe, son Robert marrying Ann from Ilsington, staying there for a generation before Robert & Ruth went back to Widecombe and finally John & Alice started the Buckland family. The series of booklets which I obtained ( show our ancestors as the Buckland tree which apparently stayed quite separate from another Buckland tree throughout the generations. The attached tree would appear to show the start our Buckland tree but also it can, I think, be extended to show another branch of the family in Widecombe. Where does one call a halt in these investigations?

Happy hunting,

Subject: Early Smerdons
From Peter Smerdon

I am now trying to work my way through Mike Brown's booklets on the Smerdon family and have come across one of the warts! My great great grandfather (probably yours as well) Thomas who married Susanna Lear found himself in the Courts of Justice undergoing a Bastardy Examination in respect of Susanna Lear's child, Elizabeth, before eventually marrying her and producing 12 more children! I set out below the details and hope that there aren't too many more episodes like that to follow. ..'.

Transcript. The following entries in the 1785 Buckland Overseers Accounts suggest that, although Thomas [7b] (assuming that it was him) did not deny that he was the father of Susanna LEAR's child, he initially disputed the sum(s) which he was order to pay. Also transcribed are the entries recording the costs of taking Susanna LEAR to Denbury to undergo a Bastardy Examination before the Justices, who would then have issued a Bastardy Maintenance Order on Thomas SMERDON

Reed of Thomas Smerdon towards Susanna Lears bastard child 17s Od
Susanna I car when she put herself into the parrish Is Od
for a horse to Cart Susanna Lear to Justice 3 times 3s Od
When Susanna Lear sward [swore] her Bastard Child upon Is Od
Thomas Smerdon for a jornye to Dembury for Susanna Lear examination 2s 6d
for a journey to Dembury when Thomas Smerdon refued 2s 6d [refused]
to pay what was upon the order for fething [fetching] a Spersal [special] warrant for Thomas Smerdon Is Od
for a jorney to Newton when the order was stld [settled] 2s 6d upon Thomas Smerdon

Best wishes Peter

Subject: Hi
From Jason Smerdon

Simon, Hello - I came across your name while surfing the net looking for 'smerdon' info. I can't remember if we've ever met, but our grandfathers, Alec & Ron, were brothers & I know that our respective parents knew eachother well. I'd be interested in seeing the rest of the family tree as I stayed with some of the Australian Smerdons & recently I married a Hutchison who's surname appears in the upper branches of the tree.

Cheers, Jason Smerdon

Subject: Help
From Don Smerdon

I hope that you may be able to give me a clue to find details about my great grandfather. I have researched my family in Australia through letters to relatives and by obtaining marriage and death certificates but I am stuck at the moment. My great grandfather was Herbert Andrews Smerdon, apparently born in Devon somewhere on 4th September 1830 to John Smerdon (seaman) and Elizabeth Andrews. I have looked around the Internet a bit and am in contact with Peter Smerdon in Plymouth. I have seen his family tree at and I am a bit frustrated at the moment because I know the background to the family history in Devon and I have details of recent generations in Australia but I am perhaps just about to discover that "missing link" which will tie it all together. If you don't have specific information, don't waste your time any more than reading this far (if you did) otherwise I would be pleased to hear from you.

Don Smerdon, Kyabram, Victoria, Australia.

From Brian Martin

Hello from Yeovil!

I have reseached my partners maiden name of Carlile, and although she moved from london the family originate in Ashburton and i have the family there back to early 1600's. However one Thomas Carlile = Martha Smerdon in 1787 and she was bpt on the 8 May 1764 in Buckland DEV, just wondered if there were any connections?

Bye for now Brian Martin

From Brian Martin

Martha Smerdon married Thomas Carlile (c 14 03 1766 Ashburton on the 28 03 1787 ) at Ashburton, they had the following children Thomas 1790 born Ashburton (my partners line) Susannah 1787 A, Richard 1790 A, Richard (2) 1792 born Widdecombe in the Moor and Mary 1797 also W in the M. Thomas's Brother Richard c 1763 had a son also Richard 1790 who was the Richard Carlile the "Radical and Free Thinker" who with others is credited with the freedom of the press, he had a printers shop in Fleet Street in the early 1800's he was imprisoned for many years at Dorchester. Thomas 1790 followed his cousin Richard 1790 views in Exeter and lost his business etc the Church and State were not amused! the family go back to 1634 in Ashburton but I have not found their father Thomas Carlell, family legend says they came from the continent having left Scotland. Although impossible to prove they probably originate from the "Reiver" clans in and around Carlisle and the English/Scottish borders. Also the family legend is that they became soldiers of fortune linking up with the Hugenots and landing in Devon in the early 1600's. this is probable as the family name is in Topsham, Brixham etc all clearly linked together I have not attempted to link them as the family names are all pretty well the same! But I did write to the Hugenot society, the name Carlile does not appear in their records, I did not ask that question as they are Christened and married in the Church at Ashburton, but they added that the main place of entry into England was Exeter, Bristol, Plymouth and London but also they had records of Topsham and Brixham.

All the best Brian Martin

Subject: William Smerdon
From John Smerdon

Hello Simon, My Great, Great, Grandfather William Smerdon emigrated to America in 1872. His son William kept a written record, we all still have copies it was an interesting beginning. He was born in the Devon area in 1831and married Emily Pitts. His children were William, Thomas, John, and a daughter Thirza. There was one more son but I can't remember his name at the moment. We do have good records from William on down its amazing the same names reappear so often. I don't if this the William that appears in your family born 1831 there were obviously many Smerdons in that area. If you have any information that might help finding him we would appreciate it.

John Smerdon

Subject: William Smerdon b.1831
From Peter Smerdon

John & Simon
The only record I have of that date is William baptised 23.9.1831 at Ashburton, the son of Thomas and Susan/Susanna. I have no record of his death so he could well be your ancestor John.

The dates that Simon gives for the other William come from the tree put together, I think, by Michael Smerdon from Adelaide. According to information I gleaned from Mike Brown he was baptised on 18.7.1832 at South Brent with no details of his death, but I have no further information.

The following is an extract from the 1851 Census showing William, son of Thomas and Susanna which was after the death of Susanna:- Head: SMERDON, Thomas Neighbors 34307
Name Relationship Mar Age M/F Occupation Birthplace
Thomas SMERDON Head M 62 M Farmer of 70 Acres Ashburton-DEV
Anne SMERDON Daur U 28 F Farmers Daug Ashburton-DEV
Elizabeth SMERDON Daur U 24 F Farmers Daug Ashburton-DEV
Mary Jane SMERDON Daur U 22 F Farmers Daug Ashburton-DEV
William SMERDON Son U 19 M Farmers Son Ashburton-DEV
John SMERDON Son U 17 M Farmers Son Ashburton-DEV
Richard COLLINGS Serv - 15 M Farm Servant Widdecombe-DEV
Address: Higher Brownhill Farm, --- Census Place: Ashburton Newton Abbot, Devonshire
PRO Reference: HO/107/1871 Folio: 346 Page: 14 FHL Film: 0221019

Also shown is the Pitts family from the same Census:-
Head: PITTS, John Neighbors 34395
Name Relationship Mar Age M/F Occupation Birthplace
John PITTS Head M 42 M Farmer 60 Acres Emply 3 Lab Bovey Tracey----
Charlotte PITTS Wife M 39 F --- Christow-Dev
John PITTS Son U 14 M Agriculturist Hennock-Dev
James PITTS Son - 11 M Agriculturist Hennock-Dev
Thomas PITTS Son - 9 M Scholar Hennock----
William PITTS Son - 7 M Scholar Hennock----
Emily PITTS Daur - 4 F Scholar Ashburton----
George PITTS Son - 3 M --- Ashburton----
Elizabeth PITTS Daur - 8 F --- Ashburton----
William TAYLOR Serv U 41 M Agr Servant Ashburton----
Susan WILLIAMS Serv U 18 F House Servant Ashburton----
Address: Hazel Farm, Newton Abbot, ---- Census Place: Ashburton Newton Abbot, Devonshire
PRO Reference: HO/107/1871 Folio: 362 Page: 9 FHL Film: 0221019

If this William and Emily are John's great great grandparents, there would have been a 15 year age gap and they could well have married shortly before emigrating. This William is obviously from the Elliotts Hill tree, but unfortunately his marriage is probably after the date when details would have been included in parish registers. Possibly the 1871 census may help, but I don't have that on CD Rom at the moment. In view of the possible link between the Buckland and Elliotts Hill trees I am now in the process of putting more detail on my Elliotts Hill tree.

Good hunting John
Peter Smerdon

Subject: William Smerdon
From John Smerdon

I did find a little information on my family. My gr, gr, grandmother Emily Pitts was born on June 1, 1846. I wasn't able to find out when or where they were married. A second cousin does have an old family bible. It simply says "our book William & Ann Smerdon 1815", the significance of this date is not known. I am assuming These are gr, gr, grandfather William's parents. My distant cousin who visited England went to Ashburton. I believe there where some old letters that lead her there. But she didn't not make any progress in establishing which family we originated from. According to her brother there were simply to many Smerdons to sort through. Could you possibly tell me the easiest way for me to research my family from abroad. Fortunately for us these churches and villages seem to have kept good records.

Thanks for your interest and assistance.

Subject: William Smerdon b.1831
From Simon Begent

John, Peter

John please see Peter Smerdon's message re William b. 1831 and Emily Pitts. There are also copies below for Peter of the two messages John has sent since confirming the birthdate of his gggrandfather William as 9 Aug 1831 and of his gggrandmother Emily as 1 June 1846.

This information all fits in with the baptism and census data in Peter's message which, plus the information in Mike's book that by the next census in 1861 William unmarried had taken over as head of the family at Higher Brownshill after his father's death the previous year but by 1871 had moved away, points very strongly to this William and Emily being John's gggrandparents who emigrated after marrying There is also the interesting connection that John Pitts married William's cousin Mary on 5 Feb 1866 and moved to Lower Brownswell.

The "William and Ann Smerdon" in the old family bible would have been William's Grandparents William Smerdon (1750-1815) and Ann nee Ellis (1745-1830) who lived at Elliotts Hill 1764-1780 and Lower Brownswell (1805-1815). John if this is correct - and I think it very likely is - then there is information about William's ancestors (the Elliotts Hill Smerdons) dating back to Richard Smerdon who lived at Elliotts Hill 1639-1668. As Peter mentioned he has been working on this Smerdon tree and I have started (but not completed) putting some of the data from Mike Brown's book into gedcom files. It would be good if any family tree info you have on your family (William's descendants in the US) could be included.

Best wishes,

Subject: Smerdons in Mitchell, Queensland
From Mitchell Parker

Dear smerdon ancestors,
this is my first bit of research and so it was great to find this site. Thomas Smerdon 1851 - 1910, buried at Mitchell cemetary with Ellen Smerdon (nee Palk?)1861 - 1908, as read from the tombstone. They had a son, Leslie Arthur Smaerdon who was my grandfather. Must go as am using the library net.

I'll talk soon , Mitchell Parker

Subject: Smerdons
From John Malcolm Smerdon

Very attractive page. My own family are mainly still in the Merseyside area, family perceived wisdom is that we are descended from two Smerdon brothers who moved to Liverpool from Devon cica 1835.

Subject: Smerdons in Mitchell, Queensland
From Mitchell Parker

Dear Simon, Extreme distant cousin, thanks for the information. I have a bit of the family tree which I will post to you soon. There are quite a lot of us who a descended from Thomas Smerdon of Mitchell. This is only the beginning and so look forward to the search and the contacts.

Regards, Mitchell Parker

Subject: William Smerdon descendants
From Mildred Greenstreet

Dear Simon,

John Smerdon has been in touch with me and my husband, who is a descendant of William Smerdon. I have seen your webpage and think it is terrific. We know it must have taken years of research! I am attaching a GEDCOM of William Smerdon and Emily Pitt Smerdon's descendants. My husband is descended from William Smerdon, Jr. I noticed that Emily, daughter of William and Emily, was not on your list. She married a Bennett, but there was no issue. I am a novice at making GEDCOMS so I hope I have done this correctly. Hope it can fit into your program. I did send a GEDCOM of just William Smerdon, Jr.'s, descendants to Glenn Smerdon and he said it was good. Hope this works for you. And thanks ever so much for all the research you and Jan have done.

Mildred Greenstreet

Subject: Canadian Immigrants
From Jean M. Prior

Dear Simon,

I was in Canada two or three months ago searching through ships' passenger lists and came across a Smerdon that someone may be interested in. I wasn't searching for Smerdons, but the name jumped out at me because my grandmother was a Smerdon.

The SS Bavarian, carrying 1226 passengers, sailed from Liverpool on 2 June 1904 and arrived in Montreal at 12:45am, 11 June 1904. The Smerdons were listed among the steerage class passengers. Unfortunately the list only showed initials for their given names. F. Smerdon, age 25, and his wife A. Smerdon, age 21. His occupation "R'way Porter". They came from Devon and their destination was Sherbrooke, Quebec.

I searched the telephone directories and found there are still some Smerdons in Sherbrooke today. I looked for F. Smerdon in the 1881 census, the closest match was Frederick Smeardon, born 1880 in Torquay. I hope this turns out to be of interest to someone. Please post this message in your forum and keep up the good work. It's an interesting forum.

Regards, Jean

Subject: Canadian Immigrants
From Bob Smerdon

Simon: Thanks very much for the information! I believe these are my grandparents coming to Canada. Their destination was Sherbrooke and he worked for the railway before coming over, according to my father. This is an interesting piece of information I did not have!

Thanks again. Bob Smerdon

Subject: Could I be related to anyone out there?
From Dot Smerdon

I just chanced upon your website while killing time! I come from Buckfastleigh Devon, my father is William James born 1914, his father was W.James and his father was Samuel (bit of a black sheep, never mentioned) who was born in Dean Prior(?).

That's all I know i'm afraid. At least I know there's lots of namesakes out there!

Hello to you all!
Dot Smerdon

Subject: Great Site
From John Milton

Folks, you all have done a great job with constructing the site.

I couldnt see a direct link to my SMERDON line but I did see names from Woodland Parish Register of Baptisms that I have in my own research files. I also noticed some of your visitors to be folks that I have corresponded with -- Peter, Don. It was fun and perhaps I can ultimately find a link with one of the three lines you have displayed.

Thanks, John Milton

Subject: Dot and Andy
From Dor Smerdon

Dear Simon

Since my first e-mail to you I have traced my relatives back to a James and Margaret Smerdon of about 1750. These Smerdon's lived in Rattery, Devon. The family continued to live there for over 100 years! Does anyone have any links to Rattery? If anyone has any information on a James Smerdon who emmigrated to Lawrence, Mass. in about 1883 I would love to hear from them too!

Thanks! Dot

Subject: Smerdons in Africa
From Don Smerdon

I have received the following chat note on my eboard. You may be interested.
Peter and Yvonne [29 Sep]: We are Peter and Yvonne Parkyn from Zimbabwe. Busy researching family Parkyn and a member of the family has given us a "skeleton tree" showing the notee.... Bessie Parkyn married Jack Smerdon (late 1800's we'd guess). They had children Violet Smerdon who married Alan Cheales, Joyce Smerdon who married William Cheales, Gordon Bray Smerdon, Maxwell John Smerdon, Geoffrey Smerdon.They went to Australia or maybe were born in Australia. Do you have a note of any of these names? We have a very old picture 1911 of the Parkyn family (photostat copy) in which all but the two younger boys appear, so they did exist.

Note: See message below dated July 2015 from Margaret Pascoe.

Subject: Richard Carlile
From Rebecca Leathlean

Hello! I think I'm a descendant of Richard Carlile - the radical one - and was very interested to find him on your site. I was just wondering if you have info on any of his descendants? For my part, my mother was Mary Leathlean (nee Carlile) the daughter of PERCY CARLILE and Maggie Morrish. Percy's father was another Richard Carlile. Percy and Maggie lived in Gidleigh. I think the family may have been based in the South Hams before that. Percy, Maggie and other siblings of Percy were also based in South London - Croyden and Lewisham. Percy and Maggie returned to Dartmoor when they retired. Look forward to hearing from you maybe!
Thanks, Becca Leathlean

Subject: Smerdon Gravemarkers
From Jean Prior

Hi Simon,
I was visiting the UK and had the good fortune of spending some time in the Dartmoor last week. I was only there for three days, far too short a time, but I did have the opportunity to visit St. John the Baptist Church in Woodland where my 4th Gt.grandfather, the Rev. Thomas Smerdon, was minister from 1738 to 1788. While I was poking around in the graveyard, I came across many Smerdon gravestones and took some notes.

SMERDON Monument Inscriptions:
Elizabeth, wife of Richard Smerdon, died in London 186?
William Smerdon, died 05/28/86, age 70 Ann - wife of James Smerdon 09/22/87
Pollie: wife of Edward Willcocks; daughter of James Smerdon, died 02/20/07
Elizabeth, wife of John Smerdon, died at Ipplepen 08/31/89 68 yrs George Smerdon died Nov ??

These are just a few of the Smerdon gravemarkers that I came across but I thought I'd send the notes to you on the off chance that they might mean something to someone out there. Please post this message on your Contact Forum.

Thanks, Jean

See Jean's family tree

Subject: Smerdon/Smeardon
From Kate Lack

Dear Simon,
Could this go on your contacts page? I came across your impressive Smerdon/Begent website by chance. My maiden name was Smerdon but my father John, was born in 1920 in Willesden as a Smeardon. He later changed his surname to Smerdon by deed poll. He always said his family came from Torquay so I was interested to read Jean Prior's message about finding a F. Smeardon in the Torquay 1881 census records. Does anyone know anything more about Smeardon's? My father was John Smerdon and I have four brothers called Richard, George, Tom and William. Looking at your emails from other Smerdons, these are first names which occur with great frequency.
Kate Lack

Subject: I just found you
From Susan Smith

Hi to all,
I have just found this site and I would like it very much if you are related to the Smerdon's from Lennoxville Quebec to please write to me.
My dad's name is Neil Smerdon and he had 3 brothers William, Graydon , and Robert. they have all passed on may they rest in peace. I would really like to hear from you so don't be shy!! See ya

Susan Smith

Subject: Elias Smerdons
From George Smerdon

Hello - I have been tracing my branch of the Smerdon tree in Devonport (Plymouth U.K) and have reached my great great great grandfather Elias Smerdon who married Dorothy Rendal on 10th. Feb. 1777 at Widecombe in the Moor.Their son (also Eias) was baptised in Devonport on 1st. Jan. 1778 and my direct line has been in this area since then.

The problem which I have now is pinpointing the parents of the Elias who married Dorothy Rendal. There are a number of possible candidates who were baptised Elias between 1730 and 1756 in the Moorland villages. I have been in contact with Peter who has been most helpful but unable to come up with a solution to this particular problem.

If anyone is able to offer any further information concerning this branch of the Smerdons I would be most grateful. Congratulations for an excellent website.

George Smerdon

Subject: Elias Smerdons
From Leonard Heyward

Hello Simon and George;

I currently have 13 Elias SMERDONs and 3 Ellis SMERDONs in my database of only three that could perhaps be the Elias who married Dorothy RENDAL in 1777. For all three of these Elias' I do not have any spouse listed.

1. Elias baptised 13 Jan 1749 @ Widecombe, died Dec 1799 Widecombe. Parents Thomas SMERDON and Jane SMERDON. See attached file Smerdon1.rtf for ancestor details.
2. Elias baptised 1 Dec 1750 @ Widecombe. Parents John SMERDON and Mary HONEYWILL. See attached Smerdon2.rtf file.
3. Elias baptised 1 Jan 1756 @ Widecombe. Parents Elias SMERDON and Susanna APTOR

I trust this may be of some use.

Regards Len Heyward

Subject: Smerdons in NY
From Drew Smerdon

Hi !!
My name is Drew Smerdon and I live in Marlboro NY. I have 2 brothers Danny and Donald and my father is also named Donald who live in Milton NY. If you could add us to your data base it would be appreciated !!

Thanx for your time

Subject: Smerdon Family
From Bev Petersen

Hi to all the Smerdon gang across the world.

My 3rd great-grandparents were Ann Challice and Daniel Smerdon who moved to Ontario, Canada in the 1850's. Just saying hi and hope Peter Smerdon of Devon connects us all someday! What a great name!

Bev (Trew) Petersen, Mishawaka, Indiana, USA

Subject: Smerdon Geneaology
From Donald W. Smerdon

Hello Simon,
I am Donald W. Smerdon, father of Drew C. Smerdon, Donald J. Smerdon and Daniel S. Smerdon. I have researched our line back to a William Thomas Smerdon (1833-1890)who immigrated to the USA from Wales in approx. 1863. He was married to Ann Lloyd (1835-1910)and had 8 children, 7 were born in the USA. My great-great grandfather, William Thomas Smerdon, their first born was approx. 6 years old when they made the crossing. I can supply more info if you would like? Would you have any information on my ggg grandfather?

Don Smerdon

Subject: Smerdon Tree - Linda
From Linda Roehlen

Hi! I have just discovered your web site and I am so excited to know there are so many people doing the Smerdon family tree. Over the years I have been in contact with a few of you by letter but because I am a novice at the computer I have avoided it until now. I am trying to trace my side of the Smerdon family. My grandmother Mary Ann Smerdon married Francis Howe in 1904. Her parents were Frank Francis Smerdon and Elizabeth Page and grandparents John Smerdon and Elizabeth Hall. I hardly have any information on the Smerdon's at all and I would greatly appreciate it if anyone can help me. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Regards, Linda Roehlen

Subject: Captain Madge
From Colin Madge
Date: 15 Feb 2001

Dear Simon

I am currently researching the Madge family in India and I have recently come across the names, Major Thomas Madge and Captain E H Madge who were in Madras, India towards the end of the 18th century .

I have noticed from your page "Descendantsof Rev. Thomas Smerdon" that under notes for Thomas Madge Smerdon you mention a Captain Madge, I have read the letters and see that Captain Madge spent quite a while in India. Did he die there ?

I have the following info St Marys English Burial Ground( Formally known as the English Burial Ground) Madras Thomas Madge died 28 Nov 1773. Was this your Captain or my Major? Do you have anymore info on the Captain ?

Please let me know if you do, my g,g,g,great-grandfather James Madge was born in Madras in 1776 and I am trying to trace his parentage.

Colin Madge

Subject: Captain Madge
From Colin Madge
Date: 26Feb 2001

Dear Simon

Thank you for the reply. Samulcattah and Elore I have found were on the eastern side of India, north of where todays city of Madras stands.

I have found that the Madge surname has many links with Devon and if Captain Madge knew Robert Palk and Fullwood Smerdon, perhaps they were all from the same area. The Thomas Madge I have found for 1773 cannot be the same man, but we do have to follow up all links in our searches, even if they are dead ends.

I have not managed to get to Kew as yet but I would like to make that my next trip, I have another member of the family researching at the British Library and they are currently reading through the Palk letters so they may turn up something else.

It was nice to hear from you and I will contact you when I get more info

Subject: Captain Madge
From Colin Madge
Date: 6 March 2001

Since my last message my cousin has seen the will of Major Thomas Madge who died in 1773. He mentions his father who is Reverend Stephen Madge and his sister Elizabeth Smerdon. Could Elizabeth's surname have been Madge before she married John Smerdon ?

That would explain the name of their second son Thomas Madge Smerdon and it would then tell us that Captain Madge was helping the ensign out of obligation to his sisters family.

I have also found a Thomas Madge b.1737 and an Elizabeth b.1738 in Ashburton whose fathers name is Stephen.

Let me know what you think

Subject: James Smerdon
From Marsha Stennett
Date:11 April 2001

Hello, to all the Smerdon clan.

My Greatgrandfather is James Smerdon who came to America in 1892. His parents were Thomas and Elizabeth Hayman he had brothers the name of Francis,William, Samuel, Elias, HenryHarry, and two sister named MaryJane, Harriet.He came first to Canada and later journeyed to Edwards Co,Ill. where he made a life for himself. I have old letters from England from the years of 1892-till 1943.Would like to hear from extended family members. Also have old pictures of alot of his family members, and letters from his brother Sam who was a wine servant on a ship that sailed around New Zeland and down under

My name is Marsha J. Stennett I live in Geff,Ill and have alot of information I would like to share.....

Subject: Smerdon Family
From Steve Mortenson
Date:17 April 2001

Hi,My name is Steve Mortenson.My Grand mother's name was Gwendolyn Smerdon.She was born in Sussex England in 1911 .Her father's name was Richard .She had three younger siblings Ethel,Susan,& Robert.They emigrated to America in the late 20's or early 30's. I was wondering if there is a link to them in your tree.Or if you have any info that would help me find out more about them.

Thanks, S.Mortenson

Reply :

Steve: Richard Smerdon age 24, his wife Beatrice Agnes Smerdon age 28, and daughter Gwendoline May Smerdon less than 1 year old, arrived in New York on 1 Oct 1911 on board the ship St Louis. They had boarded at Southampton, and came from Burgess Hill, Sussex, England. This information can be found at I can't link then into the other Smerdon lines at the moment, but have put your message on the Smerdon Forum so that others might be able to help.

Regards, Simon Begent

From Steve Mortenson
Date:30 April 2001

Hi,I found a little more information on Richard Smerdon.He was born on Jan.27,1887 in Newton Abbot,Devon,England.His wife was Beatrice Agnes Whitfeild from Brighton,Cornwall,England.They were married Sept.11,1910 in Sutton by Croydon,Surry,England.His father's name was John Smerdon.I don't have any more info on him yet.Still looking for the link. Steve

Subject: Smerdon Family
From Linda Roehlen
Date:20 April 2001

Hi Simon,

Just a quick note to let people know my new email address. I did write a message to you a few months ago and have since changed my address. I would like to personally thank Len Heyward for all his information re: my Smerdon family. I have been tracing my grandmother Mary Ann Smerdon's family being her father Frank Francis Smerdon, g/father John Smerdon and ggfather Richard Smerdon. Thank you Len.

Regards to everyone, Linda Roehlen

Subject: Smerdon / Madge
From Colin Madge
Date: 22 April 2001

Dear Simon
I have been to the British Library and read the will of Major Thomas Madge and he mentions his sister Elizabeth Smerdon and his brother-in-law John Smerdon, attorney-at-law, Ashburton. The other family members he mentions all tie in with the family I have been looking at for Ashburton so I have no doubt that Thomas Madge Smerdon was indeed the nephew of Captain Thomas Madge. I have sent this info to Jean Prior and I am pleased with the outcome of my research as I hope you will be.

Colin Madge

Subject: Smerdons/Smardons
From Barb Buresh
Date: 2 June 2001

Peter and Simon,

The two of you appear to be the formost experts on the Smerdons from Devon. I have a link for you that will give you another line of Smerdons/Smardons. I have my own family tree web site for Smardons which was my grandmother. I was born Barbara Jean Foster and you will find me way down on this tree. I have been in touch with quite of few of the still living Smardons on this tree and we have all verified the information. The only problem is that we are still in a quandry about the ancestors of the top level John. If you would like to add this link to list of Smerdons lines you may feel free to do so. I can't find a link from our line into the ones out there but I suspect it will show up someday.

The link is Anything that you can add would be greatly appreciated.

Barb Buresh
Orlando, Florida

Subject: Smerdon Family
From Ann Mortenson
Date: 6 July 2001

My husband Steve Mortenson and I are searching for a link with our family to the Smerdon's in England, Richard Smerdon and Beatrice Whitfield. The only info we can find is from the Ellis Island records. I had Gen Forum start a page for the Smerdon name in hopes to find any links out there.

Thank you,

Subject: Smerdon Family Tree
From Patrick Smerdon
Date: 1 Sept 2001

Hello Simon,

Just visiting your site for the first time, and I'm quite impressed. Fascinating to see the lineage. I have 1 minor correction for you to make, however. At # 74 in the list, is my family. the birthdates for Patrick John Smerdon and James Manning Smerdon should be September 8th, rather than October 8th. Thanks for putting together such an amazing history of our family.


Subject: Smerdon
From Matthew Smerdon
Date: 4 Sept 2001


Thanks for this web-site - I never knew there were so many Smerdons! I've never met any outside my immediate family (the only two I've heard of was a crown bowls player from somewhere in the South West who was expelled from his club for swearing and the other was one of Cherie Blair's favourite teachers at school) I had been told that the Smerdons came from Sweden and were called Smar. They settled in the butterfields/ hills (dun) and become Smardun - I think we used to be called Smeardon, but my grandfather John removed the a. Anyway, interested to find out more now.

Thanks, Matthew

Subject: Looking for info on queensland smerdon's
From Mark Smerdon
Date: 5 Dec 2001

Can any one help me find which branch of the family tree we all come from. My great grandfather was a merchant seaman working on a steam ship from england to australia and on one such trip he jumped over board in the whitsunday island's in North Queensland in Australia.My grandfather's name was ernie? and my father's name is neville d.o.b. 18/09/44


Subject: Smerdons - web page mystery
From Fran Banytis
Date: 18 Dec 2001

My search engine (Google) keeps leading me back to your pages in my research on the Smerdon family of Mitchell Queensland, Aust. I wonder if you could supply me with any information on that family?

Many thanks.

Subject: Smerdon Reunion
From Jan Westlake
Date: 01 Feb 2002

Please find attached flyer regarding reunion I am organising:

SMERDON FAMILY REUNION September 15th, 2002

11am - 5 pm: canteen available - photo call 3pm

Richard and Mary Smerdon (Bishop) had the following children Ann , John , William , Jane, Henry, George, James, Elias, Richard, Elizabeth, Eliza Mary Ann, See Woodland Smerdons

William and Fanny (Badcock) had the following children William, Elizabeth Ann (Tatnell) , Mary Anne , Jane ( Lorensen), Fanny (Jensen), Samuel George, Richard John, Lily ( Morgan), Thomas

I am looking for sponsors for pages in the book, so if you are interested please contact me I require your family history complete with birth, death, marriage dates and places. Also any anecdotes or family stories and photos

AVAILABLE ON THE DAY :- Book , family name products, photos etc - ORDERS TAKEN PRIOR TO DAY

Jan Westlake

Subject: Search for help
Janelle Westlake
Date: 22 March 2002

Simon I am looking for an Alfred Smerdon who emigrated on the ship "Duke of Argyll" 1885 . Bounty of Townsville. Alfred Smerdon 21 yrs , labourer , Cardwell , England. There is Alfred Smerdon b. 1865 Ashburton in your tree under Robart

He settled in Queensland, and married in 1893 to Charlote Russell 93/000185 and had 6 children.One of his children married in Normanton which is very North Queensland and another married in Clomcurry which is west Queensland which could be the connection to the Smerdon's from Mitchell that Don wrote to me about


Subject: Looking for Hugh Smerdon, father of Betty (Elizabeth?) Smerdon born circa 1560, Ilsington, Devon
Roger Evans
Date: 31 March 2002

Simon, I wonder if you can help. I am looking for the ancestry of Hugh Smerdon who with Phillepp unknown were the parents of Betty Smerdon born in Ilsington, near Newton Abbot, Devon before 1568. Betty married Hugh Degon. Any leads on this branch of the Smerdon tree?

Regards Roger Evans

Reply to Roger:
Thanks for your message. The only reference I have to this Hugh is in Mike Brown's booklets. He shows (Tree 14) Hugh Smerdon of Ilsington marrying Phillepp xx? who died 19.12.1622. Interestingly the only children shown are John (bp 20.1.1588) and Wilyam b.? who married Margaret Wethycombe 16.6.1623 and died Ilsington 22.2.1649. There is no mention of a Betty (Elizabeth). If she was a sister to John and Wilyam and born circa 1560, it would have would have been a full 28 years before brother John and put Phillepp in her mid 80s when she died in 1622 which would have been most unusally old for those times. Wilyam and Margaret had 8 children - Anne b. 1.1.1625, Richard 24.2.1627 who married Richord Widdicomb 16.6.1623, Jonas 20.2.1630 - 14.8.1701, Richorde b. 30.1.1633, Wilyam 14.2.1636 - 15.5.1672, Phillop b. 14.5.1638, Marrion b. 31.1.1640, and Mary b. 6.1.1644
Perhaps someone else has more info on this branch,
Regards Simon

Subject: Smerdon Family Tree
Nicola Hammonds
Date: 1 April 2002

Hello, My name is Nicola Hammonds. My husband and I are trying to trace our family tree. We are having difficulty with this as my father was adopted and we only have a very small amount of information. My fathers grandmothers name was Lucy Jane Smerdon and was born in Binsted on 5th August 1877, she married an Edward Ernest Capewell. We know Lucy's parents names as William John Smerdon (he was a railway station master) and Lucy Smerdon (formerly Hinks). Edward Ernest Capewells parents were Mary Capewell (formerly Cooper) and William Capewell (school master). Any information you have on this matter or any suggestions on how to look for info on the internet would be gratefully received.

Many thanks Nicola and Jason Hammonds.

Subject: Mising Link
John Smerdon
Date: 31 July

Hi there,I've only just thought about looking up the family name and discovered this site, I'm amazed, I just cant believe how many smerdon's there are. My father, Richard John Smerdon,married Kathleen emily Carpenter, there were 7 children, 6 surviving, they are.... Richard John, Myself John,Peter,Michael Paul,Kathleen, and,Patricia,Carol Ann died in 1942/3 aged about 18mths, and we came from Kentish Town, north west London, My father lived in Tuffnell Park,before He married my mother. We must fit in somewhere!!, I do hope so. hope to hear or read that we do,my brother's and sisters cant stop visiting this web page, it's just great. regards and best wishes to all the smerdons everywhere,

from , John.

Subject: Edward Smerdon
From: Robin Hagedorn
11 July 2003

Can someone tell me is there a parish register for Woodland. I have an Edward Smerdon born abt 1811 who married Mary Walland in Topsham in 1838. Edward's father was a Richard and on the census from 1851-1871 he said he was born in Woodland. This Edward does not seem to appear on any of the trees I have yet seen. Unfortunately I was not able to attend the reunion in Gympie. Mary Walland also appears to be related to the Murch family. Edward and Mary had only two daughters I can find Mary Jane Smerdon born 1839 in Topsham and Eliza Smerdon born 1845 in Bermondsey. Eliza married John Joseph Hall in 1864 and died in 1895 in Bermondsey. Hope someone can shed light on this Smerdon.
Thanks Robin in Adelaide

Subject: John Smerdon
David Madge
5 Jan 2004

I am attempting to get more information on John Smerdon (b.c. 22 April 1741 Ashburton) who married my ancestor Elizabeth Madge, daughter of Rev. Stephen Madge, in Devon in 1760-64. Anything about him, other than already on the 'Descendants of Rev. Thomas Smerdon' website would be much appreciated.

Thank you.

Subject: Smerdon Family
From: Edna Fitzgerald
21 Feb 2004

Does anyone recall my father whose name was Donald Hill Smerdon, he was born in Middlesex and had brothers Jack and Bob,sister Hilda and I thnk there were some more. He was born 16th April, 1916. Await any replies with interest -

Thank you

Subject: Family Tree
From: Denice Hansbury (Smerdon)
9 March 2004

My fathers name was Joseph Smerdon from Bellmawr NJ he has 2 sisters one who's name is Helene Waleker unfortunately I don't know the other sisters name. My parents divorced when I was very young and I did not see my father growing up so I have no information about his background. I was told that his parents gave the children to a family relative to raise which ay or may not be true. Any other NJ Smerdon's out there?????

Subject: Another One
From: Tom Smerdon
9 May 2004

I am interested to know whether i am in any way related to the dartmoor smerdons. I live in stratford upon avon and have a large extended family. My father John Conran changed his surname from smeardon to smerdon, so i'm told, for obvious reasons. That would seem to be the end of that, but i was curious because i heard that the meaning of our family name was butter field and I thought there might be a chance also as i understand our lineage comes from the barnstaple area, not too far away from dartmoor. well this is a longshot, but even if it leads nowhere it is quite interesting to be in contact with another smerdon outside of my family as have never met one.

Take care
Tom Smerdon

Subject: Philip Henry Smerdon
From: Natalie Hughes
21 May 2004

Hi Everyone

My step Dad fits in somewhere i think, we live in Bedlinog in South Wales. His father was Arthur John Smerdon who was a miner (died mining)his mother was Maisey Smerdon. now we have a massive family that populate's half of Bedlinog!!

Grateful for any information. Natalie

Subject: James Smerdon son of Thomas, bro. of Elias.
Name: Jill Torti
Date 10 November 2004

I have Ancestors Thomas Smerdon married Elizabeth Hayman . Can Marsha Stennett 11/4/01 help in telling me about their Ancestors.Woodland Smerdons. I would be grateful, and would be happy to give any of my information to all.

What a wonderful site. Jill Torti.

Subject: The smeardons and smerdons
From: Lesley Smeardon
Date: 17 November 2004

Hi there - I feel a bit of an interloper - a Smeardon among all you Smerdons but I'm having huge trouble tracing my ancestry and was hoping that some of you might have come across us Smerdon mutants in your research and might be able to help me. I think that Edward Smeardon might be a direct ancestor of ours although I have yet to verify this but if this is the case he died a Smeardon but was born a Smerdon in 1784 In Ashburton to father Thomas and mother Margaret. Can anyone shed light on this?

I do know for sure that William James Smeardon is a direct ancestor born in 1840 in Newfoundland to Thomas Smeardon who was a sailor.

Subject: Smerdon Tree.
From: Alan Grover
Date: 25 July 2005

Hello. Have been trying to grow a "Smerdon" Tree for my cousin, but it is not looking too good at present. Currently unable to get back beyond Peter Smerdon Bn.1831 in Bickington,Devon. His wife was Mary J (Unknown) Bn.1829 in Stonehouse, Devon. Their children were Margaret Bn.1857,John Bn.1860.William Bn.1867 and Matthew P Smerdon Bn.1869. The family in the main seem to have originated from the Torquay area.
Should these names and dates link to another Smerdon Tree then I would be pleased to hear from you.


Subject: Another Smerdon but this time from South Africa
Name: Sean Smerdon
Date 25 Nov 2005

Hi Guys

Great website. I am from South Africa and am actually living and working in the UK.
I have been here for a year and a half and am living in London.

My Dad's name is Michael Smerdon and funny enough my second name is William. I find this all so interesting and have actually never met another Smerdon outside of our immediate family. I did hear of some Smerdon's living in Swaziland though.

I will definately try and get our family tree from my folks and send it to you. If you could send me an email address in the meantime that would be great.

Great website.


Subject: Hermon Smerdon
From: Robynne Lozier
Date: 6 Dec 2005

I have a relative named George Roew (born Ottery st Mary, Devon in 1863. He married Rosina Callow nee Smerdon. (Her first husband was John Callow) Her parents were Hermon & Mary Smerdon. Hermon was born in 1820 in Otterton but seems to have lived in Harpford most of his life. He died in 1896 in Ottery St Mary

Hermon & Mary Ann had 10 children, John b 1846, James b 1850, Eliza bn 1851, Rose (aka Rosina) bn 1856, Georgina (Georgianna) b 1858, Stephen b 1859, Bess b 1861, Alfred (Sarl?) b 1866, Richard b 1869, Charles b 1871. Most of the children were born in the Harpford/Aylesbeare area of Devon.

Details from 1861/71/81 census records

Hermon's parents were Richard and Amy. Richard was born in Harpford in 1785. Richard Smerdon's parents were Thomas Smerdon and Martha Jude.

Does anyone know how this family might connect to one of your three families?


Subject: Smerdon - Challice - Perry links
From: Paul Challice
Date: 6 March 2006

I have traced my Challice family back through a line of yeomen farmers in Devon to the mid 1700's and have come across two separate links to Smerdons.
Firstly, my 3xgreat grandfather William Challice had a sister Ann, baptised Lapford 29 April 1783. She married a Smerdon, possibly Daniel. Ann and her son George were mentioned in the will of Ann's uncle, Samuel Challice. From the Smerdon website it appears George emigrated to the USA. Can anyone confirm this link. If anyone is interested I can trace back to Ann's grandfather.
Secondly, My great grandmother Eliza Jane Perry was born 2 November 1854 in Venn Ottery. Her parents were John Perry and his wife Ann, formerly Smerdon, born about 1815 in Harpford, Devon. The 1881 census shows a widowed Ann Perry living with her brother Herman Smerdon, (born Ottery St Mary abt 1823). Ann also appears to have her daughter Mary Perry, born about 1861, living with her, working as a servant for Herman. Any information about this side of my family would be very welcome. Obviously, I can supply information about the decendants of Eliza Jane if anyone is interested.

Paul Challice, Daventry, UK

Subject: Joan Smerdon
From: Ruth Tanner
Date: 8 March 2006

Hello to the Smerdon family.

Please can any of you help me.

I have just found my ancestor Richard Mitchell was married to Joan Smerdon's daughter Mary. Joan's husband was John Smerdon. John was a mariner of Ilsington. Devon and made a several trips to Newfoundland. After that he moved to Woodland Parish Estate and eventually moved to Ilsington where he worked for Charles Wills till he died. I am trying to find some information about Richard and Mary Mitchell. I know Richard must have died between 1801 and 1809. I seem to have hit a blank wall and would be very grateful if anyone could give me some information.

Thank you

Subject: George Henry Smerdon
Jacky Catterick
2 April 2006


I think it might be possible that George Henry came to Ontario with his brother James Weeks. He and his wife Sarah gave birth to a daughter in Thorold before they returned to England. I found the birth announcement. I know he returned to Liverpool with Sarah and lived with Sarah's parents.

Here is some documentation.

The Ontario Birth Index stated that Elizabeth Jane Smerdon was born in Thorold Township on the 29th of November, 1874. Information from George Smerdon. Mother Sarah Green.

See Descendants of Richard Smerdon.

Subject: Smerdon Tree
Name: Alan Grover
Date: 27 July 2006

Following my earlier message dated 25th July 2005 I now have traced a John Smerdon Bn.c1782 in Bickington, Devon and Susanna (Murch?) bn.c1785 also from Bickington. Can anybody help get me earlier links to this family.

Subject: Hermon Smerdon
Name: Faye smith
Date: 31st July 2006

To Robynne Lozier...I am also trying to research Hermon Smerdon .his daughter Elener b.1848 at Newton Poppleford Devon m.1872 at exmouth Devon as Ann eleanor Smerdon , to William Michael Stuart . Their son Hermon Michael Stuart m.mary Ann bolt , my gt grandparents .
Is there others out there researching this family?
Would love to hear from you.
Regards Faye

Subject: smardon family
Name: Jerry Bird
Date: 24th August 2006


I'd be grateful for any help you can give me in relation to my family history. I have obtained much of my current information from a document produced by a Barbara Buresh in the US. This was passed on to me via a contact made on "Genes Reunited", but I have not been able to contact Barbara direct myself.

My connection with the Smerdons is via my grandmother, whose maiden name was Caroline Smardon (it seems the spelling of the name probably changed in the 18th century). My grandmother was born in Brixham, Devon, in England. The family background as I understand it is as follows:

Caroline Smardon (born 1881, Brixham)- daughter of:
Richard Narramore Smardon (born Brixham in 1844 and married to Sarah Smardon (also born in in Brixham in 1850)) - son of:
John Smardon (born Brixham 1817 and married to Mary Smardon (also born in Brixham in 1814)) - son of:
Richard Smardon (born in 1785 in Abbotskersell and married to Mary Narramore (also probably born in Abbotskerswell in 1785) - son of:
John Smerdon (born in 1763, probably in Abbotskerswell and married to Suzannah Matthews, who was probably born in Churstow in 1765) - son of:
Richard Smerdon (born in Abbotskerswell in 1735, and married to Elizabeth Hunnewell, who was also born in Abbotskerswell in 1740)

Hope all this is helpful in my connections to the Smerdon clan. Any further family information you can provide would be much appraciated.

Jerry Bird
Leeds, England

Subject: Hermon Smerdon
Name: Faye [Hannington]Smith
Date: 15th October 2006

Robynne Lozier.....Please get in touch,there is a definate connection.
Hermon Smerdon married 1 Elizabeth Parsons m 24 -7-1842 Honiton Devon d.-12-1851 Ottery St Mary Devon. m.2 Mary Parsons.....
To 1st marriage...Meria b.1839....Sofia c.20-11-1842.....Emmlie c.15-12-1844...John c.5-4-1846....Elener b.1848....James b.Dec 1850....Eliza c.2-3-1851. Were the rest Hermon and mary`s? Have a copy of Hermons will. And a photograph of Elener and William Michael Stuart...her husband. Eleners grandaughter married John Robert Middlemas HANINGTON in Devon while he was in England training the troops.He bought her to Australia. My grandparents...
Regards Faye

Subject: Bruce Smerdon
Name: Bill Price
Date: 18th October 2006

I wonder if you can help me I am trying to contact Bruce Smerdon. Bruce and I share a house in Brisbane Ausralia in 1977, he would have about 24 then so in his early 50s now. Bruce's parents lived nera Noosa Heads and he had a sister called Carol. I returned to England and Bruce came over to visit in 1979. When he returneed to Australia we lost contact. This is a real long shot but if you think you know him and could pass on my email contact details I would be very greatful.

Kind Regards

Bill Price

Subject: hermon smerdon
Name: marylynn halpin
Date: 26 nov 2006

I was interested to read Faye's message as I too am a descendant of Hermon Smerdon. The line goes; Hermon Smerdon's daughter Ann Eleanor (Elener) m. William Michael Stuart gave birth to Bessie 08.09.1880 who married Horace Edmund Tucker and gave birth to Marjorie Bessie Tucker 14.07.1921 who married and had me (Marylynn) on the 26.03.1947. I guess this makes Hermon my great great grandfather! Unfortunately I don't have any information about my ancestors so I was delighted to find this web site.

marylynn halpin

Subject: Mary Smerdon
Name: Trevor Vincent
Date: 15 Mar 2007

Mary Smerdon was born Otterton 23 Feb 1823 daughter of Richard and Amy Smerdon. I am a descendant of her daughter Sarah Ann who married Robert Vincent. I also have some details of Mary's other children. Is anyone else doing this Smerdon branch?


Subject: Lorna Gladys B Smerdon/Prujean
Name: Jo Mills
Date: 21 April 2007

Hi everyone
I have just found Lorna married my Great Uncle Jason KIRK c 1892 from Louth, Lincolnshire. I have been trying to find out more information and where she got the name PRUJEAN from. I was given this web site address from another SMERDON relation I contacted on Ancestry. Any information regarding Lorna or her parents (Ernest E SMERDON c 1878 born in Newton Abbott and his wife Alice c1875 born in Launceston) would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you

Subject: Thomas Smerdon
Name: Jane Lewis
Date: 11 May 2007

Hi, i have a Thomas Smerdon born abt 1795, married in East Teignmouth, Devon to Sarah Wellington. I cannot find his parents and further ancestors - anybody out there know of this fellow? Thanks.

Subject: Thomas Smerdon of Stepney?
Name: Jon Riley
Date: 1 June 2007

I wonder if you might have information on one of my ancestors.
I'm having trouble finding any further data on a Thomas Smerdon who was apparently born in Middlesex in 1781/2 - according to the 1841 census, that is, when he and two daughters (no wife present) were living in Mile End Old Town, Stepney.
His daughter Elizabeth (b.1820) - who was definitely born in Middlesex (according to all later censuses) - married George Riley in 1843, from whom I'm descended.
I believe this Thomas died in Middlesex in 1860 (one is registered in Mile End Old Town that year), although I can't find him in 1851.

I realise there were dozens of Thomas Smerdons from Devon, many of them the right age to be my ancestor - although none I've found quite fit the bill (none of them seem to have left Devon).
He has no occupation listed in 1841, by the way, merely "Idp" (independent means).

Another small piece of circumstantial evidence I came across is an Elias Smerdon (age 33) living in Stepney in 1851, next door to an Ann Crump (36), nee Smerdon. Both were born in Holne, Devon. Ann is not quite the right age to be the 2nd daughter present in 1841 (when it said she was 22), but I know census age data can be unreliable (especially in 1841). And perhaps the "Y" for "born in Middlesex" is also false?
Although it seems possible Elias was related to Thomas, I haven't been able to connect them - or indeed find more definite information on Elias's ancestry.

Any pointers would be appreciated.

thanks (and congratulations on a fascinating site!)

Jon Riley

Subject: Richard Carlile
Name: Elizabeth Carlile
Date: 22 July 2007

Richard Carlile was my great,great,great,great grandfathers twin brother. I am doing the Carlile family history and wonder if there is anyone that could give me any information of the family or of Richard Carlile's offspring. I presume Alfred Carlile was one of his children as he was a publisher. I seem to be the only descendant of the Carlile's as I have been unable to find any body else directly related.

Kind regards


Subject: Smerdons in South Africa
Name: Amanda (Mandy) Kulp nee Smerdon
Date: 27 July 2007

I have been looking at this site with great interest. For as long as I can remember I have always wondered where the surname , "Smerdon" comes from. I live in Cape Town, South Africa. There are not many of us. I am married to a Kulp, my maiden surname was Smerdon. All that I know is my grandfather, Phillip Henry Smerdon came from Durban, South Africa and moved to Cape Town when he was still very young. He married Sarah Elizabeth Smerdon (nee Budgen) who had 1 child, my father, Denzil Patrick Smerdon. My father is married to my mother, Bernice Elanor Smerdon (nee Beelders). I have 2 brothers, Wayne & Edwin Smerdon, & 2 sisters , Lynne & Gillian Smerdon. As said before, our surname is very uncommon here in Cape Town. I do believe we have some family in Durban & Johannesburg (not too many) . Wow, so I am wondering if most of the Smerdons originated from England, moved to America and Australia , who & when did my family move to South Africa. Can someone give me some leads ?

Amanda (Mandy) Kulp

Subject: An 'in-law' of the Smerdon family
Name: Morwenna Dormer
Date: 31 August 2007

So interested to see your website. I am researching my first cousin's family history - Bishop of Woodland. I see Richard Smerdon born 1809 Holne married Mary Ann Bishop born 1816 Woodland - Mary Ann was the sister of my cousin's great grandfather Thomas Bishop. His great great grandfather William Bishop and his wife Elizabeth were living with Richard and Mary Ann on the 1841 census.
A really great website, which I shall tell my cousin to look at.

All good wishes

Subject: Herman Smerdon
Name: Sarah Harris
Date: 21 September 2007

I have been amazed to find some distant relatives on this site! I am descended from Herman Smerdon. My great great grandparents were William Stuart and Ann Ellen Smerdon, via their daughter Bessie Stuart. My grandfather was Thomas Tucker, who married my grandmother Dora Cormack, and they went on to have my mother Barbara Tucker.

Fascinating - how do I get in touch with others who have mentioned Herman Smerdon?

Thanks Sarah

Subject: Richard Smerdon born 1809 Holne
Name: Morwenna Dormer
Date: 22 September 2007

I am adding his children to our history as he married Mary Ann Bishop, who relates to our side of the family. I have two extra children, making 13 in total. Thomas b.c. 1840 and Eliza b.c. 1858.

Subject: Palk Letters
Name: Kevin Nicholas
Date: 6 October 2007

Geoffrey Smerdon's sad tale of Ensign Smerdon starts off by referring to the Palk letters. The Palks married Smerdons in Devon, and I have a few Smerdons on my trees. I am wondering if you could put me in touch with anyone who has copied these Palk Letters, and/or some one who is also collecting Pallk Smerdons

Subject: Thomas Smerdon, 1781-1860
Name: Jon Riley
Date: 12 November 2007

I've received some voluminous correspondence from Jan Wood, a Smerdon descendant and researcher who works for the Devon records office.

One of my ancestors was Thomas Smerdon, born about 1781 in Ashburton, who (Jan informs me) married Susanna Ireland. They moved to London about 1819, and their daughter Elizabeth (b.1820) married George Riley, my great-great-grandfather. Thomas and Susanna had at least 4 other children: William, Thomas (b.1805) Richard (b.1811) and Ann (b.1818)

I'd be interested to hear from any other descendants of Thomas and Susanna. As far as I can tell, this particular Thomas Smerdon is not mentioned on the website. Jan tells me he was the son and grandson of two other Thomas Smerdons.

Susanna died, and Thomas remarried in 1846, to Sarah Mugford, who was also from Ashburton.
Thomas was a customs officer, and died in London in 1860.

The Smerdon name was handed down the Riley line as a middle name, to at least two offspring: George and Elizabeth's daughter Susan Smerdon Riley, 1851-1908 (who never married), and their granddaughter (my father's aunt) Kathleen Evelyn Smerdon Riley, b.1876, who married Edwin Lorrain.

Subject: Smerdons in South Africa
Name: Jan Wood
Date: 16 November 2007

Dear Simon and Mandy Kulp,

I would like to get in contact with Mandy Kulp nee Smerdon as I notice that her ancestor Philip Henry Smerdon came from Durban to Cape Town South Africa, when young. At the moment Peter Smerdon and I are extending our research on the descendants of John Smerdon of Bowden Farm, Buckland in the Moor (died 1871) and his wife Mary Julia nee Hosking (who remarried in 1878). Their oldest son John Edward Smerdon, who was aged 13 when his father died, later moved to Durban in South Africa. Later he and his brother George Alfred Smerdon, who had appeared back in Plymouth at the end of the 19th century after an apparent absence from England, erected a gravestone over the burial place of their late father John, in Buckland in the Moor churchyard. They had a third brother, Albert James Smerdon, whose whereabouts after childhood are also a mystery.
It is possible that Mandy's Smerdon family descend from John Edward Smerdon, so I hope she can get in touch with me to see if we can establish who Philip Henry's father was.

Jan Wood
Devon UK

Subject: Smerdon Cornish
Name: Tremaine Cornish
Date: 26 November 2007

I am wondering if in the mant records that you have recorded, whether you have any reference to Smerdon's marring into a family with the surname Cornish.
I have recordes in Cardiff of a family where a number of them have a first name followed by Smerdon Cornish, but I have been unsucessful so far of finding a link between the two families.
These include:
Matilda Smerdon Cornish born 1850 in Whitchurch Glamorganshire
Matilda S C died 1918
Mary S C born and died in Cardiff district in 1860
Thomas S C aged 8 in Whitchurch in 1861
Thomas S C died 1929 in Kingston (Somerset) District
Thomas S C died 1895 in Taunton district

Any assistance in this quest would be gratefully appreciated.

T Cornish

Subject: Nee Smerdon from South Africa
Name: Jacqueline Phillips nee Smerdon
Date 4th December 2007

Hi There

I am a daughter of late Gordon Patrick Smerdon. I find this website very interesting. I am very interested to know more about my family tree.If there is anyone that could provide me with more information, it would be appreciated.

Kind regards

Subject: Leslie Smerdon born 1886 Brixham
Name: Colin Taylor
Date: 5th December 2007

Jerry Bird has his mother as Sarah...but the census 1891 and 1901 plus marriage in 1873 show her to be Elizabeth Elson..her father a master mariner as was her husband Richard Narramore Smerdon.
Does anyone know what happened to Leslie Smerdon..all that I can find is that he finished up in Australia and died in Victoria in 1949.....and a marriage to a Charlotte Mills......but I can find no confirmation of this


Subject: Hi people
Name: Josiah Smerdon
Date: 12 Jan 2008


I'm joe smerdon, found this genealogy by typing my name into google. I live in somerset and apart from close relatives have not met one smerdon, where are all you guys? This is a great site by the way, are there any other famous smerdons?

Cheers alot

Subject: Alice Smerdon.
Name: Linda Bamsey
Date: 23 Jan 2008

I have just found this site by chance. I am a descandant of Alice Smerdon 1779 daughter of Richard 1745 and Joan Bowden 1779 of Buckland-in-the Moor. Alice married a John Derges. I was wondering if there are any descendants of them still around in Devon. if so I would love to hear from them.

Subject: Thomas Smerdon
Name: Ann Dilley
Date: 26 Jan 2008

Hello, I am Ann in the UK. I am getting on well with my family tree but have a wall. My G.G.G. Grandfather was Thomas Smerdon. He married Sarah Wellington on June 22nd 1813 in East Teignmouth. I have them both down as being born in ASHBURTON, Devon. They were the parents of, among others EDMUND WELLINGTON SMERDON. I have nothing on either Thomas or Sarah. Anybody have anything on this line please?

Subject: Smerdons/Randles
Name: Lucy Randle
Date: 13the February 2008


What a great site! My GGGrandfather - Robert Randle, married Harriet Maxwell Smerdon in Marylebone, London in 1875. I can see that a lot of my grandfathers aunts and uncles emigrated to Canada, in about 1904. Are there any Canadian or other Randles, that can help me trace the Randle tree back further than Robert Randle? Also, I can give you the information on more of the children from Charles Randle/Florence (Randle) if that would be helpful - they are my Grandfather, and his siblings.

Many Thanks

Subject: Sarah Wellington
Name: Ann Dilley
Date: 12 March 2008

I am new to this forum so I hope I am posting this in the correct place. I am involved with the Devon Smerdons through an Ann Smerdon who married James Jordan in 1839.Ann's parents were Thomas Smerdon and Sarah Wellington. They married in East Teignmouth in 1813. I cant find any trace of Sarah Wellington other than her marriage so would be thrilled if anybody has any info on her.
My Jordans are at

Subject: Smedon / Nosworthy connection
Name: Leigh Decorte
Date: 1 April 2008

Hi there my name is Leigh Decorte and in going through my family tree and researching my Mom's side (Norsworthy or Nosworthy) of the family I have found a connection between our two families. It goes back to a Anne Cleave (daughter of John Smerdon and Alice Hamlyn) Anne married a William Nosworthy and HE is my sixth Great Grandpa. Would love to hear from anyone.


Subject: Any Other Smerdon's in my area (Wolverhampton in the West Midlands - England) ?
Name: Justine Smerdon
Date: 3 May 2008

Hi, my name is Justine and of course I'm one in the 'Smerdon Clan!' My father sadly passed away when I was 12 and I learnt nothing about the 'Smerdon' back ground. It would be fab if there are any family out there who I don't know about for them to get in touch.

Subject: Thomas Smerdon : immigrant to South Africa (1860s)
Name: Brenda Riontino
Date: 4 June 2008

Great site! Greetings to all Smerdon's around the globe! My maternal grandmother grew up in Port Elizabeth,South Africa, daughter of Thomas and Georgie Smerdon (they married there 1872). Thomas was an immigrant from England and worked in the wool trade. Her mother was from Boston(USA). Thomas' father and grandfather were also named Thomas Smerdon. His father married Charlotte Gunter in London (1832).
Thomas and Georgie had a son named Thomas who married Carrie (Danish) and they settled in Rhodesia.Does anyone have any links to this branch of the vast Smerdon family?

Subject: Re: Sarah Harris
Name: Suzanne Fisher
Date: 27 August 2008

If you see this Sarah, here's a message from your newly found 2nd cousin! I'd love to hear from you. :) I'm the grand daughter of William John Tucker, another one of Bessie Stuart's sons.
Also, a few others on here (Faye Smith and Marylynn Halpin at least) are related through Bessie to me so presumably to you also!

This site has really helped contact family from near and far... who'd have thought?

Best regards,


Subject: Smardon/Smeardon Family
Name: George Belsham
Date: 27 August 2008

I am researching this family and am back to the Smeardon ancestors in Newfoundland. If the names Richard Smeardon, his wife Marie Rogers, Thomas Smeardon and his wife Mary Hiscock, who were Richard's parents are familiar to you, I would like to get in touch. My Smardon/Smeardon family tree is on Please check it out and let me have your comments.


Subject: Nosworthy/ Norsworthy/ Nessworthy
Name: Leigh Decorte
Date: 16 November 2008

Just a short note to let you know that if you are interested in finding out more information on the Nosworthy/ Norsworthy/ Nessworthy family history there is a excellent website that is set up. You can find it at . Anne Brooks is a Norsworthy family researcher and she has a lot of information on the family.


Name: Mr. A. Tray
Subject: Jack L. Smerdon born Stanmore Middlesex 1893
Date: 16 December 2008

A small postcard has come into my possession which has been hand painted by Jack Smerdon. It is a pretty riverbank scene. On the reverse is a message which reads "Painted by Jackie on his 14th Birthday 1907".

It would seem to me that Jack was a talented artist as a youth. I have no connection with the Smerdon family and would take pleasure in passing it on to a descendant from the family.

Name: Andrew Smith
Subject: Smerdon, Heyward, Le Messurier
Date: 5th January 2009


just thought you might like to know that there is still a branch descended from Richard of Elliots Hill surviving in Guernsey, Channel Islands- under no.51 vii Ellen Heyward, her second marriage listed to Peter LAMESSURIER should read Peter Le Messurier (also sometimes spelt Le Mesurier) - their daughter Ellen Mary Le Messurier was my great grandmother.

Congratulations on a very fine and extremely useful piece of research. My father was amazed to learn how close he had been to several of his ancestral 'homes' when he spent time evacuated to Chudleigh during WWII.

Andy Smith

Name: Keith Young
Subject: Suzanne Fisher, - William John TUCKER
Date: 25 January 2009

Hi! Suzanne Fisher, I am interested in your William John TUCKER, I have William, b.1860, Menheniot, Cornwall, England, and he m. Bessie Rowe JOSE.
My connection is the Bessie PARKYN family, who married Richard John SMERDON,and my grandmother “Daisy” PARKYN, nee TUCKER was related to the above William John TUCKER,
Regards Keith

Name: Joseph Smerdon
Subject: From N.E. Pennsylvania - England - Scotland ?
Date: 6 February 2009

Grandfather was John Smerdon of (Pittston) Moosic Pa. Father Weston Smerdon.
Weston has six sons and two daughters - Floyd, Barbara, Tom, Emory, Ken, Laura, Joe (self) and George. Goes on from there. Let me know if this is an
additional contact from someone in our area or if you would like more information. Sincerely, Joe

Name: Anthony Pincott
Subject: BOOKPLATE of Jno Smerdon, Ashburton
Date: 4 March 2009

A bookplate inscribed “Jno. Smerdon, Ashburton” was mentioned in 1891 in an article on West Country Bookplates, and there is an example of this bookplate (No. F.27164) in the Franks Collection of Bookplates in the British Museum’s Department of Prints and Drawings. The attached image will give you an idea of what the bookplate looks like (but this image is indistinct, being taken from microfilm). The bookplate is in a style dating from about 1740-60, and it is signed by the engraver, R Coffin of Exeter.

I would like to be able to identify the owner, John Smerdon. Perhaps he was the John who was b.1741, the eldest son of Rev. Thomas Smerdon (minister of Woodland and master of the Ashburton grammar school), who m. Elizabeth Madge and who was an attorney-at-law in Ashburton. Do you have any means to confirm this ?

The International Genealogical Index gives me two other possible candidates as owner of the bookplate:

(A) Possibly the John Smerdon born 1 Aug 1714 at Widdicombe In The Moor, Devon, son of Edward Smerdon and Catherine Langdon. He married (1) Mary Honeywill (1717 – 10 August 1790) on 14 Jan 1734 at Buckland, Devon and (2) Unrecorded wife on 31 Oct 1740 at Widdicombe In The Moor. He died on 28 May 1783; and

(B) Alternativerly the John Smerdon born c.1712, christened 13 Apr 1712 at Saint Peter's Church, Buckland-in-the-Moor, Devon, son of John Smerdon and Alice Hamlyn. He married Mary Leaman (b.c.1712, christened 10 May 1713 at Throwleigh, Devon) on 16 Apr 1738 at Saint Pancras Church of England, Widecombe-in-the-Moor, and he died 1785.

I’ll try to obtain a better image, but in the meantime would be most grateful for your thoughts.

Anthony Pincott
The Bookplate Society

Name: Peter Smerdon
Subject: BOOKPLATE of Jno Smerdon, Ashburton
Date: 6 March 2009

Dealing first with the two “alternatives”

John (bap 1.8.1714) appeared to spend a large part of his life at Widecombe, and was living at Dunstone when he married. He was born and married there and, as far as we can tell, all of his children were born there. If his wife, Mary, died in 1790 she was buried at Widecombe. Therefore, I think that it unlikely that he was the owner of the Bookplate.

John (bap 13.4.1712) was born at Buckland. He married at Widecombe but was a tenant at Ruddycleave which was owned by Buckland Church. All of his children were baptised at Buckland and he was buried there on 15.9.1785. Again, he seemed to spend all of his life at Buckland and unlikely to have been the Bookplate owner.

I think that John (bap 22.4.1741 at Ashburton) the eldest son of Rev Thos Smerdon is the most likely candidate of those for whom I have some information. However, you say that the Bookplate style was in use between 1740-1760 which would have meant the John would have been quite young if he used it during that period.

I’m afraid that I have nothing more positive to offer, but hope that my comments may be of some help. On another point, do you have any information on the ancestry of the Rev Thomas Smerdon?

Peter Smerdon

Name: Anthony Pincott
Subject: BOOKPLATE of Jno Smerdon, Ashburton
Date: 18 March 2009

I am glad to report that Liverpool City Libraries are happy for me to forward the image of the Smerdon bookplate. If and when reproducing this on your website, please include an acknowledgement to Liverpool City Libraries and The Bookplate Society.

Anthony Pincott
The Bookplate Society

Name: Sam Cutler
Subject: Mary Smerdon c 1776
Date: 9 April 2009

I've recently come across a Mary Smerdon as a possible in my family tree. She came from the Shaugh Prior area and married a Richard Foster. Do you have any info?
Many Thanks

Name: Helen Smerdon
Subject: new researcher
Date: 10 April 2009

Hello, I was born a SMERDON, one of 2 daughters of Peter SMERDON who was born in Formby Lancashire in 1923. I have just started researching my famlily tree and wonder where I might fit into the SMERDON line. My Grandfather was Percy Thomas SMERDON born in and his farhter was George Washington SMERDON born in Egremont Cheshire in 1867 and was married to Olive.

I would love to read of anyone else with these particular SMERDONS in their family tree.

Regards Helen S

Name: Chris Broadhurst
Subject: Susan SMERDON
Date: 29 Oct 2009

Hi - a great site,
I can not find
Susan SMERDON, b 4 may 1842 of William SMERDON and Mary Anne HARRIS (they married on 11 May 1837)
She married John Arthur Joseph MACK on the 19th Sep 1864
She was my 2nd great grandmother.

Do you know anything about William as I can not find him?


Name: Rosyne Hughes
Subject: Answering Sam Cutler's email regarding Richard Foster and Mary Smerdon.
Date: Oct 2009

G'day, in answer to Sam Cutler's question about information on Richard Foster Born Dean Prior married Mary Smerdon, I am a decendant of Richard and Mary's son Thomas Foster. Thomas Born about 1805 married Susannah Lamsin. Thomas and Susannah had only one child listed,a Lydia Foster. Lydia married George Gilding and together they had 14 children. Their third born child Susannah Lamsin Gilding, was my great grandmother. Lydia and George moved to Australia, where Susannah met and married George Butcher. Susannah Gilding and George Butcher had 8 children, Catherine Philp Butcher was my grandmother. Catherine married Alexander Leith Dawson, who came to Australia from Glenkindie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. Together Catherine and Alec had three children, 17 grandchildren and now numerous great grandchildren. My mother Susanna Dawson married Aubrey Hardy McEgan, they had four children and I am Rosyne, second born child. My Eldest Brother Geoffrey passed away six years ago, at the age of 55. I have a sister Jennifer and a brother Robin. I am happy to pass on any further information.

Best wishes, Rosie Hughes.

Name: Dorian Smerdon
Subject: where do we fit in?
Date: 3 March 2010

Hello Smerdons out there, I would like to ask anyone where my family fits in. We are decents of Goerge Smerdon born april 23 1849 in Devonshire England, Died dec 5 1913 Auckland NZ. George Smerdon married Ada Mgnott in Cambridge NZ 1880, My greatgrandfather was George Ernest Smerdon, my grandfather was Ernest Vivian Smerdon died 1969, my father is Ronald John Smerdon living in NZ, I am in Australia Sunshine Coast. My great great grandfather left England for America at the age of 19, then came to Auckland New Zealand 1877 or 78. I know a little more of George Smerdon but would like to know more about him and his parents on so on. hope to here from someone with knowledge, thank you Dorian Smerdon

Name: Ros Dixon
Subject: Margaret Smerdon
Date: 13 July 2010

I am researching my husband's family and have traced a Margaret Smerdon b. c. 1825 in Rattery. Her father was Samuel Smerdon. She married Henry Parnell and subsequently William Brandon. Would love to hear from anybody who knows anything about Margaret and the Smerdon clan in Rattery.
Many thanks

Name: Jennifer
Subject: Smerdons Thomas, (Mitchell) Queensland
Date: 20 July 2010


I would like to find information please of my Grandfather, Leslie Thomas and my Great Grandfather , Thomas Smerdon my greatgrandfather is buried in Mitchell any information would be great,


Name: Jim Isaak
Subject: Smerdon roots
Date: 11 Sept 2010

Hello from Canada - I have been resarching for our family roots and have stumbled across your web site. My gr gr grandfather is James Weeks Smerdon bron 1850 who who arrived from England and settled into Thorold Ontario. James married Elizabeth Horton (also from England) in 1871 and they had 3 children. In 1871 just prior to marriage, the census indicates that James was living with James and Grace Weeks and their 5 children. I beleive we are distantly related!
If you would like more info please let me know and I can give you what I have and even dig up some more info from the Canadian sources.


Name: Rosie Drysdale
Subject: Smerdon and Heyward families from Devon
Date: 4 Oct 2010

I've been researchng my Heyward family from Devon, and of course have found that one of my ancestors, Richard Heyward bc1689 Manaton, Devon, was married to a Mary Smerdon born 1693 at Buckland-in-the-Moor. The couple were married May 29 1760 at Highweek Parish Church, Highweek, Devon. One of their sons, Thomas bc 1728 Manaton Devon, married Joan Bennett b1736, Plymouth, Devon.
I've found bits and pieces of the Smerdon family on the net, but haven't been able to establish the family of our Mary. Does anyone out there know the linage of my Mary?
Many thanks and best wishes
Melbourne, Australia

Name: Mary Riontino
Subject: Thomas Smerdon
Date: 5 December 2010

Greetings! I have photos of the Smerdon ancestors of my maternal grandmother.
Her father, grandfather and g.grandfather were all named Thomas Smerdon...and likely so were their forefathers. Her grandfather Thomas Smerdon was born in Ashburton,Devon in 1806, and later moved to London where he married Charlotte Gunter,and worked as a Customs Officer in the Stepney area. His son, Thomas Smerdon, worked for a wool dealer, and this proved to be a useful trade when he emigrated to South Africa in the late 1860s. Has anyone come across these Smerdon's?? I'm starting to piece together information from census records,etc. but so far haven't been able to find out the name of Thomas Smerdon's mother in Ashburton, Devon, for instance.

Name: Fran Banytis
Subject: Smerdons Thomas, (Mitchell) Queensland
Date: 12 December 2010

To Jennifer who posted in July 2010: Please contact me, I can supply you with quite a lot of information! Regards, Fran.

Name: Rein A Franz
Subject: Gordon Patrick Smerdon
Date: 16 December 2010

Hi Jacqueline,
I also had an uncle Gordon Patrick Smerdon. He was married to Elaine & lived in Durban South Africa.Kindly contact me if there is a link

Name: Deb Lord
Subject: Sylvia May Smerdon
Date: 30 December 2010

Hi and Happy New Year!

I wonder if you're able to help me, I'm trying to find my Grandmother Sylvia May Smerton. It is belived that she was born in Victoria Australia around 1911, but I am unable to find her or her parental line....Are you able to help?

In 1929, Sylvia had a baby Lelsie Patrick to a man called Albert Watson, had my mother to an Albert Wadsworth...My mum's sister Thelma Joyce was borne by another unnamed fellow and Sylvia finally married Stewart Munn Colcott.

Regards, deb

Name: Danielle Smerdon
Subject: Gary Smerdon
Date: 1 Jan 2011

Hello, does anybody know anything about GARY SMERDON born in 1966. He's 44. I think he lives in Bodmin. I'm his daughter and haven't seen him in nearly 9 years now. Please email me if you have any information?

Name: Stanley Ridge
Subject: S African Smerdon link
Date: 25 Feb 2011

My grandmother was Bertha Annie Smerdon, b. 14.02.1887,d. 25.04.1941. She married my grandfather, Stanley Herbert Ridge, around 1908 in the UK and they then emigrated to South Africa. Granny died just over a year before I was born, and Grandad when I was two, so I picked up very little of the Smerdon family history. My father was in touch with an Uncle Tom Smerdon who lived in Ashburton. That must have been in the 1950s. Has anyone within the Begent network any information to help me?

Bertha Annie has descendants in South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and the USA. I can give details of them.

Name: Sally Larkins
Subject: Lucy Jane Smerdon (capewell)
Date: 13 March 2011

I am trying to trace my grandmother ena ethel capewell born 24 oct 1914 watlington oxon also my great grandfather edward ernest capewell born 1874 barrow cheshire headmaster married lucy jane smerdon born 1877 bentley hampshire they had four children lucy may 1900 florence freda 1901 eva 1912 ena ethel 1914. I know edward ernest capewell was headmaster in watlington oxon but need to know what school he was at after? any info please

Name: Tessa Smith (nee Smerdon)
Subject: Richard Smerdon
Date: 17 March 2011

Hello, I have been doing family history research for some years and have now traced my Smerdon family back to a Richard Smerdon born in Dartington around 1784. On a visit to Devon last week, I was very excited to find his grave in the old churchyard at Dartington Hall. I have found Richard in the 1841 census described as a farmer at Brooking. His first wife (my 3 greats-grandmother)was Miriam Hombs (Homes?) and his second wife was Agnes Nelder.
I would love to find a link to one of the family trees on your site but cannot see a connection and wonder if you may be able to help me.

Name: Joanne Stanbridge
Subject: Charlotte Smith Stanbridge
Date: 21 June 2011

What a wonderful and useful website you've created! It gave me a valuable piece of the puzzle for my own family tree.

Charlotte Smith Stanbridge (who married Frederick Partridge Smerdon in 1893) was my great-great-grandmother. I believe she may be mis-identified in your chart as another Charlotte Stanbridge, from Dorking, who also tripped me up for a while in my own research! I'd be happy to share my findings with you, if that would be of interest to you.

Best wishes from Canada, and thank you again for the terrific website.

Jo Stanbridge

Name: Jan Wood
Subject: Bertha Smerdon who went to South Africa
Date: 1 July 2011

I hope that this message is seen by Stanley, who left a message back in February about Bertha Smerdon. I have done quite a lot of research on Bertha's family background over here in England. She was one of the daughters of John Smerdon, who was originally of Higher Brownshill Farm in Ashburton, though he later moved to farm at Stubbins in East Ogwell. John Smerdon was the youngest surviving child of Thomas and Susanna Smerdon, and he was baptised on 27 September 1833 in Ashburton parish church. His older brother William Smerdon emigrated to Missouri in the United States, and a number of William's descendants have visited Devon in England in recent years. I've visited them in the US as well. Back in 1894, William Smerdon and his son John and daughter Thirza returned to Devon and stayed with Bertha's parents, John and Elizabeth. Bertha and her sister Elsie also wrote to their first cousin Thirza in Missouri, after she gone back home following her Devon visit in 1894.
I have a copy of a photo of Bertha's parents and some of her children, and one of "uncle Tom Smerdon's" wife taken when she was elderly and the US descendants visited her in Ashburton in the 1970s.

Jan Wood

Name: Jan Wood
Subject: Thomas Smerdon and Charlotte Gunter of London
Date: 1 July 2011

A message for Mary Riontino - I have done a lot of research on your family background - Thomas Smerdon's parents and also his brothers and sisters moved to London as well and I have traced all of their family lines and linked them to a Smerdon family back in Ashburton in the 18th century. I did this after meeting a descendant of the family [not on this contact forum] who had come back to live in Devon and asked for my help. This branch of Smerdons were originally all non-conformists, which has made them harder to trace.

Looking back on this Contact Forum, the messages from Chris Broadhurst in Oct 2009, from Brenda Riontino, and from Jon Riley in June etc., 2007 relate to the same Smerdon family.

If anyone from this family line wants information please contact me.

Jan Wood
Devon UK

Name: Pete Webb
Subject: Thomas Smerdon Abbot
Date: 5 July 2011

Thomas Smerdon Abbot was Portreeve of Ashburton 1915 - 1920. Do you have any information about him.
I am doing a History of Past Portreeves and I have been unable to obtain any information about him.

Pete Webb (Historian) Ashburton, Devon

Name: Jan Wood
Subject: Thomas Smerdon Abbott of Ashburton
Date: 19 July 2011


I have researched the family of Thomas Smerdon Abbott because he descends from the Smerdon family of Elliotshill, Buckland in the Moor. Thomas Smerdon Abbott, the son of William Henry and Elizabeth Jane Abbott nee Smerdon was born in Ashburton in about 1878. He grew up at Lower Bowdley but spent some time farming in Cornwood and married a girl from Blackawton. They eventually returned to farm at Bowdley and lived at Waverley, Bowdely in 1911 with his wife, daughters and elderly father. Thomas's mother was the oldest daughter of first cousins William Smerdon and his wife Ann nee Soudon, who farmed at Bowdley, and at other farms in Widecombe and Buckland in the Moor, and who are buried in Ashburton churchyard. There were a number of marriages over several generations between the Abbott family (from Dean Prior), the Smerdon family (from Ashburton and Buckland), the Soudon family (from St Marychurch) and the Pitts family (from Denbury).

Jan Wood

Name: Shirley Owens
Subject: the Gympie Smerdon branch
Date: 7 Sept 2011

Hi, I'm Shirley Owens (nee Springall) and I live in Mackay, Qld Aust. Our daughter directed me to this fantastic family tree, and I'm amazed at the research you people have done. Some years ago a member of our "branch" of the Smerdon tree published a book, but it certainly doesn't go back as far as this site does.

I grew up in Gympie - my grandmother was Fanny Smerdon (line 7 - daughter of William Smerdon & Betty Butler) who married Jim O'Farrell and they had 12 children.

In order to keep your records correct, you might like to know that on Line 19 the correct spelling is Springall (not Springhall), and make the change.

My husband Barry and I hope to visit Canada next year, and would be interested in communicating with any Smerdon descendants beforehand, in case there was a chance we might meet whilst over there. I'm happy for my email address to be passed on.

Reading through the lists, I have found many familiar names from my primary school days, and it's interesting to discover that some of us are actually related through our Smerdon ancestors, and didn't even know at the time.

Shirley Owens

Name: Christine Armsby
Subject: Descendants of Rev Thomas Smerdon
Date: 8 Sept 2011

I have some additional information of Sophia Ann Smerdon (No.11 on the list) who was my Great-Grandmother. She was born on 30 June 1863 and died on 12 September 1950 in Lancing, Worthing, Sussex. She only had three children William Dudley, Hilda and May and can be found on the 1901 census living with them in North Wimbledon at 259 Park Road (along with a general servant Hannah Douglas). Neither of her daughters married nor had children but William married Helena Ingram and they had two sons - one of whom was my father. I hope this is of interest.

Name: Brian Vallance
Subject: Lower Brownswell Farm Ashburton
Date: 8 Oct 2011

Hi we are a local farming family who have just purchased the adjoining Lower Brownswell Farm Ashburton unfortunately the farm is now derelict & I was wondering if any of the descendents of the Smerdon family who farmed there in the 1800s had by any chance a photo of the old farm house & yard.
Best wishes
Brian Vallance

Name: Henry Smerdon
Subject: Inquiry by Brian Vallance
Date: 11 Nov 2011

I have a copy of an old photo of the Lower Brownswell farm house which was taken we think in the 1930s or 1940s. It was given to me by Mr Fred Daw whose family owned Lower Brownswell from about the 1920s. The house fell into disrepair and eventually largely demolished in the 1950s as I understand it. Lowert Brownswell was farmed by my great grandfather Thomas Smerdon. I am happy to provide a copy of what I have to Mr Vallance.

Name: Norman Full
Subject: Beaton Smerdon b. ca1582, Ilsington
Date: 12 Feb 2012

I am researching the Full family & all other families who interacted with the Fulls in Devon.
I have found a Beaton Smerdon, b. 1582, Ilsington, daughter of Hugh Smerdon & Phillep(a)who were married, 1580, Ilsington.
Beaton married Hugh Degon, 1602, Ilsington. Their daughter Beaton Degon married Richard Crossing, 1632, Ilsington.
Their son William b.1644 married Sarah, 1668, Ilsington.Their daughter Susanna b,1676 Married Richard Full, 1700,Woodland. Richard is the earliest Full I have been able to trace.

I would be grateful if someone could fill in the gaps for these people
Thank you.
Norman Full from Australia.

Name: David Smerdon
Subject: Re; James Smerdon - Want to contact Marsha Stennett
Date: 3 March 2012

Hi I am wanting to make contact with Marsha Stennett who posted the comment about James Smerdon. Samuel Smerdon is my great Grandad.
Thanks, David Smerdon

Name: Emma Smerdon
Subject: New to trees
Date: 20 March 2012

I come from a big family Palmer Roberts and smerdon is my favorite it's a unique name and if you come from the smerdon family message me anytime

Name: Ross Cameron
Subject: Family History
Date: 8 Aprl 2012

Hi. I just wanted to say thank you for your work. I have started researching my family tree. I am the grandson of Martha Edna Forrest Shaw who was on of the four children of Margaret Elizabeth Begent.
Kind regards, Ross Cameron

Name: Allan Moor
Subject: William Smerdon - Natal, South Africa
Date: 11 April 2012

I'm busy trying to piece together parts of this illustrius SMERDON family.
Capt.William Smerdon married Jane Rebecca Mundy ex Oxfordshire in Cape Town. They I am to believe had 9 children. Helen Smerdon married Noel Thompson? Lucy Isabella Smerdon the youngest married..?The eldest daughter Annie Elizabeth Smerdon married William Thyrkel TRAFFORD,settling on a farm in the Rosetta district aka the Natal Midlands.They had 8 children,their 2nd daughter was Katherine Beatrice Trafford, my grandmother.
I'm told that Capt.William Smerdon was the master of his own ship "Natal" which was built on the "Isle of man". Capt.Smerdon was also one of the founders of 'Natal Sugar' situated at Mt.Edgecombe,here on the North Coast of Natal.
What I would like to know is: Capt.Smerdon's place and date of birth. His parents names and their places and dates of birth,etc.
Thanking you most kindly.

Name: Sally Larkins
Subject: Lucy Jane Smerdon
Date: 2 May 2012

Looking for any info on my Great Grandmother.b. 9th nov 1877 bentely d. 1924 bicester. Her daughter Ena Ethel Capewell b. 1914 henley reg. Her daughter Doreen May Capewell b. 25.08.1936 then Her daughter Me ! My mum was adopted looking for info please.

Name: John Edwards
Subject: Thomas Michael Smerdon of "Merino Ridge" Mitchell Queensland AUS
Date: 21 June 2012

Greetings to distant rellies, It would be cool to see the branch of the family tree which includes the above named Thomas.

Thomas Michael Smerdon married my great Aunt Fenella Edwards in 1914 (from what I can gather). I have seen copies of letters from Thomas to the Red Cross and the War Office (on behalf of my great grandmother - his mother-in-law) asking for news of one of my Great Uncles (John Max Edwards) who died on the western front in 1916. One such letter is written on "Merino Ridge" Mitchell Qld letterhead paper.

From what I can see from the death records, both Thomas Michael Smerdon and his wife Fenella Smerdon nee Edwards, died in 1957, Fenella aged about 67.

There ends what I know about that part of the family. I'm not sure if it's "new information"or part of the bigger picture. Any clues that could be directed my way would be appreciated.


John Edwards
Qld. Australia

Name: Peter Tucker
Subject: Norman Full contact re Smerdons
Date: 25 June 2012

I came across Norman Full's note dated 12 Feb 2012 on this site re his having Smerdons in his family. I also descend from Beaton Smerdon and husband Hugh Degon married 1602 in Ilsington. Their daughter Beaton Degon married Richard Crossing 1632 in Ilsington. Norman descends from their son William born 1644. I descend from their son Richard Crossing born 1634 who married Barbara Parsons in 1656.
I have 8 generations of Crossings, the last being Elizabeth Crossing who married William Tucker in Newton Abbot in 1837.
Many branches to my family had a birth place of Ilsington, Devon.
I can only trace 2 'Smerdons' listed in NZ and no 'Crossings' although there is a line of Crossings in Australia.

Peter Tucker
New Zealand

Name: Norman Full
Subject: Hugh & Beaton Smerdon
Date: 20 July 2013

Hello, I am still researching my Full ancestors & related families in Devon.Two Smerdons feature at Ilsington, Devon. They are Hugh Smerdon b. ca. 1580, Ilsington, who married Philippa. Their daughter, Beaton was born ca. 1582 & married Hugh Degon at Ilsington in 1602.
I would be very grateful if someone could please help me with more details about these two.

Norman Full,

Name: Allan Moor
Subject: William & Jane Rebecca (Mundy) Smerdon - South African family.
Date: 24 Oct 2013

I'm still trying to piece together this family, but to no avail. Can you possibly suggest another avenue which could be negotiated, as I seem to be up against a solid brick wall.
Should you feel that it would help me in any way, you are more than welcome to pass this my message together with my address.

Thanking you most kindly.
Allan Moor.

Date: 24 Feb 2014

Alice Smerdon Ilsington Devon born 22nd March 1779 married John Derges HOLNE.
1744 Richard Smerdon and Joan Bowden married and I believe these to be Alice Smerdon parents? I am a decendent from John Derges and his wife was Alice Smerdon can you give me any information on Alices side of the family. I believe they had a son John christened 17th Sept 1809 Holne, and he then married a Mary Stephens which would be my great, great, great, grandparents

Date: 29 Dec 2014

I am about to turn 68 yrs old. The Smerdons of Durban had a rough time in the apartheid years in S.A. Those who could "pass" as white tried not to mingle with their darker skinned family in fear of being 'caught out" After 20 years of democracy, please fellow Smerdons in Durban, lets hear from you!
My father Phillip Henry Smerdon b 1923 d 1970 "immigrated" to the Western Cape with his bride Sarah Smerdon (nee Budgen).I am the only child, married to Bernice (nee Beelders). We have 2 sons, Wayne & Edwin; three daughters Amanda Lynn and Gillian. In all, there are 11 grand children, the eldest Stephen got married two weeks ago. All our family enjoyed a wonderful Christmas 2014
I wish all SMERDONS around the world a prosperous and great 2015

Name: Brian Page
Subject: Nosworthy and Pethybridge lines 45 in the smerdon lineage. Anna Pethybridge married John Nosworthy
Date: 05 Jan 2015

I am a descendent of this line from viii William Nosworthy. He and brothers John iv and Robert ix came to Australia. I have a good lineage from these lines. Happy to hear from anyone interested and other kin.
Brian Page

Name: Jane Lewis
Subject: Edmund Wellington Smerdon
Date: 05 May 2015

Hello, I am trying to trace ancestors of Edmund Wellington Smerdon. He was a son of Thomas Smerdon and Sarah Wellington who married 22 June 1813.
This is the only info I have. Would be interested to find Further ancestors of Thomas Smerdon whom I believe came from Black Torrington, Devon.


Name: Margaret Pascoe
Subject: Violet and Joyce Cheales
Date: 08 July 2015

Hi, are you still looking for information about these beautiful ladies? I am Joyce's grand daughter.

Name: Katherine Bailey
Subject: Smerdon
Date: 08 July 2015

I descend from the South Brent Smerdons.We have farmed in Ivybridge for 125 years. My great grandparents John and Mary Smerdon are buried in South Brent graveyard,their son John died in 1960 and his son John (my father) born 1927, died 1998. I have 2 brothers, John and Andrew. Can anyone tell me what family tree we descend from

Name: Judith Smerdon
Subject: Smerdon
Date: 12 July 2015

My name is Judith Smerdon looking for family related to my great uncle Owen he had two brothers that got killed in world war 1 surname Edwards from Mitchell as Thomas Smerdon my grandparents I live in Brisbane

Name: Alyson Mower
Subject: Emily Pitts
Date: 19 February 2016

My great great great grandfather was John Pitts, father of Emily Pitts. I do have quite a bit of information on that family..
Alyson Mower

Name: Sandra Brodwin
Subject: Joan Smerdon
Date: 28 Febuary 2016

I found one message regarding a Joan Smerdon on the website. It notes she was married to a John Smerdon. My family tree - Soper - indicates a Joan Smerdon married to my great grandfather (6x) John Soper & had children, one of whom was William Soper (christend 18 Oct 1583 Stoke St. Gregory Somerset, Eng died 17 Sep 1624)who married Ann Hobbs; one of their children was Thomas Soper who married Joan Avery; one of their children was Henry Soper who married Sarah Wattles.
I'm trying to verify that Joan Smerdon (born before 1583) married John Soper. I don't know if William was their first child, so I don't have any information as to dates of birth.

Name: Alan Slatford
Subject: Thomas Smerdon born circa 1790
Date: 22 April 2016

He was born in Ashburton, Devon I believe and was married to a Susanna living in the Higher Brownhill area.
He is my 3rd Great Grandfather and his daughter Mary Anne born circa 1829 married a Benjamin Bunker in 1849, this then leads down to me etc.
Just trying to get to grips with direct names I am related to, but there are so many Smerdons in that area that I am totally tied up in knots. Any help would be appreciated.

Subject: Smerdons in Africa
Date: 2 Jan 2017

Hello all smerdons. Happy new year. I am married to a kenyan.just interested any more smerdons in Aarica. My dad is jack. We have family in Australia and far asIi know. At the moment we live in essex.england.but hope to go back to Kenya to grow old in the sun.

Name: Kym Morwood
Subject: Gordon Bray Smerdon & Violet & Joyce Cheales
Date: 21 March 2017

Hi All

I am the granddaughter of Gordon Bray Smerdon son Jessie Parkyn & Jack Smerdon. Margaret Pascoe I remember visiting the beautiful Violet & Joyce often with my mum Robyn Smerdon at Gympie when I was a child. If anyone needs any further info, let me know. Thanks Kym

Name: Chelsea Smerdon
Subject: Jean M. Prior - F.Smerdon & A.Smerdon
Date: 1st Dec 2017

Fernley and Alice Smerdon.
My great great grandparents. Parents to my great grandfather Fernley Cecil and great uncle William John. Fernly married Ena May Davey and they had Shirley May, Joan, and my grandfather Lawrence "Larry" Smerdon. He married Christine "Chris" Barrett and they had my aunt Sheila Ann, and my father James Smerdon. He married Tracey Vale and together they had a son, Adrian, and a daughter, Chelsea Smerdon.
He was a railway porter, because all he had was a gold pocket watch. They thought he was already a porter in England, offered him a job, so he lied and took it to support his wife.

I still have the pocket watch.

Name: Catherine Susans
Subject: Smerdon/Summerfield
Date: 4th March 2018

I'm hoping you can help with my reasearch into Richard Smerdon born 1826 in Launceston who was a Master Druggist. His father was Richard Smerdon and worked in Excise Office.

Married (28th October 1849 Friern Barnet Middx) Laura Ann Summerfield born 1827 Barnet, Herts.

1851 Census 8 Upper Weymouth Street, Marylebone.

And I can't find anything else.

Laura Summerfield is my husbands 4 times great aunt.

Thank you in anticipation.


Name: Beverly A Trew Palmer
Subject: My name update
Date: 26th May 2018

Hi Smerdon family. My previous name was Bev Petersen. I remarried Lewis Palmer and live (in 2018) in Claypool, Indiana, USA. I still actively research. I descend from Tryphena Smerdon who married James Trew in Thorold, Welland Co., Ontario, Canada in 1851. I recently found a 3rd cousin living in Virginia who has their family Bible dated 1842! I would be happy to communicate with anyone from the Michigan/Ontario Smerdon's.

My wesbite is at

Name: Helen Smerdon
Subject: I'm a descendant of George Henry SMERDON
Date: 29th January 2019

Hello Smerdons all,
I posted on this site back in 2009 when I had just begun my search for my ancestors. Since that time I have discovered a lot of 'family' but I am always looking for more contacts that might have stories, photos, or information about my branch of the tree.
My father was Peter SMERDON born 1 March 1923 to Percy SMERDON and Ada (nee LAWRENCE).
Percy was born to George Washington SMERDON and Olive (nee BEALE).
George W was born to George Henry SMERDON and Jane (nee SCOTT SYMES)
George H was born to John SMERDON and Elizabeth (nee ANDREWS)

I haven't gone futher that that so If your are in this same branch, maybe you could let me know.

Helen (nee SMERDON)

Name: Rowena Wyatt
Subject: 5th Gt Grandfather Elias Smerdon descendant of Robart Smerdon
Date: 1st March 2020

I've been researching my Smerdon ancestors for some years but had a block when it came to my 2 x gt grandfather because he was called Richard and I couldn't work out which Elias was his father. However, with some hard graft over the last year I finally worked out who and then started to go further back. Again I came to an abrupt halt because another Elias married a Susanna Aptor in 1750 and I couldn't work out who his father was. Now coming on to this site I can see where he fits in and can now fill in the rest of my family tree back to Robart. I am so happy! Can't wait to tell my mum, her mother was Gladys Am y Smerdon, who was daughter of John Smerdon (1852 to 1913) and Bessie (nee Hill).
John was born to Richard Smerdon (1812 to 1893) and Mary (nee Huddy).
Richard was born to Elias Smerdon (1784 to 1843) and Susanna (nee Beavis).
Elias was born to Elias Smerdon (1755 - 1785) and Mary (nee Whiteway). I have all the other members of the Smerdons listed but I can't tell you what a feeling it is to see my tree linking into the one on this site. Thank You!

best wishes

Name: Lesley Crook
Subject: Richard Smerdon
Date: 12th October 2020

Just researching my ancestry and came upon Rychard Smerdon born 1530 in Widecombe.According to Ancestry website his father was Richard Smerdon Jr 1508-1569 Richard had a brother Robert 1530-1582. Their father Richard Smerdon Snr lived 1490-1544 also in Widecombe.
Having just clicked on your website I am wondering if his son Rychard born 1550 is a brother of your Robart born 1560.
There surely must be a connection.
Rychard's son also Rycherd married Rychord Palke and they had 5 children including Wilmot born in 1570 who married Thomas Caunter at Dartington in 1588.
My background is that my Grandmother's family hail from Broadhempston in South Devon and go a long way back in that area. I was born in East Devon and a good number of our branch still live there.

Lesley Crook

Name: T Andrews
Subject: Smerdon - 1880s Durban, South Africa
Date: 3rd November 2020

Hi all,
Hoping someone can assist in knocking down this brickwall. I'm looking for the parents of these 3 Smerdon brothers, Harry or Henry, Richard and John.
Facts I have thus far-
1. Harry was born 1887, died 1949
2. John was born 1885, died 1945
3. John's mother recorded as 'Sarie' on his death notice -no further trace
4. Harry's mother recorded as 'unknown' on his death notice
5. Harry's death register records him as being 'Mauritian'

Looking forward to making contact with anyone else researching this S.A. branch.
Regards, Toni

Name: Christine Henkel nee Smerdon
Subject: Liverpool Smerdons
Date: 16th November 2020

Hi there, what an awesome site

Does anyone have any information on Tony or Anthony Smerdon, born in Liverpool in approx 1944? I see a birth record showing Smerdon and Balmer as the parents - no Christian names, but no record of him elsewhere. I have a photo of my Dad, Alfred Roy Smerdon 1927-1983, holding Tony, in 1945.

Thanks, Christine

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