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Look forward to hearing from you !!
Simon Begent


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Subject: The Begent Clan
From Terry Begent

Hello Simon
Nice to see your web page and to read your history of both your family tree and the Begent name.
Our part of the family has never actually drawn up a family tree although one of my brothers did try to track things down a bit. The earliest record he could find was of a lace-maker in Nottingham last century. This give us one of two theories on the origin of the name.
The first is that the lace-maker came over from the Belgian town of Ghent (famous for its lace work) and that the name started out as De Ghent i.e. from Ghent. Over time this has become corrupted, firstly to Degent and secondly to Begent.
The second theory is not too far removed from the first in that the name came to this country with the Heugenots. A couple of weeks ago a friend told me that the Heugenot Society kept a detailed history of the people who came over and suggested that I should contact them for further information.
While searching the web myself, I have found Begents in America and a couple of quite famous ones over here, but the most intriguing one, and also the earliest, is the one at which might be worth a visit. I checked it while compiling this message and it appears to be offline at the moment. In case it stays that way, it is a paper in the public records office and is the report of a court-marshall of a soldier in 1732 at which a Trooper Begent, who was on sentry duty at the time, gives evidence against another soldier trying to sneak out of camp.
Happy hunting!!
Terry Begent

Subject: The Begents
From Jan Begent

We have been researching our own branch/twig of the Begent family tree for several years now. We've spent a lot of time going down to the archives in Kent and have trawled through the births, deaths and marriages indexes at the Family Records Centre in London too.
We can go back about seven generations as far as Hannah Diamond and John Begent who married at Brabourne near Ashford, Kent in 1820. Beyond that the records aren't complete enough to trace any further back with certainity, but it is known there were Begents working as fishermen in Folkestone in the 1600s. That probably ties up with the idea of refugees coming over from France. We are linked to a grouping of Begents who live in Utah who emigrated from Kent in the 1920s and many of those living today in Essex, Kent, Sussex and Surrey.
We have drawn up our tree using a graphics programme called Quark Xpress which we could send to you if you're interested, once we've figured out how to attach files to e-mails! Click here to see Jan & Andys Family Tree
We have been in touch with a Derek Begent who lives in London and shares an interest in tracing the name. He has probably written to you in the past. He has identified several groupings of Begents. Among them there are the Kent mob (which we belong to), and a west London - Fulham/Kensington grouping that he comes from - you are probably from the same grouping as him. Eventually it would be good to find a connection between all of them.
Incidentally, we found Charles Begent in the 1881 Census index, described as a 54 year old letter carrier living in Hammersmith with his wife, Elizabeth 52, and 3 children - Henry James 21, James 18 and Alice 13 - presuamably he was your great-great grandfather.
We look forward to seeing how your site develops. If you get any other contacts from Begents we'd be grateful if you could give them our details in case they want to share 'Begent' information.
Jan and Andy Begent

From Meg Daly

Just to let you know that I am descended from the said Eli Begent who was transported to Tasmania (Van Diemens Land) in 1811. My Father was Jack Begent and I have a sister Judy Begent. I live in Canberra and she lives in Wagga Wagga. There aren't that many Begents left in Australia.
It is interesting to read all about the family and where the name originated.
Meg Daly (nee Begent)

From Meg Dal

Dear Simon
Thanks for your message. I've actually had an e-mail from an Australian (Tasmanian) cousin (Ross Begent) who I haven't seen for 25 years!!! He actually found your home page the same week as me. I'll forward your e-mail on to him.
When we were in London in 1978, my husband (Peter) rang a few Begents at random in the London phone book. He spoke to the now well known Richard Begent - we think? He told us that there were Begents buried in the Hugenot cemetary in Garrets Lane in Earlsfield, but by the time I got to visit in 1984, the site was a High Rise and there were only a few headstones left standing. Someone told me that there was material about the Hugenots living in that area in the Wandsworth Library, but subsequent visits to London have usually been short and I haven't ever followed it up.
There is a Nancy Salter who lives near my Mother who has done lots of research into the Begent family in Tasmania. She has also been in touch with Derek Begent who is mentioned on your Home Page, I think. I'll let her know about your Home Page and she may be in touch. Her mother was a Molly Begent.
Eli was sentenced at the Berkshire Azises on 22 July 1811 for life for sheep stealing. However, he married a free woman and got his ticket of leave and became a respectable member of the Tasmanian community. Two of his children were Master Mariners. My own Father's Grandfather (Eli's son) was a Pilot on the River Tamar and they lived in the Pilot's Cottages at Low Head at the mouth of the Tamar. One of the sisters married a Ship's Captain and ended up living in Ontario California.
I have some more info and will search it out for you. Cousin Ross may also be able to let you know more about his Branch of the family.
It was a great surprise to see your Home Page and we enjoyed it greatly. I'll be in touch with more details.
Meg Daly (nee Begent)

Subject: The Begent Clan
From Terry Begent

I found a good site for family histories in a computer mag and did a search
As you will see, there appear to be a lot of Begents in Winchester and a lot of other ways of spelling the name.

Subject: Searching for Begent Family
From Tracy Bretz

Dear Simon,
I was quite excited to see your web site. The Begents seem to be a rather elusive family.
Below is a listing of my line as far as I can verify per my grandfather's records. His parents (my grandparents) were Alice Begent and Pleasant Hall. I believe Alice's parents came to the U.S. some time in 1883, as she always said that her mother was pregnant with her during the trip.
I am hoping to find someone else researching this same line. I have some original documentation, as well as pictures of these folks.

Tracy Bretz

Click Here to See Tracy's Begent Family Tree

Subject: Begent Family in South Australia
From Jan Hopgood

Hi Simon, this is very exciting!!! also 1.00 am, I am Jan Hopgood, My mother was a Begent, Thelma, first Daughter of Alfred Begent, son of Henry Begent , born somewher in Kent England migrated to Australia. My Grandfather Alfred was the first born in Australia. 17.11.1881. I have quite a lot of information, will look it up and send soon.
We also must be related to Eli Begent as one of his descendants looked identical to my mothers sister.
Henry Begent was born Kent on 9.1.1849, married Susan Ann Eastley Born 12.8.1854 Woolwich Kent. Married 4.2.1872 Woolwich Kent. His Father was Stephen Begent (from Death Certificate) I cannot find out Henry's mother's name or which town in Kent he came from. On Shipping papers it states Town not known.

It's great finding this website, I shall return!! Jan

I look forward to hearing from any other Begents who may be able to swap info.

My Ancestors on my father's side (Holland)arrived in Adelaide and settled in what is now Woodville. They left London 9 Sept, 1848 on the "Rajah" and arrived in Adelaide 6th January 1849.
The Begent Family, Henry, his wife Susan Ann (nee Eastley) and 3 childen Ellen Louisa 5, Edith Eliza 3, and Charlott infant, left Plymouth on 31/1/1879 and arrived on the 'Star of India' in Port of Adelaide 12.5.1879

Click here to see Jan Hopgood's Family tree of Begents in Australia

Subject: Begents!!
From Cathie Tranent

Hello fellow Begents!!

Thanks for the brilliant web site - with all the email addresses of other so inclined Begents, we are going to lose all sensible contact with my mother (Jan Hopgood - see Family History section) for another 10 years if she finds any information on Stephen Begent - b1800, Sevington Kent and married in 1826 (if it's the same man!!)
No, really - this may just help mum find her own missing link!!

Cathie Tranent(formerly Ingram, nee Hopgood, descendant of Holland, nee Begent) ..... Cop that!

Subject: Begents from Tasmania
From Jan Hopgood

(Given to me by A.J.Oliver Begent of Western Australia before his death in 1997. He was researching, but his age got the better of him.) He was my mother's cousin.

Fouchè Begent was Master of Deputies at the French Court. (possibly an Usher) Escaped from France with his family during the French Revolution, which was 1789. ( The story has been passed down that they went out of the window on sheets tied together. They then rowed across the English Channel. Had to leave the wealth behind.)
In France there was
Rene de Begent - Captain of French Privatus Fleet
Red Rufus Begent
Black Stephen Begent
I am told this information came from History books on the French Revolution.

Ellis (Eli) Begent (Beagent) born 1780 ( must have been in France) a son of Fouche Begent was convicted of sheep stealing in Berkshire England on 2/7/1811. He was transported as a prisoner to Hobart on the "Indefatigable' arriving in 1812 (Ref: Historical Records of Australia (Tas) Series 111 and Volume 111 page 265. 1812 - 19 & Jan - Dec 1820) Eli was born 1780 and died in Launceston Tas on 27/8/1854 aged 74 years. After being in charge of Shipping on the Tamar River.
Mary Glover arrived in Tasmania on the ship 'Emu' in 1876. She worked as a children's nurse for Judge ABBOTT She was born in Kent England in 1799 and died in April 1886
Eli was a servant to Deputy Judge Advocate ABBOTT in Hobart. Eli was giving information to a Bushranger Michael Howe, who also arrived on the 'Indefatigable' and he also tried to help Michael escape; This came unstuck and Eli was sent to Sydney. Mary Glover followed him to Sydney, where she worked for Govenor MacQuarie.
Eli was emancipated, and they married in 1819 in Sydney. They returned to Hobart in 1820

Some Begent children born in Tasmania decendants of Eli & Mary Glover
Emma Jane Begent born 6/2/1835 in Georgetown
Clarence Begent
George Roslyn Begent
Warwick Begent.
And his 10th child was Lena Begent,(Oliver visited her a few years ago) she had a sister Irene who looked exactly like my mother's sister Hilda S G Begent Daughter of Alfred Thomas Begent and Alma Lily Hammer from Gawler South Australia. I have seen a photo of Irene, and it is identical. Auntie Hilda actually said it was her, but she didn't remember those clothes. Hilda is still alive aged 87.
There was in Tasmania a James Begent (Beagent) brother of Eli. Don't know when he arrived. Not listed in prisoners. He was a bushranger. And lived to be 117 years old.
I need to look into this further to verify, but time is the problem, as I still work.

From Meg Daly

I have sent an e-mail to Jan Hopgood after I saw her entry on your website. I did know of Ozzie Begent - as he was a CAA (Civil Aviation) engineer and he had met Uncle Charlie through the supply of run-way lights when Uncle Charlie was a BGE/GEC manager in Launceston. Also my husband knew of him.

. I am descended from Clarence who was a pilot on the River Tamar - he piloted the ships from Low Head (just north of Georgetown) to Launceston. He and his brother also ran a ferry across the Tamar when they were young - are said to have refused to carry Martin Cash - the Bushranger free of charge . Eli was a fisherman at Georgetown after he was made free and was rescued once from drowning when his boat capsized by his son Clarence - the story made the papers. Cousin Ross has promised to send you the details in our family Bible.. I really find your webpage interesting

Meg Daly (nee Begent)

Subject:Stephen and Sarah Begent family from Kent
From Andrew Begent

I note from Simon Begent's website that you have an interest in the Stephen and Sarah Begent family from Kent.
I have spent quite some time tracing my ancestors and it is probable that my great grandfather's great grandfather, John Begent who married Hannah Diamond in 1820, was probably a brother of Stephen. In the course of researching my branch I've stumbled across quite a bit of info about your's and I've put together the following that may be of interest to you.(please let me know if I've got anything wrong)
Best wishes, Andrew Begent

Their Backgrounds:
From, as yet inconclusive, research Stephen Begent is believed to have been the son of John and Abigail Begent. He was born in 1799 or 1800, though exactly where is not certain - census records variously report his place of birth as either Sevington or Kennington, near Ashford or Ashford itself. No trace of his baptism has yet been found, but is likely to have been a parish in the Ashford area.
From subsequent census records it is clear that he was married to Sarah who had been born in Brabourne, probably in 1811. Their marriage may be that which took place, according to the International Genealogy Index (IGI) in Folkestone on 25th May 1826 between Stephen Begent and Sarah Taylor. This would mean that she married when just fifteen years old. The couple were to produce at least sixteen children.

Their elder children:
Sarah Begent, born in Hythe, around 1827.
Samuel Begent, born in Hythe in 1828 or 1829 and baptised at Hythe Ebenezer Independent Church on 1st March 1829. Also present at the baptism was an Abigail Begent - possibly his grandmother.
Mary Ann(e) Begent, born on 15th November 1830 and was subsequently baptised at the Hythe Ebenezer Independent Church on 28th July 1833.
Alfred Begent, born 28th March 1833, baptised on 28th July 1833.
John Begent, born in Hythe in on 17th Jan 1835, and baptised on 17th May 1835.
Henry Begent, born in Hythe on 30th June 1837, and baptised on 4th September 1837.
William Begent born in Hythe in the third quarter of 1839.
Charlotte Begent, born in the first quarter of 1841 but died in 1845, aged just 4 years. She was buried at Hythe St Leonard's Church on 11th September 1845.

1841 Census:
At the time of the 1841 Census Stephen, Sarah and their eight children were living at Postling Lees in Postling. Stephen was recorded as a 35 year-old agricultural labourer, while his wife was said to be aged 30. It must be noted that the 1841 Census tended to record people's ages rounded down to the nearest five years.

Their Next children:
Harriet Begent, born in Postling in the first quarter of 1843.
Eliza Begent, born in the third quarter of 1844 in Hythe.
Charlotte Begent. Presumably as a memorial to her recently deceased elder sister Stephen & Sarah's next child, born in the fourth quarter of 1846, was also named Charlotte Begent. Her place of birth, according to the census was subsequently recorded as either Saltwood or Hythe.
Stephen Begent, born in the second quarter of 1848 in Saltwood. He was to die in early 1852, aged 3, and was buried at Hythe St Leonard¹s Church on 28th January 1852.
James Begent, born in the second quarter of 1849 in Saltwood.

1851 Census:
At the 1851 Census Stephen and Sarah were living at Pedlinge, part of Saltwood. Stephen was described as aged 47, an agricultural labourer, born at Kennington, while his wife was said to be aged 40 and Brabourne born. They were accompanied by nine of their children; Samuel, aged 22, a tallow chandler; John, aged 16, an errand boy; Henry, aged 13; William, aged 11, a scholar; Harriet, aged 8; Eliza, aged 6; Charlotte aged 4; Stephen, aged 24 months; and James, aged 1.
There was no sign of their eldest child, Sarah - aged about 24, though she was probably the Sarah Begent recorded in the 1851 Census at Folkestone, as a milliner, born in Hythe and lodging at 158 Bail Street with Thomas Park, fruiterer, his wife, daughter and another lodger. Sarah's presumed sister, Mary Ann(e) Begent lived nearby at 24 Viaduct Cottages as a servant with Richard Cocke of Her Majesty's Customs, his wife and son. She was also recorded as Hythe born.
Their brother Alfred, aged about 18, has yet to be found in the 1851 Census, but may have moved to Maidstone. (If the Mary Ann(e) found in the 1851 Census is Stephen and Sarahs daughter then the Mary Ann Begent who married in the Elham District in the previous year must be someone else).

The youngest children:
Ellen Begent, born in Saltwood in the first quarter of 1852.
Charles Begent, born in Saltwood in the third quarter of 1854.
Louisa Begent, born in Saltwood in the third quarter of 1855.

Samuel Begent's family:
Meanwhile Stephen & Sarah¹s eldest son, Samuel Begent, had married and begun to produce the next generation of Begents His wife was a Sarah, and their marriage was likely to have been that recorded in 1853 in the Tunbridge District. The couple are believed to have been responsible for three children;
Samuel Taylor Begent, born in Brighton in 1854.
Louis Stephen Begent, born in Brighton in 1856.
Cecil Begent, born in Brighton in 1858.
Sadly their mother, Sarah, died on 1st May 1860 in Battle, when aged just 30. According to her death certificate the cause of death was Phithis. At that time her husband, Samuel, was described as a tallow chandler and painter.

1861 Census
The 1861 Census recorded the three young children with their grandparents at Pedlinge Green in Saltwood. They were described as, Samuel Taylor Begent, aged 6, a scholar; Louis Stephen Begent, aged 4; and Cecil Begent, aged 2 - their father has yet to be located after the 1860 death of his wife, but may have remained at Battle. The 1861 Census also recorded Stephen as aged 56 and described as a general labourer, born in Sevington. His wife, Sarah, was now aged 49. Of their many children only the youngest five remained with them; Charlotte Begent, aged 14, a scholar; James Begent, aged 10, a scholar; Ellen Begent, aged 9, a scholar; Charles Begent, aged 6, a scholar; and Louisa Begent, aged 5, again a scholar.
None of Stephen & Sarahs children, born prior to Charlotte in 1846 remained with their parents. Their daughter Harriet may have been the Harriet Begent who married in 1861 in the Elham District.

1871 Census:
Ten years later, the 1871 Census saw just eight Begents remaining in Saltwood: Stephen was described as aged 70, a shepherd, born in Kennington; his wife Sarah, aged 59, born in Brabourne. Living with them were their daughter Charlotte Begent, aged 24; son Charles Begent, a 16 year-old farm boy; daughter Louisa Begent, aged 15; and grandson Cecil Begent, a scholar, aged 13. Stephen & Sarah¹s 18 year-old daughter Ellen Begent was recorded as a scullery maid for William Deeds, the 36 year-old landowner and magistrate of Sandling House, Saltwood. Ellen's nephew, 16 year-old Samuel Begent, also worked for William Deeds, as a stable boy. Of their other children, Alfred and James may have been living in Maidstone.
Stephen's wife, Sarah Begent, died on 17th December 1874, at Saltwood when aged 63. The informant was Jane Sevinyard, present at death.
Sarah's daughter, Ellen, may have been the Ellen Begent who married in the Elham District in 1879.

1881 Census:
Two years later, the 1881 Census, saw just three Begents remaining at Saltwood. They were the 81 year-old Stephen Begent, described as an agricultural labourer, born in Ashford, living at Pedlinge. He was accompanied by his 35 year-old daughter, Eliza Begent, who was his housekeeper, and his 25 year-old son Charles Begent, an agricultural labourer. Stephen's youngest child, 25 year-old Louisa, was a domestic servant in Tunbridge.
Three of her siblings, Alfred, Charlotte and James were unmarried and then living together in Maidstone. Alfred was a 48 year-old confectioner, James was a 31 year-old sugar boiler and Charlotte was their 34 year-old housekeeper.
Their nephew, 21 year-old Cecil Begent was found in the 1881 census working as an able seaman aboard ship at Middlesborough. Neither of Cecil's brothers have been found in the 1881 Census IGI national index.

Beyond 1881:
Either of Stephen's sons, James or Charles may have been responsible for Ada Isabel Begent born in the Maidstone in 1887 and Henry John S Begent born there in 1890. James may have married in 1887 in the Thetford District, whilst Charles may have married in 1886 in the Maidstone District. Their brother Alfred died in the Maidstone District in 1888.
Stephen Begent subsequently died in 1892, aged 92, and was buried at Saltwood parish church on 10th October.
Of the survivors, Louisa may have married in the East Ashford District in 1895;
Charles died in the Maidstone District in 1907; and James may have died in East Ashford District 1927

Andrew Begent June 1999

Click here to see Stephen Begent's line of descendants

Subject: Begents in Australia
From Warren Smitht

I am related to Begent family via Eli Begent, Tasmania

Warren Smith from Perth Western Australia

Editor's Note : Warren please contact us again - we would like to hear more ...........

Subject: Begents in London and Australia
From Dorothy Delaney

I am doing research for my cousin Betty LeClaire- she has traced back to James Begent B 1803 Chancery Lane London - died 24.1.1868 at no 21 Parish St sub district of St Johns Housledown ? James Married Rachel Laurence Halsey at St George the Martyr Southwark on 16.11.1834- Rachel was born 8.7.1804 at Nth. Mymms Hertf. she died 30.9.1862 at Orange Tree Inn StoneBridge . Their children were Henry Charles C 29.11.1825 Totteridge Hertf. died 30.3.1875 THIS IS MY COUSINS LINE -- HE MARRIED JEMIMA LEE at St. Marlylebone ? on 18.7.1854 they had 3 daughters - Laura Rhoda and Edith -- Rhoda B.1858-Edith B.1865- Laura B. 1869-- after Henry died Jemima came to Australia - Melbourne Victoria on Lord Warden and then to Sydney NSW on Wentworth - in 1876. -appears that Jemima had a sister in NSW - Susan Lee - she had married a Ryder .
Sorry if this bit disjointed but cousin faxed this to me and difficult to read .She doesn't have computer and lives at Tweed Heads near Queensland border- I am in Sydney - many hundreds of miles apart. James and Rachel had other children - Sarah b 14.9.1827 -c 7.10.1827 St Marylebone Ann b 31.8.1829 c 20,9.1829 St Marylebone James b 13.12.1832 c 5.1.1833 c St. Marys Bryamstown Sq. St Marylebone ?? He married a Louisa?? Emma b 1837 Middlesex 1851 census she married a Martin or Mason ?? Rachel c. 4.11.1840 St Paneras ? Married 1858 St James Sussex Gardens Paddington to a Robert Purves - Toronto ?? Gilbert b 1846 Westmeath Ireland ???? 1861 census . he married 1867 Emily Ann Hawley - they had 2 children .
My cousin originally thought that the family came from France and went to Channel Islands. But seems that it isn't so ? unless it was just after or during French revolution ?? Do you know where the "Begent" family originally came from ? Thank you for your E Mail - you can reply to me and I will pass anything on to Betty - I was doing research for her on Net and NSW Govt. had all births deaths and marriages on line last week- 1788 -1945 but births only till 1905- so found few other Begents - which puzzled me ? Anyway if you are interested have descendants of Edith, Rhoda, and Laura if you want them .
We had a cool , wet Christmas here in Sydney - but sun is shining today and its about 24 degrees so not too hot. Hope year 2000 a wonderful beginning for you and your family - Happy Hunting .

Regards Dorothy Delaney.

Subject: The Begent Family
From Ralph Jones

Hi Simon and Family.
My name is Ralph Jones (no not Begent) but my Mother was Alice Hogson Begent daughter of Gilbert Charles Begent and Alice Scrafton The Family Tree is as follows:
Alice Hodgson Begent b.19.7.1904 d.25.1.1974
Frederick Begent b. 1906 d. 1909 Brother
Frederick Mervyn Begent b.20.5.1909 Brother
Harry Hawley Begent b. 4.3.1911 Brother
Raymond Begent Brother
Gilbert Samuel Begent b.7.12.1927 Brother

Gilbert Charles Begent b. 19.6.1876 d. 1961 Father
Frederick James Begent d.12.10.1869 Uncle drowned in S. Africa
Kate Rachel Begent b. 9.9.1891
Arthur Begent. b. 2.1.1872
Emily Minnie Begent b. 12.6.1878
Harry Gilbert Begent b. ? d. 22.11.1871 Buried Tooting Grave 461
Walter Begent b. 7.6.1874 d. 27.10.1874 Buried at Battersea Gr 5798

Gilbert Begent Grandfather married to Emily Ann Hawley
Gr Grandfather from Posting House Dover.

Hope the above is useful and can help other Begents.

Regards your fotenote on the origins of the Begent name ie Yellow nose, my elder brother on reasonable authority suggests that in Paris and Scottish Universities the word begent suggests a FRESHMAN or first year student and refers to the Scottish Book of Student music which has music named similarly to Begent. Regards Ralph

Subject: The Begent Family
From Simon Begent

Dear Ralph
Thanks very much for your message and info about your mother's Begent connections. I was particularly interested. as I have recently been putting together some information about London Begents in the 1800s to put up on the web site, and had come across Gilbert Begent who married Emily Ann Hawley at St John Baptist, Shoreditch, London on 18th May 1867. I assume that they were your mother's grandparents, and parents of her father Gilbert Charles Begent b 1876.

Gilbert senior was born in 1847 the son of James Begent b 1803 d 1868 and Rachel (nee Halsey) b1804 d 1862 who married at St George the Martyr Southwark on 16.11.1834. If you look on the web site there is a recent messsage from Dorothy Delaney from Australia who has been researching the same family.

The Marylebone district 1851 census records that the family of James and Rachel lived at 6, Quebec Mews:
James Begent Head Mar 46 Coachman City
Rachael Begent Wife Mar 45 Hertfordshire
James Begent Son 18 Groom Middx
Emma Begent Dau 13 Scholar Middx
Rachael Begent Dau 10 Scholar Middx
Gilbert Begent Son 4 Scholar Ireland

Glibert's birth in Ireland seems most strange as the family lived in London and all the elder children were born in London. Perhaps he was a foster child. You mentioned that great grandfather (that would have been James Begent) came from Posting House Dover. Do you have any further info on this - there were Begents in the Dover, Kent area but I have no evidence of a connection. Were Frederick b 1869, Kate b 1891, Arthur b 1878, Emily b 1878, Harry and Walter, all brothers and sisters of Gilbert Charles Begent? I would be most grateful for any further information or details that you may have.

Regards Simon Begent

Subject: Gilbert Begent Tree
From Andrew J. Begent

Happy new year and all that. I've been interested to see the recent correspondence on your webpages about the Gilbert Begent tree. Like you, I suspect that there may be a link to my own Kent branch through the Dover reference, but I've not been able to pin that one down yet.

Please find attached my attempt at drawing up the Gilbert tree - it's based on information sent by Ralph Jones and Dorothy Delaney, plus a few bits and pieces I've put together over the years, but not into anything meaningful till now. Let me know if the attachment is no good and I'll send it again as text.

Keep up the good work. Andy

Click here to see Family tree of decendants of James Begent 1803-68

Subject: Name Check
From Orynthia Thomas

Hello Simon
My brother sent me your URL - fascinating stuff. We're very close to you in distance - Bristol. Not sure if we have any close links with your family though. I know we have French connections but our family is from Burma. No one on your site seems to have mentioned Burma.

I'll investigate the family. I think that my Uncle was doing some research so he might have something that you would find useful. For now, I can tell you that my Father, Donald Begent, and my Mother, Josephine Begent, live in Bristol with my brother, Ashton Begent. I have a sister, Crescentia, now Cook, who has two children, Jacob and Sorelle.
My Dad's brother, Victor Begent, also lives in Bristol with my Aunt, Lorraine. They have three children, Petunia, Brucene and Valentino. My Dad also has a sister, Christine (now Davis), and a brother, Lorenzo, in London and another brother, Albert, still in Burma. Uncle Albert is married to Joyce Win, a Burmese Pop Star! Their daughter, Olivia, and son, Warren, are also in the music industry. They also have a daughter, Caroline and son, Neil.

My Grandfather, Robert Begent, was born in Madras but lived in Burma. Married to Matilda Develares - the name said to derive from De Velera, that Irish chap that I don't really know as much about as I should. That's as much as I know off the top of my head. My husband made me reply now "or I never will". I hope you found it of interest.

Orynthia Thomas (nee Begent)

(I was going to start a website for "Orynthia" and judging from the success of yours, I think I should!)

Subject: Frank Alton and Frank Augustus Begent

Do you have any knowledge of Frank Alton Begent of Cincinnatus, New York, USA, and his son, Frank Augustus Begent?

Subject: Frank Alton and Frank Augustus Begent
From Simon Begent

Thanks for your message. The only Frank Begents that I can find from NY are as listed below. I don't know if these are the Frank Alton and Frank Augustus that you are searching for.

FRANK BEGENT b. 30 Mar 1910 d. 23 Apr 1992, NY
FRANK BEGENT b. 26 Sep 1887 d. Jan 1972 13104 Fayetteville, Onondaga, NY

Subject: Begent Website
From Chris Begent

Hello there
what a great idea... my sister Susan,who lives in Austrailia e-mailed me about it so I thought I would have a quick look I will have a better look when I have more time... We moved house on Friday and I have just reconstructed the PC. Interesting that Simon works in Bristol as the branch that I work for is in Almondsbury Bristol. I'll e-mail again soon

Chris Begent

Subject: Begent Family Tree
To : Dorothy Delaney; Begent Contact Forum
From Barry Smith

I've been researching my family tree and my mother is a descendant of the Begent family. Her Maiden name was Rhoda Laurene Booth and her Parents were Carl Booth & Amy Mabel Denton Who was the the daughter of Stephen Denton & Rhoda Amelia Begent who was a daughter of Henry Charles Begent & Jemina Lee.

Henry Charles parents were James Begent & Rachael Halsey ( Though I had Hauldey) All I know about James parents were that the father was a J Begent and that they also had a daughter.
Jemina Lee's Parents were Joseph Lee & Rhoda Dunnet.
Joseph Lee father was Squire Lee Mother unknown they also had two other children George & Marian who married a Mr StClare

Thanks for all your information as I didn't have a lot of dates.

My name is Barry Smith and I live in Karratha in the north west of Western Australia. My mothers name is Rhoda Laureen Smith (nee Booth) & she lives in NSW. What started me on this was that my father just recently died and I was given a bit of the family tree and I thought I would start tracing it.

Thanks Again
And hope to hear from you
Barry Smith

PS Also on my information Henry & Jemina had two sons Charles Henry & William John

Subject: Begent Family Tree
From Barry Smith

Hi Simon thanks for answering my email. I'll send you a copy of my full family tree over the next few days. On My mothers side my Great G/mother was Rhoda Amelia Denton, born Nov 18th 1855, Died in Australia date unknown, who was married on Dec 31st 1878 to My G/G/father Stephen Denton, born 1852, died Jan 25th 1916.

The reason I started this search, my father only just passed away and had not seen his family since he was fostered out when his mother died and he was three years old, he was 81 when he died and only met one of his brothers by chance 5 years ago who ironically died 5 weeks before him.He didn't even know his grandparents names. I Have since found a few things including his fathers grave site.

Anyway thats getting away from it mum gave me a very rough copy of her family tree dating back to J Begent married to Unknown Children James Begent 1803-1868 Daughter name unknown
James Begent married Rachael Laurence Halsey 1804-1862 on Nov 16th 1834 and so on down, But she also had a family tree for Jemina Lee who married Henry Charles Begent on July 15th 1854 and later came to Australia after Henry's death. And this is it and it had no dates.
Squire Lee married spouse unknown Children, Joseph Lee, George Lee, Marian Lee,
Joseph Lee Married Rhoda Dunnet, Children Jemina, William, John, Benjamine, Francis, Miriam, George.
Jemina married Henry Charles Begent and you have the rest of that lineage
William married spouse unknown Children Lill, Minna, George, Francis. Benjamine married Susan (no Surname) Children none shown Frances married Robert Austin Children Robert, Frances.

Maybe someone has something on the Lee's, if so would like any information also any on Stephen Denton who married Rhoda Amelia Begent on Dec 31st 1878.

Simon thanks for a great site, as it's bloody good
Barry Smith

Subject: Rachel Begent and her brother Gilbert
From Bob Purvis

My name is Robert Gilbert Purvis. The name Gilbert was from Gilbert Begent of whom I had little information until your site attracted it. He was the brother of my great grandmother [Rachel Begent] . She married Robert Thomas Purves December 19. 1858 at Paddington St. James London. They came to Canada in 1871. I have attached a descendant report in regards to Rachel. Regarding Gilbert I have an engraved metal snuff box with his picture thereon which I was told that he had made when he was serving his apprenticeship. Perhaps someone could provide the source that would confirm where and when he was born Should anyone need any further information on the Purves connection I may be able to help. The spelling oscillated between es and is. I will be at this location until May and then off line until late August.

Kindest Regards:
Bob Purvis.

Click here to see Bob's family tree of Canadian descendants of Rachael Begent

Subject: Parents of James Begent b. 1803
From Barry Smith

Hi There
Have you come across anything on the parents of James Begent born 1803 as on the family tree that my mother gave me it shows the following; Mr Begent fled France. Settled in Burmingham, carried on a business as a carriage manufacture. Name of house in France "Chateau Begent". Married in France, Children; James Born 1803 & a "Daughter" And then it continues on down through James Begent & Rachael Laurence Halsey.

Barry Smith

Subject: Parents of James Begent b. 1803
From Simon Begent

No, unfortunately I don't have any firm information about the parents of James Begent born 1803. Dorothy Delaney has information that James was born in Chancery Lane, London, and it is possible that he moved away from London for a while as his wife Rachael (nee Halsey) was from Hertfordshire where his first son Henry Charles was born in 1825. His marriage to Rachael in St Marylebone, London on 7 Oct 1827 is recorded in the IGI records.
You mother's notes about James' father emigrating from France and settling in Birmingham are most interesting but I have no further evidence of this. Jan Hopgood also mentions a Fouche Begent who emigrated from France in 1789 - certainly a year of upheaval in France as July 14 saw the storming of the Bastille - with his son Ellis (Eli) Begent born 1780 who was transported to Tasmania in 1812.
Andy Begent has indicated that James's father may also have been called James but further details are unknown It is difficult to trace records of births, deaths and marriages before 1800. I have been trying to link James as a brother of Henry Begent who was born in 1795/6 (married Sarah Greenway in 1812 in St Martin in the Fields, London,) who was my great great great grandfather but again I have no firm evidence. There is also a Harriet Begent who married Samuel Neal in St Martin in the Fields on 26 July 1820. It also seems likely that there is a connection around James' father's generation with Andy's Kent Begents. Any information that can tie these tantalising strings together would be most welcome! Maybe hopefully through the website as more people write in the pieces of the jigsaw will come together.
Meanwhile thanks very much for your information, and the details of your Australian descendants of Rhoda Amelia Begent born 1855 which I will add to the family tree on the website.

Best Regards
Simon Begent

Subject: re: Parents of James Begent b. 1803
From Andrew Begent

Several years ago I was told that a James Begent was the father of James Begent born 1803 - the information originally came from Janet Booth, a relative of Dorothy Delaney's - she might be able to give more information, but I have no address or e-mail for her. Barry's reference to Birmingham is interesting - according to the IGI a Hannah Begent married William Chislett at Aston Juxta Birmingham on 30th October 1787 - could she have been a sister of the chap who escaped from France? The IGI also shows a Sarah Jane Begent, daughter of James and Sarah Begent baptised in Birmingham on 4th November 1822. I guess the Birmingham archives may have something on them, possibly something on the carriage manufacturing business.

Best wishes
Andy Begent

Subject: Family Connections
From Warren Smith

Let me introduce myself, my father was Charles James Smith son of Emma Jane Begent and James Thomas Smith of Launceston Tasmania. Emma Jane was a daughter of Eli Begent of whom you are already aware. I live in Nedlands, Western Australia 6009.. I would like to register with you and to learn as much as possible re the Begent family background and family tree. I hope we might be able to make contact when convenient
With kind regards and good wishes
Warren Smith

Subject: Begent family tree
From Ian Begent-Cove

1. The name is probably associated with a 'Yellow chick' for in the Kate Carney Pagent at St. Andrews University there appears a 'Beardless Begent' which is a 'freshman'

2. A number of children of Robert Begent (married Catherine Mundy) are missing including my own ancestor, Robert, born 1851 married Sophia Mansell, together with a number of other children. More details are availible.

3. It has proved impossible to be certain of the descent of Henry Begent married at St. Martin in the Fields 1812.

The explaination of my name is that it represents my mother's marriage to my father, Christopher Cove, when both wished to retain their familiy surnames.

Ian Begent-Cove

Subject: Bageants in America
From Joe Bageant

My name is Joseph Bageant, a U.S. citizen descended from John Bageant, an artilleryman who came with Lord Braddock's army to Virginia in 1743. If by chance you get requests for information regarding Bageants or Bagents in America, I will be glad to provide an extensive geneology tree and papers relating to John's various descendents. It appears that nearly ever Bageant and Bageant in the US descended from him. John and his two sons both served under George Washington and there are Bageants on both sides of the American Civil War for whom I have letters, guns, swords and other artifacts that may be of interest. I am very fortunate that Virginians never throw anything away! Also, if anyone can elighten me regarding Bagent (Bageants) in Folkstone, England I would be very grateful. For anyone interested I have a 1566 calfskin document from Lyon France regarding a Leiutenant Joffse Bajeant. The problem is that it is in Old French and I have had great difficulty finding someone who can read it. Apparently it is a commission to a government post of some sort, signed with wax seals by five French officials.

Warmest regards, Joseph L. Bageant
Oregon 97404 USA

Subject: Could Bedient be Begent
From Frank Buchholz

My wife's maiden name is BEDIENT. An uncle of hers, Phillip BEDIENT has written an exhaustive genealogy of the BEDIENT family in America tracing maternal and paternal lines mostly since the BEDIENT family and other ancestors came to New England in the early to mid-1600s. Despite the fact that the BEDIENT's have been in America for 350 years there are relatively few of them. Another Bedient genealogist, Donald Bedient has determined that all the BEDIENTS in America are descendants of one Mordecai Bedient who arrived in New England in 1666 so that his wife Mary and children Mordecai (also known as Morgan) and Thomas could inherit property from Mary's brother John Barnard. Unfortunately there are few if any other Bedient's around the world. The Bedient name is recorded in a church registry in Staines England just outside London with the names of the Bedient family mentioned above and there may be a 15th century Boston, UK, connection but that's about it.

As you know, there are many different spellings of Begent that are phonetically similar.One of my theories is that Bedient which is pronounced either BED-ee-ent or Bead-ee-ent in the US is a mispronunciation caused by assuming that the "i" is an "i". As late as the 16th century, though, an "i" could also be a "j" in which case the name would sound more like bedgent. As the "d" in such words as ledge and judge is barely audible, the name could then have been written begent. An interesting theory, but one for which I have little more than guess work. I would appreciate knowing if in the course of your research you ever came upon the name Bedient.

The story about the "yellow beak" reminded me that I had come across this reference in the Oxford English Dictionary under "bejan". Bajon, bejaune, bejeant, bejan, and bigent are listed as variations. The meaning is given as "A freshman at the Scotch universities, where the term was adopted from the University of Paris."

I look forward to hearing from you.
Frank Buchholz

Subject: re: Bedient Surname
From Andrew Begent

I was intrigued to see your message on Simon Begent's site as I've just found one or two Bedients and similar names in the parish records of Lyminge in Kent, south-east England. I've copied the records below from an index of the parish records of Lyminge from 1538 to 1837 which I recently found in Folkestone Library - it certainly saved me a lot of research, though unfortunately I cannot connect my branch to any of them at present.

20 Mar 1635 Baptism Patisner Badgent Daughter of Thomas Badgent & Anne Badgant
23 Apr 1643 Baptism Anne Bedgeant Daughter of Thomas Bedgeant & Mary Bedgeant
22 Feb 1645 Baptism Marie Bei(z)ant Daughter of Thomas Bei(z)ant & Mary Bei(Z)ant
9 Jan 1648 Baptism William Bedieant Son of Thomas Bedieant & Mary Bedieant
8 Jan 1651 Baptism Thomas Bedgeant Son of Thomas Bedgeant & Marie Bedgeant
29 Sep 1651 Baptism John Bediant Son of Matthew Bediant & Margaret Bediant
10 Jun 1652 Burial John Bedgeant Son of Matthew Bedgeant
1 May 1653 Baptism Elizabeth Bedgeant Daughter of Matthew Bedgeant & Margaret Bedgeant
20 May 1655 Baptism John Bedgeant Son of Thomas Bedgeant & Mary Bedgeant
18 Aug 1655 Birth Margarett Bedgeant Daughter of Matthew Bedgeant & Margarett Bedgeant
28 Nov 1655 Birth Alexander Bedgeant Son of Thomas Bedgeant & Mary Bedgeant
18 Sep 1657 Birth Jane Bedgeant Daughter of Matthew Bedgeant & Margarett Bedgeant
12 Jul 1658 Birth Alice Bedgeant Daughter of Thomas Bedgeant & Mary Bedgeant
7 Jun 1659 Baptism Alexander Bedgeant Son of Matthew Bedgeant & Margaret Bedgeant
2 Jan 1665 Burial Mary Bedgeant Wife of Thomas Bedgeant
28 Apr 1667 Marriage Mary Bedgeant Wife of William Giles
17 Apr 1667 Burial Thomas Bedgeant
5 Sep 1675 Burial Jane Bedgeant
9 Oct 1699 Marriage Mary Bajant Wife of Alen Collier
14 Jan 1703 Marriage Elizabeth Bajant Wife of Thomas Litle
28 Jan 1715 Baptism Mary Bedgent Daughter of William Bedgent & Sussana Bedgent
2 Jun 1717 Baptism Elizabeth Bedgent Daughter of William Bedgent & Sussana Bedgent
22 Jan 1720 Baptism Elizabeth Bedgent Daughter of William Bedgent & Sussana Bedgent
1 Jan 1721 Burial Elizabeth Bedgent 15 Sep 1723 Baptism Hannah Bedgent Daughter of Thomas Bedgent & Hanna Bedgent * 1724 - 1725 Mentioned William Beggant
14 Nov 1725 Baptism Ann Bedgent Daughter of William Bedgent & Sussana Bedgent
19 Nov 1727 Baptism Elizabeth Bedgent Daughter of Thomas Bedgent & Anna Bedgent
22 Mar 1736 Baptism Hannah Bezeant (? Bedgeant)
6 Nov 1736 Marriage Alexander Bajant Husband of Sara Radcliff
23 Sep 1739 Baptism Sussanah Bedgeant Daughter of Thomas Bedgeant & Mary Bedgeant
17 Jul 1743 Baptism Thomas Bedjeant Son of Thomas Bedjeant & Hannah Bedjeant
3 Jul 1757 Marriage Mercy Begent Husband of Thomas Tournay
9 Oct 1761 Burial Margaret Bejeant
* 1766 Mentioned Thomas Bedjant
21 Mar 1771 Burial Thomas Baggeant
2 Apr 1791 Burial Hannah Bageant
I also came across the following record from the neighbouring parish of Stowting: 20 Nov 1683 Marriage Sander Bedient Husband of Mary Impett

I hope it may be of interest to you. Let me know if you can find a connection with any of them

Andy Begent
Chelmsford Essex England

Subject: Begent info
From Glyn Jones

Hi Simon, I'm Glyn Lancaster Jones, brother of Ralph, and just as interested as him in the family history. Was pleased to read about all you have discovered, that we didn't know about. Would like to keep in touch with you from time to time. We only live 500 yards apart [Ralph and I]. Now is this one known to you, and does it tie in with what you already have? Spike Milligan's book "Mussolini: My part in his Downfall", has a sole reference to "Bombardier Begent" and his being slightly burnt in 1943. Can only find that Milligan was in 19 Battery, 56th Heavy Regiment. I also have quite a few Begent names and addresses extracted from phone books at one time. Including one I cannot find now {Guy Begent} in Dublin Are they any use?

Will speak with you again. ttfn Glyn

Subject: James Begent
From Carole Begent

Dear Simon
After our telephone conversation, I managed to obtain the descendants of "James Begent" family tree off your website. Everything fell into place when I saw it. James Begent b.1803 who married Rachael Halsey was my great-great-great-grandfather. James b.1832 or James junior as I call him, is Edward James Begent's b.1858 father. When I was working it out, it didn't somehow sound right, I was forgetting that Louisa was Edward's mum. I mistakenly thought Rachel was, and that would have made her 52 when she gave birth. It was the fact that there were two James Begent's that threw me.

So now I can trace our family back to 1803. The next step for me is to find out who James Senior's parents were. I wondered if James could be Ei's brother? If so would Fouche Begent be James' father? On the James Begent family tree page it lists all the brothers and sisters, noticed that there was nothing for James b.1832 or his sisters Ann and Emma. At least now we can follow the line from James down to our family. I have enclosed a rough guide to our family tree. I haven't put any christenings or place of marriage etc but if you need them I can obtain them. The only marriage certificate I have is Edward James' he was married in the parish church of Battersea, district of Wandsworth on 4th October 1885. It feels so good to actually have something down on paper and to know where the next challenge lies. I have enclosed copy of the court deposition from Charles Horace Begent in Tasmania, as well as a copy of his family tree. He was extremely kind and if I hear from him again with regards to the photograph I will let you know.

Carole Begent
Nottingham, England

Read the Transcript of the Court disposition for Eli Begent

Subject: Some details
From David Begent

Dear Simon.
Just had a quick look through the site and thought I'd better introduce myself. My name is David Begent from the Albert Begent (Chiswick area) side of the family, I will get as much information for you regarding this side, Albert was my Grandfather (unfortunately he died before I was born), My fathers name was Kenneth Begent, father married Fay Campbell, at first they were in the Chiswick area around the late 1950's and moved to Gravesend around 1960. I was born 1963 March and stayed in Gravesend until 1984, I currently reside at Crystal Palace. I will try to collect more information for you. I must admit, I didn't think there was many Begents around.

Regards, David Begent.

Subject: Utah Begents, Decendant of
From Glen Hards

Howdy Jan,Andy and Family!! Great Website,
My name is Glen Hards , My Grandmothers name is Phyllis Hazel Begent, who is now living with her son Louie Celantano Jr. in the San Jose (Calif.)Area. My distant ancestors came from a place called Upper Hardres 4 miles south of Canterbury in Kent so it was kind of cool to find out the Begents have come from so many places near by there. My Grandmother will be surprised when I tell her about your Website She has been the only relative that was ever able to tell me anything about England, being the most recent from there. Please feel free to contact us.

Glen Hards & Family

Subject: Ohio Bagents
From Vera Bagent

Like your Web site, it's very good. I'd like you to know I am researching the Bagent/Begeant's of Virginia and Ohio in the good old US of A. There are hundreds of Bagent's in Ohio, and lots of Bagent descendents in the Winchester, Virginia area. I've been in contact with Bagent's in California, Texas, Oregon, Michigan, Massachusetts, and Ohio. I live in Ohio. The first Bagent to arrive in the US that I have found was a John Bagent reprieved for transportation July 1743, to serve 14 years, Hampshire. I sure would appreciate knowing more about this person, as that's all I have on him. The next Bageant I have found is a William Bageant who is said to have come to the US with Gen E. Braddock. That's in the 1750's. Gen Braddock was killed outside of what is now Pittsburg, PA, and Col G. Washington took command of the Army. I doubt that William came over with Braddock, because there is a record where William signs up with Col G. Washington to be part of his milita to fight the French and Indians (who wanted the same land). this was in 1754, before Gen Braddock was killed. But his son said he was..

Would you be able to tell me who to write to or email in England to find a listing of Gen. Braddocks troops. William was suppose to be in the artillery. I have found a Richard Bageant in Folkstone Kent England who had a son Wm christened in Oct 1727. This may be the same William. As perhaps his son(?) wrote in his application for pension (US Rev War) that his parents were English persons and his father came over with Braddock and was in his artillery. I would like to know more if you could direct me I'd be mighty thankful. Again you have a very nice web page, lots of work there.


Subject: Email from Vera Bagent etc.
From Andrew Begent

Thanks for your email. It's good to see the information beginning to accunulate on the various trees. With regards to Vera Bagent's message, it seems to me that she and the earlier correspondant, Joe Bageant, are probably following the same path and may be able to share information for their mutual benefit - both mention John Bagent, Lord/general Braddock, 1743 and Folkestone. I would suggest that Vera gets in touch with Joe, and betwen them they could probably tie up a few loose ends.

Vera asked where she might find further details on Braddock's troops. I guess there may still be a current Lord Braddock somewhere, whose family archives might have some details - perhaps Who's Who lists a Lord Braddock. Another alternative could be the Public Records Office - they have records of those transported to America, early emigrants there and British army records. According to the book 'Tracing Your Ancestors in the Public Records Office' by Amanda Bevan 1999 (ISBN 1 873162 61 8) much of the North American PRO material has been copied to the Library of Congress and other archives in the US. Another thought, maybe the county record office of whereever Braddock came from would have something more on him. I'd be interested to see how both Vera and Joe made the Folkestone connection. Let me know if you hear anything on that.

Turning to Eli Begent and his Tasmanian descendents, I've discovered a useful site, try Another useful link lists some Begents killed in the 1st and 2nd World Wars.

Best wishes, Andy Begent

Subject: Lost Touch
From Tim Bryett

I would like to contact Sue Begent, I believe she was from Warwickshire - she nursed at the Middlesex Hospital in London around 1988. I met her Easter of that year in London when she was sharing a flat with a mutual friend. Sue was planning a trip round the world and visited me in Germany where I was in the Army, staying for about a week. We travelled a bit - Harz mountains, Hannover area. I saw her off on the next stage of her journey at Hannover Railway station and have only heard from her once since then a postcard from Thailand. I believe that Sue may have returned to UK and then gone back to Australia. Its a long shot I know but any information would be helpful.

Thank you, Tim Bryett

Subject: Begent Family Tree Information
From Carole Begent

Hi Simon,

Sorry it has taken so long since I last contacted you, but now my exams are out of the way I can concentrate more on the research. I have attached copies of pictures and documents for you to see regarding Eli Begent. You will notice that the name Begent is never spelt the same it changes all the time, so please bear with the documents as I have transcribed them exactly as they were written.

I will send in my next e-mail a story that appeared in the Launceston Examiner on Saturday December 10 1892, regarding Clarence Begent(Eli's Son) All the documents and information have been kindly given to me by Charles Begent, who lives in Launceston, Tasmania. He has also sent to me an advertisement of Begent's Department store that appeared in the newspaper. Charles used to own the store Begent's many years ago, but sold it and the new owner kept the name. If you are interested I can send that through to you, no problem. Click on Begents Electrical Store to see an adertisement from the local newspaper.

The other documents that I have are baptisms and land registry details. They are very hard to read physically and do not copy very well as to be legible. If they are of any interest I can always transcribe them instead and sent them to you.

I also received a laminated copy of the 1566 document that you have on your website. I spoke to Joe Bageant in Virginia and we are in the process of having it translated into modern day English. When I have more news on that I will contact you. I hope that the information will be of use to you on your site and I will be in touch soon.

Thanks again for a great site.
from Carole Begent

Subject: The Begent Clan
From Terry Begent

Haven't you been busy!! The site looks great and contains lots of useful information. Once you start collecting this kind of information, it starts a sort of chain reaction and gathers a momentum all of its own. Eventually, you will probably tie up all the loose ends and find that we are related by more than just name.

I don't get to see too much of my family these days and am really useless when it comes to dates but here are a few more branches to add to the tree... Frank William Begent (1906) one of eight (?) brothers married Alice Quirk (1908) and had the following children (in the right order, even if I dont know the right dates):

William Peter Begent
Jean Patricia Begent
Derek Francis Begent (1945)
Terence Anthony Begent (12/05/47) Me!
John Alan Begent (12/05/47)

My twin Brother and the one who went to Australia/New Zealand. Now back in the UK somewhere. Frank certainly came from Hammersmith and that may be the link to you. As I understand it, he lost touch with that side of the family and we children never really got to know those relatives too well. I think the last time that I met anyone from that side of the family was when I was about 10!

Hope that helps a little. keep up the splendid work...

Subject: "It's a small world but I wouldn't want to paint it."
From James Begent

I used to think ours was the only family of Begents.

I'm James, son of Paul from Parsons Green, son of Harold who was in North Africa during the war and lived in Fulham until his end a couple of years back with his wife Florence. By some coincidence, I have brother called Jonathon. I'll have to get a picture of our family for the site.

I'm sorry, you're number 7. The site's not very popular, it's more own benefit really. I'm studying C/C++ and MCSE so I decided to do something with HTML and Javascript.


Subject: Another Simon Begent !
From Simon Begent

Hello Simon.

I came across your site after doing a random search and was as surprised as some of the other Begent's as to how many of us there are! I am the son of Frederick George Begent (he prefers George) We live in Woking, Surrey (England) and he originates from Cape le ferne, near Dover and Folkestone. His mother was a Pike and died young in 1951.I don't really know much about his father. His remaining living Aunty is called Mary and still lives in Cape Le Ferne, unfortunatly his other aunty (Amy) passed away a couple of months ago. I shall inform him of your site and if any more imformation is needed, we would be glad to help,

Simon Begent

Subject: Begents are everywhere
From Vera

Simon I am attaching my Bagent history so far... These people were from Folkestone Kent England as far as I have been able to trace. I'd like to find more information on Begent's in the early 1700's from Kent England, can anyone help?

Before that during the 1500's I believe they were Huguenots from France as there is evidence that points to a French origin of the name. Who knows maybe they were. I have a record of Baigent from County Sussex back to 1610 in Alfriston which is a town or parish in Sussex England. I don't know if they are related or not. There is a lot of factual information in the attachment, but alas, I don't know if William III is really the son of William Jr. that's my hang up and as the family was here in VA at the time all I can hope for from England is learning that another Bageant (not only William) came over with Gen Braddock in 1754.


Click here to see Vera's family tree

Subject: Bagent family
Paula (Bagent) Stamp

A relative gave me your address (Vera Bagent from Ohio) She has been working on our family tree from this side of the ocean. I got connected with her about a year ago. My father was a Bagent who passed away about six years ago. Been interesting finding out about our family tree. Thanks for all the hard work .

Paula Samp

Subject: Public Records Office - Begents in WW1
From Andrew Begent

Simon, I've been up to the PRO at Kew, mainly to do research on non-Begent ancestors, but I came across the following that may be of interest:

Click here to see Andy's report of Begent WW1 Military Records

Subject: Oscar Kustel m. Jennie Begent
Mike Bartlett

I was most interested to see your family tree "pop up" when I was doing a search for the Kustel surname (they make a very small family tree). My great-grandfather was Casmir Kustel, brother of Oscar. I am providing Oscar's obituary for your information. Jennie passed away February 5, 1951 in San Bernardino County, California, USA. I am delighted to know more about Jennie's family. If you want to know any more about these "non-Begents", please let me know.

Mike Bartlett

Click here to see the information about Oscar and Jennie

Subject: Another Kent Branch
From Andrew Begent

I've drawn up the following tree; I'm not certain but I believe William Begent was a brother of the John Begent born about 1791 (he was my direct ancestor).

Click here to see new tree of Kent and East London descendant's of William Begent

Subject: Bagent family Tree
From Carole Begent

Hi Simon

Like yourself I have been trawling through the various research. I have found many interesting sites and will send them to you with the information I have to send to you also. A friend of mine who is a member of the Guild for one-name studies gave me a piece of advice that she was given by an historian. He said that to hold your nose and say the name, and then look for what the name sounds like. I looked for Bedent and founds lots of interesting information there. He said that in those days many people were plagued with colds and names were spelt wrong because of this. Just another thought. I even found my great-grandfather Edward James on the 1881 census under the name of Beyent. This could be why I could never found anything for his name.

I received a letter form Lena Kimpton which includes documents and photos of many Begents. I will try and scan them through, if they don't come out very well I will photocopy them and post them instead as they are well worth looking at. Some of the photos date back to 1830 and George Roslyn Begent. One of the photos of Frank Begent bears a resemblance to John Begent's own father also called Frank. Joe Bageant has promised to send me some photos of his ancestors in Virginia, when I receive those I will forward them to you. I sent Lena a copy of the Tasmanian Family tree from the site and she has sent it back to me with more names and dates added, so that is another thing I have to send to you. There are some documents that would look good on the site and I will type them out possibly this weekend and e-mail them to you. Charles Begent sent to me a copy of a family tree of a Commander Nicholas Baigent. If this tree is correct then they show Eli's brothers as being William,George and Charles. Also Eli's father with the name if Eli born 1765 and marrying Sarah Parfitt. You never know it's always better to have more than one working on the solution. I will copy that for you too. There seems to be so much to send this time.

Did I mention in my last e-mail that I was tracing Joe Bageant's wife Barbara's family tree? Her surname is Dickinson and I have managed to trace it back to viking kings around 780 AD. It goes back to "Of the uplandars Ivar" and "Eyestein the Noisy" it was amazing. One of her ancestors Walter Count of Caen was a distant cousin of William the Conqueror and was given a castle in Caen, France, close to the town of Bayeaux. I found an artists picture in the Bodlien library at Oxford University showing her ancestors fighting the English as they promised to protect France. I was amazed at how far back I could go.

The website looks so good now with all the history, documents and photos coming together. It makes you realise what a good site it is after you have spent many,many hours trawling thorugh other sites. I have found some sites relating to London in 1600 onwards I will send you the details as they make interesting reading, and may open up other avenues to explore.

Best wishes Carole

Subject: Pub in Nottingham
From Carole Begent

Hi Simon

We had a great time by the way when John and Joe came to Nottingham, we all got on so well and they are both very funny and charming. Also as with the Begent's great talkers!! Carole

Picture of Carole, John Begent, and Joe Bageant 12/09/00

Subject: RND Antwerp
From Simon Begent

I was most interested to receive your email and to hear that you were writing a book about the Royal Naval Division. The information on my family web site about my grandfather's experiences (James Henry Begent) during the Antwerp expedition in 1914/15 was written about 12 years ago by my father who died in 1994. I still have a box containing my grandfather's letters written from the front, and during his internment and about his subsequent escape from POW in Holland which make fascinating reading. There are also several momentoes including some binoculars recovered from a dead German cavalry officer (!) , and programmes from camp concerts etc. When you have had a chance to read the story in detail, I would be very pleased to receive any corrections or additional information from your own research and how to find the PRO information. Please could you also let me know how I can purchase a copy of your book.
Best regards
Simon Begent

Subject: RND Antwerp
From John Morcombe

Dear Simon,

I have just read through your grandfather's RND history. A very interesting story. Your grandfather's original RNVR documents are held at the Fleet Air Arm Museum, Yeovilton. Contact Mrs. Jan Keohane, Records & Research. Mention my name & you may get 'em for nowt. (maybe). Jan said she does some for family FOC.

In answer to your request, I have two small corrections & comments to your text. Gen. Paris RM (should be Gen. Paris RMA. His full title was Major-General Sir Archibald Paris RMA KCB, but this was not till later. Paris lost a leg 14/10/16 while visiting trenches at Colincamps). POW (This is incorrect. Your granddad & his comrades were 'Internees." There is a world of difference between the two. Five Barnsley RNVR men were POW's of the Germans after Antwerp; four from Hawke Bn. & one from Collingwood. They would especially like this little point corrected). Also, 13 Barnsley men RNVR were Internees: 5 from Hawke Bn, 5 from Benbow Bn, & 3 from Collingwood Bn). One Barnsley man, KW 175 AB Thos. Croft RNVR, Benbow Bn, escaped in June 1915, but was sent back for re-internment!!!! I imagine he was one of those who broke his parole/leave.

Additional Information: L9/2967 AB J.H. Begent RNVR is listed in the 1914 Star roll as recieving his medal 17/6/19 at the HQ RNVR London; & his Clasp & Roses to the 1914 Star 21/12/20. (Also entitled to the British War & Victory Medal). Do you still have his medals? Do you have a photo of him from the period (I guess not).

Regards John

Subject: Begents
From Andrew Begent-Peers

Great site i notice in the tree index you have a hypenated name BEGENT - COVE ,Ours is BEGENT - PEERS.I married Louise Begent daughter of Gilbert Roy,Who"s parents were fredrick mervyn begent D.O.B.20 / 05 / 1909 & died in 1969.And mother is Sybil Worrall,Who is still alive and well having recently celebrated her 90"th Birthday.Like the Begent - Coves we to kept our Surnames.You contacted the inlaws a couple of years ago asking for information.Once again well done you have certainly created a marvellous site.
Andrew Begent-Peers

Subject: Mark Baigent
From Mark Baigent

Hi Simon
A brief message just to initailly make contact with you and introduce myself. My name is Mark Baigent and although now resident in Dorset I was born/bred in Surrey. I would be interested in finding out more about my family background/tree so please come back to me with a few questions and we can take it from there.
Regards Mark

Subject: Tilikum and Begent Family
From Guy Mathias


What a wonderful site you have built. Congratulations!

This spring will mark the 100th anniversary of Tilikum's departure from Victoria, B.C. Canada. The little vessel now resides in our museum. In celebration we are preparing a special issue of our quarterly journal/magazine which will focus on Tilikum and the personalities associate with her. Do you think there is anyone in the Begent family who would be interested in preparing an article on Walter Begent's association with Voss? Are there family photos of Walter? We would be very interested in obtaining copies?

Please advise if you think anyone would be interested in contributing

Kindest Regards
Guy Mathias
Editor,"Resolution" Maritime Museum of British Columbia

Subject: Eli Baigent/Begent
From Wendy K Knolle

My great-great-great grandfather, Eli Baigent, later known as Begent was born at Farnborough, near the Surrey border, on 7 February 1789, the eldest son of Eli and his wife Sarah, nee Parfitt.

They were farmers. This information was sent to me by Roger Nicholas, a member of the North-West Kent Family History Society, the organisation I wrote to asking about Eli's family history. Eli had three brothers; William born in 1792 and George in 1800, also born at Farnborough. Charles was born at Farnham , Surrey, in 1807. I received a baptism certificate from the Guildford Muniment Room. This search took place about 10 years ago or so, and I no longer have these certificates, having passed them on to either other members of the Begent family in Launceston.

Roger Nicholas sent me a family tree, which I can't locate just now - it may be in Launceston, Tas., and Wills going back to 1600's. He is a descendant of one of the brothers. He was had not known where Eli had disappeared to after age 20 or so, but Eli had been cut out of his father's Will. Eli's father died at Seale, Surrey, on 22 November 1814. There is a record of a marriage between one Eli Begent, aged 20, and Ann Marks at Seale, Surrey, on 20 November 1809.

Best wishes,

Subject: Begent Family
From Brian Toughbook

Hi Simon,
Well well, all these Begents.and more here to come. Mother, Celia Begent, her father, Albert Begent,his father,Arthur Begent, Arthur being my great grandfather. Some three years ago I had a professional search done, which revealed Begents forming a religious sisterhood in Liege in Belgium in the year 1015. Your or any other Begents comments please.
Brian. toughcookie.

Subject: Begent Family
From Simon Begent


Good to hear from another Begent descendant. Looking in the family trees there are a number of Arthur Begents, however I can only find one - Arthur Begent (1872 - 1960) who had a son called Albert (1896 - 1936) - see paras 4 and 8 in the descendants of James Begent on page Was this your grandfather and great grandfather? If so do you have any more family tree information to add to this the tree? I have not heard of the Begent connections with a sisterhood in Belgium in 1015, and would be most interested to receive any info that you could possibly provide on this.. Look forward to hearing from you again

Regards Simon Begent

Subject: Arthur Begent
From Ralph Jones

Simon (and Brian)

Nice to hear from another relative of James Begent - Arthur Begent was my Grandfather's Brother (along with five others) and his name was Gilbert Charles Begent. I bet Brian's research into the family tree would make good reading on the web site.


Subject: re: Begent
From Rita Meakins

Hi Simon

I was told of your Begent website by John Ward, someone I have recently contacted re Begent. I logged on and was amazed at what I found.

I am a descendant of James Begent born 1803 in Chancery Lane, London - he is my gt gt gt grandfather. His daughter, Emma being my gt gt grandmother. I have information on her that does not appear on your site. She married Samuel Garner 26.04.1858 at Trinity Church, Dover. They appear on the 1861 census at 1 Denton St., St Pancras, London (RG9/118) with two children - Thomas, aged 2 and Racha(e)l, 4 months (my great grandmother). I also have a copy of the 1851 census showing James & Rachael plus 4 children, James, Emma, Rachael & Gilbert (HO107/1489). I also have a copy of Emma Begent & Samuel Garner's marriage certificate if anyone out there needs a photocopy.

Do you know of anyone who may have the 1851 name index for the Dover area census? I am trying to locate Samuel Garner's father, Henry Garner, a carpenter. I thought that perhaps if Samuel & Emma married there, then perhaps the Garner family were living there at the time. I shall forward a copy of this email to any contacts listed against James Begent so if anyone needs any further information, then I shall certainly pass it on.

Rita Meakins

Subject: Bagent family
From Ruth Coddington

Here is my Bagent line, if anyone has connections:

Richard Bageant m Mary Mineter 1722/3.
Son: WILLIAM BAGEANT, SR. b 1726/7, England; m. Eleanor.
Ch: William Jr. and JOHN BAGENT.
JOHN BAGENT b 1757 m #1, Catharine Whitnach, m.#2 CATHERINE LEWIS.
Ch. of John & Catherine Lewis:
John W Bagent and MARY BAGENT.
MARY BAGENT b1792 m. 1816 to Jacob W. Miller b 1794.both buried at Winchester Cemetery in Iowa.
and then Millers on down the line.

I am always interested in meeting another "cousin".

Thanks, Ruth Miller Coddington

Subject: Eli BEGENT in Tasmania Aust
From Michael Webb

Dear Simon,

My apology's for bothering you but while searching the web, (and I have to say the site you have put together is unbelievable!, I wish I was related), I found that Eli BEGENT was sent to Tasmania on the convict ship 'Indefatigable' on its first voyage in 1812. My ancestor was also sent to Aust on the 'Indefatigable', however on its second voyage in 1815 and I was hoping that the person researching the descendants of Eli has a picture of the ship 'Indefatigable'. Also if they are interested, I do have a copy of a newspaper article that was printed in the Sydney Gazette in 1816 about the fire and total destruction of the ship. Your help and assistance is greatly appreciated.

Kindest regards Michael Webb



There is a picture of 'HMS Indefatigable' on which shows her off Falmouth in May 1795 and indicates that she was launched in 1784. I assume that this was the ship that transported Eli Begent to Australia in 1812 and your ancestor in 1815. The picture show her as a first line fighting ship, but by 1812 she would have been 28 years old and probably pensioned off from front line service as a transport ship. The conditions on board for 200 convicts and probably 60 crew on the long sea voyage to Australia must have been pretty terrible.

The were many other later famous ships with the name 'Indefatigable' including one sunk at the Battle of Jutland in 1916, and another involved in the sinking of the Tirpitz in the 2nd WW. A good source for further historical details of British ships is the Maritime Information Centre, National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London SE10 9NF, UK

Regards, Simon Begent

Subject: Begent / Baigent
From Myra Bolt

My ancestry is Baigent 1700 in Windelsham, surely the names Begent and Baigent must be similar and originally in France, don't you think. Just would like to know...your thoughts.


Yes, you are right in that it is almost certain that the names Baigent and Begent have common ancestry. In the 1600 and 1700s before any official census, and when most people were barely literate, the only time that names were recorded was usually in church parish records of baptisms, marriages and deaths. Variations in the spelling of names was very common so that Bagents may have become Baigents and Baigents Begents.
If you look at the story of Eli Begent who was transported to Australia in 1812 the court transcript has his name originally as Eli Baigent, and my family tree indicates that my ancestor Henry Begent who was born abt 1785 may have moved to London from Windlesham and been born Henry Baigent. Windlesham was well populated with Bageants, Bajent, Baygents, Begents and Baigents and I have extracts from the Windlesham Parish records 1750 -1850 showing lots of baptisms, marriages and deaths in these names but have so far not been able to confirm which Henry he may have been. It is very probable that we share common ancestry and if you have any family tree information that you would like to share with other Baigents/Begents I would be pleased to include it on the site.

Regards, Simon

Subject: Another Begent Descendant
From Val Purvis

Hello Simon and family

My name is Valerie PURVIS. I live at Oxenford near Queensland's (Australia) Gold Coast, south of Brisbane. I am descended from Charles Glover Begent - son of Eli. Charles married Mary Ann For(r)est who was born 1824 in Ireland. She died at Devonport, Tasmania in 1919. Charles was born in Georgetown, Tasmania in 1828 and died in Launceston in 1890. Their daughter, Margaret, married Robert Shaw - born Tasmania c. 1852, and he died in England in 1916. Margaret Begent was born in Launceston 1857 and died in Tasmania in 1876. You may find it interesting that Robert Shaw's cousin was George Bernard Shaw - 1925 Nobel Prize winner.

Margaret and Robert's daughter - Martha - married Ernest Gielis, and their daughter Marie Catherine (my Mother) married Roy Allan Parr (my Father). I am married to Ronald Purvis. We have four daughters and two sons - ages ranging from 47 to 34 years. We have 15 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren - and another due in December. I have a brother (now deceased) who had 3 children and 8 grandchildren, and a sister who has 3 children and 5 grandchildren - all Begent descendants. Quite a few years ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Mrs Lena Kimpton in Tasmania and we have remained in contact over the years.

Congratulations on your website.

Kind regards, Val Purvis.

Subject: California Begents
From David L. Begent
Date: 1 Sept 01

Hi all you Begent's

My Grandfather was Frank Alton Begent, Cincinnatus N.Y. He had two sons ; Frank Begent ( died 1992 )-he had one son, Frank Jr. ( Now in Florida somewhere) Sherwood Begent ( died 1980 ) my father -he had one son , two daughters.

I had an uncle Gordon Begent ( my grandfathers brother's son ) , Lansing N.Y. who had a son Gordon , I am not sure where he is..( Ithaca, N.Y.) I have two sons, Bradley Jaeger Begent born Apr 1,1982 and Colby Jaeger Begent born July 6,1984 I was born May 22,1949 , Ithaca , N.Y.

We are the only Begent's that I know of in California and we're very proud of our name!

Subject: Hello from Tasmania
From Ross Begent
Date: 1 Sept 01

Congratulations on the fantastic web site. Each time I look it seems to have more and more on the Begents. I live in Launceston Tasmania and my Father is Charles Begent. We are descendants of Eli Begent and we really appreciate the work which hs been done to collate the contributions from around the world. My wife is Patsyanne and we have five children: Angie (23) Timothy (20) Kate (17) Joshua (14) and Daniel (5). Keep up the great work!!!


Subject: Begent Family Tree
From Jill Spencer & Jenny Begent
Date: 12 Sept 01

Hi, we have just discovered your website - we are both descendents of Eli Begent. Beryl Austin Begent was our grandfather, our dad was Jack Ronald Begent and he had three children, Jenny, Jill and Geoffrey (Dec) Geoffrey had a son Beau - who is the last Begent in our line. We were amazed to discover such a great sight, keep up the great work. We had bits of our family tree but now, thanks to you guys, we have much more.

Subject: Family of Eli Begent
From Warren Smith
Date: 21 Oct 01

May I point out to you that a family member is missing from the listing of descendants of Eli Begent. I refer to Emma Jane Begent who was, I think, the seventh child of Eli. Emma Jane married one James Thomas Smith in Launceston and they had one child, Charles James Smith.
Charles James Smith came to Western Australia around 1900 and duly married Josephine Martins, (adopted name Dawson) they had one son myself Warren Lyall Smith born 3 April 1924. Therefore Emma Jane Begent could be listed as my grandmother and Eli in turn as greatgrandfather. May I, with respect, ask that this extra line be included in the Begent family tree.

With regards and best wishes, Warren Smith

Subject: Bejants and St. Andrews
From Erick Lorenz
Date:1 Nov 01

I believe that you will find that the name of the Pagent refered to below is the "Kate Kennedy" not Kate Carney. Kate was the niece of a historically important Bishop James Kennedy. Female first-year students are bejantines. I thought that only St Andrews had this unique name for first-years. I was interested to learn that Aberdeen has a variant.

"Chambers 20th C. dictionary defines a 'Bejan', from the french Béjaune 'Young Bird' or Bec jaune 'Yellow Beak', as a University Freshman (1st year student). In Scotland a Freshman is known at Aberdeen University as a 'Bajan' and at St Andrew's University as a 'Bejant'. In the Kate Carney Pagent at St. Andrew's University there appears a 'Beardless Begent' who is a Freshman. The Scottish student's song book dated 1891 mentions in the St Andrew's section "The Bejant's Song".

Erick Lorenz
Student for one year at St Andrews 1957-58

Subject: Baigent family history
From Jim Baigent
Date:19 Nov 01

I was fascinated to find your site under a general search for the name BAIGENT. I have research my Baigents back to the civil war and always assummed BEGENT was one of the numerous alternative spellings. Have you positively made a distinction between Baigent and Begent in your research. I note that your ELI, who was transported, was actually a Beagent, which to me is a Baigent variant. There were many Baigents in the Farnham area as they were concentrated in West Surrey and East Hampshire. I would be interested to here your views

Jim Baigent

Reply from Simon Begent: 21 Nov 01

I am sure that you are right in that Baigent, Begent, Bagent, Beagent, family names are interrelated and derived from each other. In the 1600s and 1700s when the majority of the population were scarcely literate and names in documents such as births, deaths and marriage records were often written down by other people from verbal information, the spelling of names could vary considerably. As you can see from Eli's information his name was variously spelt Baigent, Beagent and Begent.

From the family trees that I have and other researchers have sent in, there appear up until the late 1700s to be two main family groups of Begents - in east Kent around Dover, Folkestone, Ashford, and in the West Surrey/East Hampshire and later West London area. I am aware that there were also a large number of Baigents in the latter area particularly concentrated around the parish of Windlesham, and it is my view that these Begent lines were probably originally Baigents. This includes Eli's family for which there is some evidence and my own direct ancestor Henry Begent born abt 1785.

I would be most interested if your Baigent research has come up with any further information on this, as I would like to delve further into the family backgrounds. Sometime ago there was a Mrs A.D.S Baigent from the Surrey family history society researching the Baigent name. Have you been in contact with her? Wendy Knolle (a Begent descendant from Tasmania) sent me correspondence she had about 12 years ago with Baigents in Surrey. I look forward to hearing further from you.

Simon Begent

Subject: Begents in the Dover area pre 1700
From Ian Harcourt
Date: 7 Dec 01

Andrew / Simon and Jim,

From trawling through IGI recently I have found the following additions to your URL My interest is that I am related to Elizabeth Boys whom:

Elizabeth BOYS Sex: F Marriage(s): Spouse: William BEIANT / BADGEANT Marriage: 22 Nov 1632 Saint Mary the Virgin, Dover, Kent

Elizabeth BEGEANT (DAUGHTER) Sex: F Event(s): Christening: 3 Jan 1640 Saint Mary the Virgin, Dover, Kent, England Parents: Father: William BEGEANT Mother: Elizabeth

They also has a son who went to Corpus Christi College Cambridge

William Beadgeant Corpus Christi, Cambridge Admitted 1668 A.M. 1675 c. 12.8.1648 St. Mary the Virgin, Dover

The reason I know about this is that Elizabeth's brother the Rev Edward Boys left him in his will all his books after he graduated. Corpus Christi was Edwards old College and a number of his relatives went their. I have the History of the College published in 1742 and all students prior to that date are listed with their degree, dates and home county.

Regards Ian Harcourt

Reply from Simon: Thanks Jim for this. Good to hear that there were some Cambridge educated branches of the family! I have updated the table of pre 1700 Kent Begents. The variations in the spelling in the name (Begiant, Badgent, Baggent, Bajent, Beiant, Bedgent, Bedgeant, Begent, Begeant, Bedggant) is amazing.

Subject: A Begent Question
From Vera Bagent
Date: 28 Jan 2002

I have been researching the Bagent family in the US, located in Virginia. I have seen from other researchers where a William Bagent came to the US with General Braddock, landing at Hampton Road in Virginia. I would like to know where I can find this information, as I have not come across it in my research. I have a William Bagent who signed on with Colonal G. Washington's milita in 1754 and General Braddock came in 1755. Please help me if you have this information, thanks.

Vera Bagent

Subject: Early Folkestone Bageants
From Mary Harvey-Wright
Date: 3 Feb 2002

Hi, I'm not researching this family, but I was in the Folkestone Library checking out some things for my own family research. One of the documents held is 'Who's Who in Folkestone - 1450 to 1600'. This lists Folkestone residents who featured in some way in the local records. There are 2 Bageants listed, as follows. The English is archaic but it seems to refer to church duties, and I do know that reference to a 'trench' means a good meal - make of it what you will!

Bageant, Bart. Wit to Thomas Scattergood 1553, master of Ste. Justy's Crayer 1546. He rang the day bell, the curfew or both at a charge of three farthings per bell in 1549,1550 and 1551. He was paid one penny and 4 pence for a trench in 1552. As Sexton his wages were six shillings and eightpence a years for 1553, 1554. He was paid tenpence for watching the Easter Sepulchre in 1554, 1556, 1557 and 1558. In 1553 he trimmed things in the store house. In 1554 he wiped out the writing on the church walls. In 1555 he again rang the day and curfew bells only receiving twopence a time. In 1556 he made the Sepulchre and warned the town on Easter morning with a clapper. In 1557 his wages were 10 shillings.

Bageant, Giles. Churchwarden 1570. Fetched sand for fourpence in 1578. Was fined one shilling for not coming to church 1585.

Hope you enjoy it.
Regards Mary

Subject: Gordon Crittenden Begent
From Doreen Powers
Date: 21 March 2002

Biographical Index of Notable People of NYS.

BEGENT, Gordon Crittenden Mr. Begent was born in Groton, July 28, 1897, the son of Frank A. and Helen (Crittenden) Begent. He was a leader in the automobile industry of Ithaca, New York, secretary-treasurer of the Finger Lakes Garage, Nos.109-119 West State Street, Ithaca, is also the general manager of this important business. Until 1924, the concern maintained a service and storage garage for Studebaker and Franklin cars. In 1924 it discontinued the garage and sales of the cars previously handled, and the entire energy of the managers was concentrated on the sales and service of the Ford products, covering Ithaca and its vicinity. Mr. Begent, who engaged in the automobile business in 1914, is a member of the Ithaca Lodge, Benevolent and Protective order of Elks; of Groton Lodge, Free and Accepted Masons; of Moravia Chapter, Royal Arch Masons, and of Balbeck Grotto. Mr. Begent was married, December 31, 1920, to Leslie D. Dickerson of Fayetteville, New York, daughter of Charles L. and Julia (Cohan) Dickerson, both living. Mr. and Mrs. Begent are the parents of one child, Gordon C. Begent, Jr., born February 9, 1922. The family home is at No. 113 Brandon Place, Ithaca.

I am not related & have no other info.

Doreen McKenna Powers

Subject: Sarah Bejent
From Graeme Cheeseman
Date: 12 April 2002

Hi Simon,

The parish registers and Bishop's transcripts for Lympne and West Hythe in Kent show that a Sarah Bejent married a Stephen Cheeseman at West Hythe on 11 February 1783. Stephen was from the parish of Sellindge whereas Sarah was 'of this parish'. The records also show that the couple had at least six children at West Hythe: Rose (baptised there on 23 March 1783), Stephen (13 May 1787), William (8 April 1790), John (12 May 1793), Amy (25 October 1795) and Angelica (12 May 1799). Unfortunately I didn't have time to look into Sarah's family and forbears and wonder if someone among your list has done so.

Regards Graeme Cheeseman

Subject: Sarah Bejent
From Andy Begent
Date: 16 April 2002


I've had a look at my notes and found that Sarah's marriage to Stephen Cheeseman is included in Michael Gandy's East Kent Marriage Index - though he records the location as Lympne rather than West Hythe. He also shows her as a 'widow of Hythe', while the groom was from Sellinge. Unfortunately I've got no other details on her - she remains one of many 'strays'. Incidentally, I've got an 1851 census index covering Elham, Folkestone, Romney Marsh and Hythe and it contains the following 'Cheesemen' which may be of interest;


Subject: Begent - DeGent
From Nicholas Digance
Date: 7 May 2002

Hello Simon,

A bit of a wild card, but I'm currently researching my family name Digance. I have been told by a Norman Scholar / Historianian that our family name is a corruption of DeGent then DeGant --- Digance. There is a link with Gilbert DeGent pre Norman conquest (1066 AD) who was a wealthy Flemish Land owner in the county of Lincolnshire U.K. Have you any links-information on this branch of the DeGent family?

Kind Regards,
Nicholas Digance

Subject: Ester Ann Bagent
From Renae Buckler
Date: 2 Jan 2003

I am searching for Ester Ann Bagent b. 6-Oct-1846 in Louden County, Va. Her parents were John Bagent and Katherine Christine Eberhardt, also of Louden County, Va. John was an 1812 English soldier that decided to stay in America. Her mother's family always claimed (but lacked positive proof) to be descendants of Price Eberhardt of Prussia. Ester had 2 brothers, and 3 sisters, all born in Va, close to Harper's Ferry. I have documentation pertaining to Ester's christening, 25-Aug-1847. Also, lists John T.H.? b. 7-Apr-1840, and Matilda A.S., b. 14-Jan-1843 christened at same time. I have been told that her father died before she was born, and that she was adopted. Ester m. David Alvin Hagerman b. 18-Jan-1840 in Hancock County, Ohio, on 15-Nov-1865. They had 6 children- Elmer Ellsworth, Annetta Helen, Charles Sumner, Lola Eloise, Brady Bruce (my direct line), and Verna Alvin. This family came to Kansas in 1880. Ester d. 20-Jun-1932 in Vinland, Douglas County, Kansas, and is buried there.

Are there any others researching this line? I would like very much to document this line further.Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks in advance.
Renae Buckler

Subject: Begent
From Jan Jones
Date: 28 May 2003

I have just recieved a certificate today and found the name Emma Mary Begent married to William Griffiths Gower Glamorgan. Has anybody else heard of Emma?

I don't have a date the marriage, I have the birth certificate of daughter Albenia Elizabeth Griffiths Gower 1850. Her mother was Emma Mary Begent and her father William Griffiths.

Regards Jan

Subject: Decendants of James Begent
From Jacqueline Scott
Date: 30 May 2003

Hi I have read your site with great interest and generally what I have ties in with what is on the site. However I have a few queries to stir the pot with. I have a letter written by Laura Alice Begent, daughter of Henry Charles Begent and Jemina Lee, Grand daughter of James Begent and Rachael Halsey. She starts the letter with - My mother wrote to me saying....... so it is Jemina who has supplied some of the information.
1 father (Henry Charles Begent) was born at St Hiliers, Jersey. My fathers family who where French had settled there after the Rebellion in France.
2..both James Begent and his son Henry Charles Begent were veterinary surgeons.
3.. On a hand written family tree refering to James Begents father also as James there is written - Mr James Begent fled from France during the revolution in Paris and settled in Birmingham in England. Carried in business as ??????(can't read) Name of house in France 'Chateau Begent' Married in France Has anyone else meantioned a connection to Jersey? It would be a logical stopping point between France and England. I had decided it must be a mistake but then found someone else looking for Henry Charles Begent born in Jersey all be it c1780. Unfortunately their e-mail does not seem to be current so I have no way of contacting them.

As to the other points??? Hope someone can offer a suggestion.

Jacqueline Scott

Subject: Decendants of James Begent
From Simon Begent
Date: 1 June 2003

Jacqueline, Thanks for your message. The connection of James Begent b. 1803 with France and the Channel Island is intriguing and was raised about 18 months ago by Barry Smith and Dorothy Delaney - see above. Barry had the same information as you about there being a James Begent who fled from France and was a carriage maker in Birmingham. He may have had a son James b. 1803 and a daughter. There were definitely Begents in Birmingham around this time - Andrew Begent noted that in the IGI there was a Hannah Begent who married William Chislett at Aston Juxta Birmingham on 30th October 1787, and a Sarah Jane Begent, daughter of James and Sarah Begent baptised in Birmingham on 4th November 1822.

Dorothy Delaney was doing some research for her cousin Janet Booth whom I believe is also a cousin of Barry Smith. His mother was Rhoda Booth who was the great granddaughter of Henry Charles son of James Begent. Janet Booth told Dorothy that her family originally came from France via the Channel Islands. Maybe she got this from the same source as you. By the way Jacqueline - are you Barry's daughter? I have him down as having a daughter Jacqueline Smith who married Troy St Marc. As far as we know James Begent b. 1803 who married Rachel Halsey was born in Chancery Lane, London, and his son Henry Charles b. 1825 was born in Totteridge, Hertfordshire near where his mother Rachael came from. They lived in London. It is possible that James' father was also James Begent and lived in Birmingham but so far there doesn't seem to be any known firm connection. The French Revolution took place following the Storming of the Bastille in July 1789 so it is possible that around this time there were emigrants who fled to the Channel Islands and then to England. They would have arrived say in 1790 - 1792.

However two things puzzle me in the information you have - firstly James is not a French name. It would have most unusual for a Frenchman to be called James unless his family were immigrants themselves eg from England or Scotland. (Charles Edward Stuart - Bonnie Prince Charlie - who was the grandson of James II of England lived in exile in France). Secondly - I think it unlikely that James and his son Henry were veterinary surgeons as the profession didn't exist until the mid 1800s (the London College of Veterinary Surgeons was incorporated in 1875). Before then the only animals considered worth tending were horses - and they were looked after by either the blacksmith or the stableman. I suppose that if they were carriage makers that could have connected them with horses.

I'm afraid that all this doesn't add much to explain the letter that you have. The only possible course further course of investigation would be in the Channel Islands and Birmingham records to see if there was a James who could be linked first to France and then to London. I am sending a copy of this to Dorothy Delaney, Andy Begent and Barry Smith to see if they can help any further.

Simon Begent

Subject: Bejants and Bejantines
From Fergus King
Date: 6 August 2003

Terms at St Andrews University for first year students. Claimed to come from the french "bec jaune" and Paris as one of your correspondents has noted. One correction. The procession held at St Andrews is the Kate Kennedy procession. It is organised by an all-male society of the University, and commemorates events of the 17th century. Searching for "bejant" on Google will connect interested readers (or uninterested ones) to the St Andrews material.

Subject: Begent to Baygents in America
From Jeff Baygents
Date: 2
4 Oct 2003

About 2 years ago, I spent several months doing extensive research on the overall lineage of the name "Baygents" and discovered numerous shipping logs and personal accounts that the name was altered. The causes of the alteration were thought to be misspellings, mispronunciation, and sometimes purposeful (to escape persecution).

In any case, for those of you that may not know, your ancestry has traces into North America under the name of "Baygents". So, if there is a point where you lose the trail of your family tree, and you know their first name(s), check shipping logs into Canada and the U.S. under various other last names, such as "Baygents". There are even entries shown where the family members had different spellings of their last name, in particular a daughter's last name was spelled different than her parents and other brothers & sisters.

Our lineage is on record that ties directly to the name of "Begent". Also, the name ultimately traces back to the earliest known years 1050-1100 A.D. in Normandy.

There is a little bit of further detail at If you have websites, feel free to link to that site. If you have information you would like to add (for that site) or website links to share, feel free to email them to me. Hope this helps others.

Sincerely, Jeff Baygents
Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Subject: Windlesham Baigents
From: Christine Moreland
Date: 29 Dec 2003

Excellent site! My mother is Audrey Baigent, descended from the Windlesham lot. I have gone through quite a few of the records and would like to know where John and Anne Baigent, who died in Windlesham in the early 1700s came from and what their relationship was to Thomas born circa 1720, who is the earliest one I can trace through the parish records, who seems to have started the huge Windlesham clan. If any one knows or can suggest places to look, please get in touch. I noticed some people have records of a Birmingham connection for their branch. There are excellent records available in Birmingham Central Library, of Wills and testaments (mainly 19th/20th century)which could be useful. I have found interesting details of some of my relations there.

Regards, Christine

Subject: Beadgent & Hedgecock
From: Andrea Hedgcock
Date: 30 Jan 2004

What an excellent site - will certainly come back and examine in more detail. I'm doing a One-Name-Study of Hedgcocks with all THEIR spellings! Nicholas Bedgeant is the 7th great grandfather of Charles Joshua Hedgecock, born Maldon, Essex in 1847, through Sarah Bedgeant's 2nd marriage to Thomas Mills in 1745. Have yet to find a link to him with my own line. But in the last 2 weeks I've found a direct link to a Scottish Hedgcock so it's always worth persevering. It's always fascinating to see other people's sites and the amount of work that's gone into all of them. So good luck everyone. If anyone knows any Hedgcocks who have done their own family trees could you post details here?

Cheers everyone! Andy

Subject: Jane Baigent
From: John Ward
Date: 29 Nov 2004

Just to let you know that whilst ploughing through the burial records of South Shields, St Stephen, Co Durham (Tyne & Wear), I came across this entry: Jane BAIGENT 26 May 1861 of Tyne Street aged 63. She's a little away from the south-east. Perhaps someone can claim her. There may be other BAIGENT entries in related records.

Best wishes, John Ward

Subject: Begents in Tasmania - Martha Shaw
From: Don Nelson
Date: 17 April 2005

Firstly, I'm an "outsider", not being a Begent, & actually researching some elusive Camerons...
My wife Jay (Cameron)is the great-granddaughter of Margaret Elizabeth BEGENT (Daughter of Charles Glover BEGENT & Mary Ann FORREST).
Margaret BEGENT married Robert SHAW; one of ther children being Martha Edna Forrest SHAW, my wife's grandmother.
The only marriage recorded of Martha SHAW is to an Ernest GIELIS, but she DID remarry (or at least have children by another partner), Oliver CAMERON.(This happened in Queensland)
Are there any Begents in Tasmania (or NSW or Qld) who can shed any light on this 2nd marriage??
P.S. Your website is the best family one I have seen so far - if only my families were as good! You have done a great service to the Begents!
Don Nelson
Brisbane QLD

Subject: Sarah Bejent who married Stephen Cheeseman
From: Rhiannon
Date: 25 Dec 2005

I am interested in the Sarah Bejent who married Stephen Cheeseman 11 FEB 1783 Lympne, Kent, England, as I am descended from one of their daughters Angelica Cheeseman.

I've looked through the pages below and can see that she is described as 'widow of Hythe' but since I only found the Cheeseman details yesterday I don't know any more. If anyone has anything on this Sarah prior to her marriage, I would really appreciate it if you could you contact me.

I tried the Cheeseman family web-site but the contact details don't work any more.

If you're interested, Angelica Cheeseman married John Waddell in 1819 & they had at least 2 children, George & Jane. I have details of George's children too, but Jane married Charles Drowley in 1853 then Isaac Beard in 1861. She had 2 daughters Eliza Emily Drowley and Jane who could be either's child. Emila Emily married Frederick John Waller and one of their daughters was Alice Waller. Alice married William Hobday Ovenden and their only daughter Mildred Ovenden botn 1912 was my maternal grand-mother.

Subject: I am a begent too
Name: Samantha Begent
Date 27 Dec 2005

Hi my name is samantha elizabeth begent and i would like to let you know that there are a lot of begents running around the victorian suburbs. I am nineteen years old and i am currently living at the nsw kapooka military training base just out of wagga wagga and i am traing to be a soldier. i was curious to see what would happen if i was to look up my families name on the internet and i sure as hell didn't expect to see that there are so many begents. well as i have read there is a begent living in wagga wagga i just can't believe that it is such a small world. well any way if you ever feel like talking when i get the chance i would love to talk to any relative of mine.
sincerely samantha elizabeth begent

Subject: Begent
Name: Mr Edney.Abbott
Date: 2 August 2006

I have the Capel-le-ferne school register with Begent family on it if anyone is interested
From Edney Abbott

Subject: Sarah Begent
Name: Robert Barnes
Date: 8 Nov 2006

I am quite excited this morning having found quite a few records from your page. Sarah Begent daughter of Henry and Sarah Greenway was my greatgrandmother. She married William Barnes who was a Baker at All Sts. Church Fulham 6th of July 1845 and had 2 sons Robert and Joseph who was my Grandfather. I am still tryng to find out more on the Barnes side of the family as this was Williams second Marriage. Her brother Robert was a Witness at the Wedding service. I have further information if anyone would like to Know please E. mail

Bob Barnes

Subject: Bagent Family
Name: Amy (Bagent) Dominguez
Date: 7 Dec 2006


I am from the USA. I live in Ohio. I am researching my family tree and am having some trouble.My Great Grandfathers name was George W. Bagent, born in Hagerstown, Maryland, March 31, 1858. He was a son of William and Elizabeth Wigginton Bagent. My problem is that there are many many William Bagents from Maryland and I can not decifer them all. I have tried researching Wigginton also, using many different spellings, and have come up with nothing.

If anyone could help me or give some advise I would greatly appreciate it.
Thank you!

Subject: sue begent
Name: kath milward
Date: 23 dec 2006

Must be because it's Christmas and I'm thinking of old friends. Took a chance and typed sue's name into the internet. Top of the list was a site about someone looking for a Sue Begent who nursed at the middlesex around 1988. I think this is the same Sue I'm looking for. Sue and I were at St. John's College in York from 1981 to 1985 and she was my bridesmaid in April 1985. I visited her twice in London where she was indeed a nurse at the Middlesex Hospital. Then she went to Australia, we kept in touch for a while but then lost contact. She contacted me from America, Philadelphia I think, but then I lost track. I notice that there was a message on your site from a Chris Begent who mentioned his sister in Australia. The Sue I'm looking for had two brothers, Chris and Patrick. They lived near Lichfield and I know her dad was called Gilbert.

If anyone can put me back in contact with Sue I'd be really, really grateful. Thank you.

Subject: Annabelle Begent
Name: Jo Bailey
Date: 12 Jan 2007

Hello, This may seem like a very random email, but i used to attend secondary school with Annabell and we were close friends, unfortunately when she moved back to Malta we completely lost contact, and i would love to contact her again now!
My name then was Jo Aspinall, if you could pass this on to her with my email address

Thanks so much, it would mean a lot,
Jo Bailey

Subject: Hermon Smerdon
Name: Suzanne Fisher
Date:10 Jul 2007

I read a message written by Marylynn on the 26th November 2006 and she mentioned Bessie Stuart (who I was trying to find more information about) and Horace Edmund Tucker. They are my great grandparents. Up to today I didn't know anything about Bessie's family, other than her husband and children, so this is all very fascinating and exciting for me to read about.

From what I gather I am the 2nd cousin of Marylynn and a distant relative of Robynne and Faye. I would love to hear from any of those mentioned, or anyone that can tell me more about Hermon and his family.

Thank you so much for such a fantastic website!

Subject: Descendant of Eli Begent Tasmania
Name: Annette Jackson
Date: 16 August 2007

Hi I am descended from Eli Begent,George Roslyn,William Arthur, his daughter Annie Gertrude and her husband Stephen Joyce, their fourth child, Albert Joyce and his first wife Josephine Hyatt (b.aprox. 1924/25(m.1938,TBC),whose only child together was my mother,Dorothy Jean Joyce(b.5-2-1939,d.27-3-2003).My father is James Frederick Jackson.(b.?-12-1934)(m.26-11-1956)Both Josephine and Albert had other children to different marriages. Hope this fills in some blanks in this part of the family tree.

Subject: Begent / Hawley
Name: Glyn Lancaster Jone
Date: 1st January 2008

I have been trawling through all the stuff that you have collated on the website. And that is only the stuff relating the James Begent 1803 tree. I know that my cousin Roy (Gilbert Roy) has been studying it and his daughter Louise Begent-Peers and her husband, and other distant current cousins Brian Toughbook. It is interesting that those who emigrated seem to record their Family Trees more diligently than those of us left here in Britain.

I have begun to wonder if this whole thing is almost some monster that sits alongside you. I almost imagine you drowning under it. I hope not, as I hope we can all do something to help. Obviously, everyone has contributed something which ties in somewhere with someone else's efforts. This letter is contributed in that spirit - ie., directly to you as Master Co-ordinator, but if you feel it has valuable bits then perhaps you would put it on the Contact Forum just for the ideas it holds.

It seems obvious now that the name originated in France as many others felt. I know that so many changes have occured in spellings and pronunciations in both Countries over the centuries. We see it here in Welsh/English usages with word and phrase borrowings. There are always some sort of mis-matches where the spoken and written words are interpreted by the two parties. There seem to be different pronunciations of words both by the Welsh and the English according to whether the words were heard more frequently, or seen written more frequently. I was also fascinated to read a comment attributed to a language specialist about people suffering awful nasal problems which affected speech sounds, as I felt that there must have been something that struck the whole nation centuries ago for long enough to have impacted the Welsh language and also French to this very day in ways that would seem to have no other simple reason.

It would seem to me the Begent was probably the original form, with a pronunciation approaching "Bayzhon" when it first arrived in Britain. On writing it down, the incoming Frenchman would find the locals (those who could read) calling it Bee-gent. Those who heard it first developed the Baigent and similar sounding forms in passing it on, and those who read it first developed the Beagent / Bedient form. I suspect that some forms where due to another factor: the attempts, years later to interpret some of the handwriting in formal records.

It does seem that there maybe some Begents left in France and Belgium. I will try and make some simple enquiries through people I know over there. See what happens.

I do wish I had been blessed with the right degree of foresight when I sat with my grandmother Alice Scrafton Begent fifty years back, who poured out years and years of memories about the Scraftons and Hodgsons, and told me that little was really known of the Begents other than her mother in law's name of Emily Hawley. My grandfather told me about working for the railways and other jobs, but I didn't record a single thing of that. He (along with many of his contemporaries) didn't seem bothered about family history. The material for the Begents came from their Family Bible, which I am sure still exists, but where? With Richard, or Lindsay Begent?

But I have lately come to believe that various cousins and relatives kept in touch in quite early days which the postal system would encourage, and later the railways would not only make travel much quicker, but would make family connections more personally possible, as distinct from just writing.

If you worked for the railways, you might have to move the whole family elsewhere if a promotion came up. If you lost your job, you might write to cousins elsewhere and ask if there were any jobs going locally. I doubt this is a new phenomenon.

Between 1867 and 1881, Gilbert Begent and Emily Hawley had seven children; then moved to Manchester, buried one of them, had another daughter; presumably staying in Manchester long enough for his daughter Minnie to marry Bertram Saner in 1900. We don't know when he died, but in 1903 his son Gilbert Charles was in Stockton on Tees marrying Alice Scrafton, but back in Newport Pagnell, not Manchester for the birth of my Mother. Then back to Manchester in 1906 for the rest of the brood.

The Birmingham/French Coachbuilder Begents would have certainly helped when James 1803 and his son Edward James became Coachmen, and probably helped in the connection to the railways, as coachbuilding became railway carriage building, which went on a Wolverton, certainly.

Now to some Notes that are intended to help. I wonder if the reference to Gilbert Charles's Father being at (the) Posting House, Dover, should have read "Postling House" near Dover. The actual note I had is now lost, but remains noted on the various forms of the Family Tree that Ralph and I have. This might tie up two branches of the family, but needs more research. Is there a "Postling House" in Postling. Andrew Begent might know. I had never heard of the village until this week.

Can I suggest that Rachael Halsey might have been Rachael Laurene (not Laurence) Halsey, in view of the number of Laurene's descended from Rhoda Amelia of 1855.
I notice that some branches of the family religiously hand names onwards, and others not so much. Have you heard any more from the Burma/Madras Begents with their wonderfully named Orynthia and Crescentia Begents.

I am slightly baffled by my own contribution of the inscription in a book apparently one belonging to Frederick James 1869 from St. Peters School, Levenshulme, in 1888.
I have re-checked it and the details are as I said. But on further thought he would have been 19 years old, which is odd for those days. Mystery.

I have found another note that "Grandpa's Father's Mother's Grave was No.1420 This is Rachael Halsey, I imagine, discounting mysteries from West Meath.

The letter from Rita Meakins cleared up the mystery of who Emma 1837 married as being Samuel Garner, but it hasn't got to the current Tree on the website.

I now have further to chew on if there was a Cecil Begent of about 1860 working in Middlesborough aboard ship in 1881, and a Jane Baigent of South Shields up to 1861.
I wonder if that is how Gilbert Charles found his way to Stockton on Tees in 1903. A bit far fetched unless there were still Begents in the area.

Thos. Edward Begent - marriage in 1845 - suggest it was in Hastingleigh, Kent, not Hampshire, and was also hastily arranged !!

Noting some comments about family likenesses in the Forum, photographic records might be a possible future idea. I am particularly struck by the fairly consistent darker skin and luxurious dark hair of the Scrafton / Begents - Gilbert Charles, Alice, Mervyn, Harry, Gilbert Samuel, and Roy, as if from the Indian subcontinent, but not Gilbert 1846. So did it sneak in with the Hawleys of which we have little information. Any comments from Orynthia here?

Finally; what about a Begent/Baigent etc., Family (Re)union on a initially informal basis at some point in the near future ? Perhaps best arranged by someone with a Begent surname for credibility, I guess.

Best regards Glyn

Subject: martha shaw and ernest gielis (Eli Begent Tree)
Name: sharon hogan
Date: 4th February 2008

This is what I have I have on Martha Edna Forest Shaw and Ernest Archille Gielis. They married in Queensland in 1899, I currently have six children for them, the eldest Arthur Ernest Gielis enlisted in the first World War in 1916.
Service number 1196. Next of kin is listed as his mother, Mrs. Edna Forest Gielis, C/o C.J. Shaw Dural & Co, Adelaide street, Brisbane. At first I thought Ernest Achille must have died by this time, not being next of kin, but no, Ernest Achille Gielis was buried 9/12/1942 Lutwyche Cemetery age 66. Not sure if that helps or not.

Subject: twin baigent/begents
Name: Adrienne Watts
Date: 14th February 2008

I am looking for twins Victor and Vincent Baigent. I believe their mother's maiden name was Groom and came from Norfolk, England. Her sister is great great grandmother on my husbands side and married a Mr. Dawson and remained in Norfolk. Grannie lived until she was very old nearly 100 and used to visit Baigent or Begent relations in the Channel Islands and Australia. The twins Victor and Vincent were born in the 40's or 50's.

Any infomation helpful.

Subject: George William Bagent
Name: Patsy Bagent
Date: 30 April 2008

I was trying to contact you earlier and I lost it. Sorry. This might be the 2nd one from me. George William Bagent was born 3/31/1858 in Hagerstown Maryland to William and Elizabeth (Wiggington) Bagent. We can get back no further than William and Elizabeth. Looking for Williams parents. In the 1870 census for Maryland, can find Margaret Wigginton 72/Elizabeth Wigginton 28/Edy Wigginton/Willie Bagent 15 Boy Labor/John Bagent 9 At Home/Jackson Wigginton 5/Annie Wigginton 25. Does anyone have any knowledge of any of these people or where I can find out anything else about them? Would appreciate any help that you can give us. Thank you so much.

Subject: Sarah Bejent/ Begent married:11 FEB 1782-83 Lympne, Kent, ENG to Stephen Cheeseman
Name: arlene binger baer
Date: 9 June 2008

I descend from Sarah Bejent and Stephen Cheeseman's daughter: Rose Cheeseman Name: Rose Cheeseman
Birth: 23 MAR 1783 in Lympne, Kent, England

Father: Stephen Cheeseman b: 1761
Mother: Sarah Bejent b: 1762

Marriage John Thorndin
Married: 18 OCT 1806 in West Hythe, Kent, England

Rose Cheeseman Thorndin/Thornden's second marriage:
Married: 29 NOV 1817 at St.Leonard's, Hythe was to:
John Hambrook bapt. 10 Apr 1785 in Swingfield,Kent. He was born to:
William Hambrook and Mary Ann Belsey.

John was a Blacksmith at Dymchurch, Romney Marsh.(Pigots Directory)

Children of Rose Cheeseman and John Hambrook:
The following four Hambrook baptisms took place on Romney Marsh, all at Dymchurch:(Courtesy of researcher David Hills)

George 14.2.1819 s/o John & Rose
Sarah Elizabeth 21.5.1820 d/o John & Rose
John William 30.12.1821 s/o John & Rose
Mary 24.8.1823 d/o John & Rose

John and Rose Hambrook and 3 above named children,(Sarah Elizabeth was not listed with them?),emigrated to America, arriving in NYC aboard the "Neptune"
on May 18th, 1837. They settled in New Castle, Westchester County, New York.
All three men John Sr.; George; John William are listed as:
Occupation: Blacksmiths.

My direct line is John William Hambrook bapt. 30.12.1821 Dymchurch. He married Catherine Thene Reymolds b abt 1825-26 New York,USA. Catherine was Dutch, "Thene" is american translation of Dutch:"Trintgen/Trinije"

Children of John Hambrook and Catherine Reynolds:
George W. HAMBROOK b: ABT 1844 in New York, New York
Mary E. HAMBROOK b: ABT 1847 in Newark, Essex, New Jersey
Sarah L HAMBROOK b: ABT 1850 in Newark, Essex, New Jersey
Charles Wesley HAMBROOK b: DEC 1853 in Newark, Essex, New Jersey
William H. HAMBROOK b: ABT SEP 1859 in Newark, Essex, New Jersey

On your site another Bejent/Cheeseman descendant: Rhiannon Magor descends from sister of my Rose Cheeseman.

Subject: Variant Baigent Names
Name: Sheila Menditta
Date: 13 June 2008

I have viewed your site which is very interesting and informative. Why I am contacting you is that my maternal grandmother's name was Bargent, with some members of the family being Begent. In your list of variants, Bargents arn't there. From the late 1500s they are mainly based in Hampshire, though my grandmother was born Camberwell London, her parents and siblings came from Portsmouth, Hampshire. Do you think that the Bargents are from the same family as Baigents. My mother told me that her mother said the family came from France, but it could be Flanders.

Subject: Emma Bagen (Bageant?)
Name: Charlotte Whalen
Date: 19 Oct 2008

Emma Jane Bagen? was born 7 Sep 1857. Her daughter's death certificate indicates she was born in Loudoun Co., VA; father unknown; mother Susan Smoats (possibly Snoots?). Emma died in Montgomery Co., MD 29 Jul 1935. I have connected Emma with an Isaac Bagen in Montgomery Co., MD per the following notes:
Bagen, Isaac was placed on probation for admission to the Concord Methodist Congregation (Montgomery Co., MD) 15 July 1856; accepted into membership 1 Nov 1857; member 1858-59.

Possible family connection: 1860 MD, Montgomery Co., District 4: Jacob Bagent, 49, VA, blacksmith; Sarah, 30, VA; William, 9, VA; Presley, 7, VA; Catherine, 5, VA; Susan, 3, MD; Lydia, 6 mos., MD. In DC, Ward 4, Hotel Tennellytown, there is an Isaac Baggint, 26, VA, laborer--could be a realtive? In 1850 Loudoun Co., VA Isaac Bagent, age 17, laborer with a Titus family is just 2-3 pages from the family of Jonathon Snoots, 51; Dorothy, 45; SUSAN, 18; Betsy, 16; William, 12; Jno, 11; Jane, 9; and Mary, 8. The age of this Isaac is way off (37 years) from the family shown below in 1870. Some of the childrens names are similar--there was a Presley SNOOTS in Loudoun and then Jacob names one of his sons Presley Bagent. There are two Catherines of similar age.

1870 MD Census, Montgomery Co., District 4, Brighton P.O., pg. 110-111, images 27-28 on, #736: Bajam, Isaac, 74, MD, farm laborer; Sally, 45, MD; Catherine, 17; Emma, 14; Persy, 13; Lottie, 12; Luisa, 7; Rose, 5--all b. MD. Can't find in 1860 or 1880.

I have seen census info in Loudoun Co., VA for William, Jacob, and John Bageant and there is the note above re Jacob Bagent from VA in the area of Montgomery Co., MD in 1860 where Emma was.

Any help/comments most appreciated

Subject: Kustel Family Records
Name: Gregory Paul Kustel
Date: 22 Nov 2008

Greetings Kustel family. I am Gregory Kustel born 7-13-1962 in upland california. I am the son of Paul Adolph Kustel born 3-27-1925 died 2-26-2008. My grandfather is Adolph Frederick Kustel born 10-10-1890 died 4-28-1953. My Greatgrandfather is Arpad Kustel born 1848 died 8-11-1916. My uncle Oscar Conrad Kustel born 1834 came to Ontario, California in 1903 Where my Brother John Douglas Kustel born 7-29-71 and I now reside. We are the last decendents of our branch of the Kustel family. Our mother Virginia died in 1995 in fontana calif.

Anyway with all that said, The reason for contacting you is to reach out to any surviving relatitives of the Kustel family. I am incredibly proud of my family roots and I want express to anyone out there who is a Decendant of the Kustel family that I care about you all and to me you all matter. Anyone who is a Kustel or the relative of a Kustel, Please e-mail me at: I would love to hear from you!

Warmest regards,
Gregory Kustel

Subject: James Begent and Rachel Halsey
Name: Ralph Jones
Date: 15 Dec 2008

I have been pulling my hair out trying to find details of the above and I have come across the site know as from which if you just search Begent with no christian names or dates it reveal all Begents form 1500 to date and therefore most Begents will be able to find their relatives quite easily (although transcripts and original copies of entries are charged).

From this I have traced James as being born in 1804 with Rachel Halsey born in 1805 (living in 1841 in the registration district of St George Hanover square Middlesex) Earlier Begents in the same District are John Begent 1786, and Jane Begent 1796 - it may be that John could be his Father as he was 18 when James was born or that they both were brother and sister of James. Also around the time of James's birth Charles, James, and Stephen Begent were born.

If any Begent has access to the 1841 census or 1804 births in St George Hanover Square, perhaps we can take this matter further.


Subject: Re: James Begent and Rachel Halsey
Name: Simon Begent
Date: 17 Dec 2008


Thanks for this - it is most interesting. I had not taken a look at before, and need to spend some time looking into some of the leads.

I wonder if the Charles you mention was Charles Waring Begent at and he was the brother of James? If so it would link these two family trees.


Subject: Re: James Begent
Name: Ralph Jones
Date: 12 Feb 2009,

Having fully retired, I now spend most days researching the family tree and have spent most time trying to locate James Begent born Chancery Lane London. No one has yet come up with his birth or his parents although his full history is set out in the Census 1841 until his death 0n 24 Jan 1868 at 21 Parish Street, St John's Horsleydown (later Southwark) and his burial at St Olave Church Southwark (destroyed by WW2 Bomb).

Within your site he is stated as being born in 1803, however most references on IGI and Ancestry suggest he was born 1804, and having failed to find any James Begent born near London Middlesex or Surrey within this time period, I started search for J. Begent and particularly within the area of Southwark where he was married and buried. He seemed to have close links with Southwark and was married to Rachel Lawrence Halsey on the 16 Nov 1824 at St George the Martyr Southwark (despite her being from North Mimms).

I then researched all the Begents born or marrying at St George the Martyr, Southwark and I was surprised to find only one family of Begents with any connection with Southwark.

This was John Begent who married Susannah Beck who married at St George on the 3 Oct 1803 (IGI). and had three children :
John Begent b 8 Jul 1804 christened 29 Jul 1804
Edwin Begent b 5 May 1898 c. 5 Jun 1808 d Sept 1837 Strand
William Begent b 14 May 1816 c 7 Jun 1816 d 1 Dec 1816

I am strongly of the belief that this is the same person as James Begent ( I believe he changed his name from John to James to distinquish him from his Father) Of course I cannot be 100 per cent sure of this, but I put it forward for your Contact Page, to enable other Begent contributors to comment or indeed come up with documentary evidence.

I have traced his wife Rachael Lawrence Halsey c. 8 Jul 1804 North Mimms Hertford daughter of John Halsey and Sarah Lawrence c 14 Sept 1769 daughter of William Lawrence b 1740 and Anne Halsey b 1 Oct 1750 m 28 Apr 1769.

I am now trying to trace any records of my Grandmother's note that "the Begents came from Posting House in Dover"

Regards Ralph

Subject: James Begent
Name: Ralph Jones
Date: 27 Aug 2010,

I am still looking at James Begent born Chancery Lane London between 1803 - 1805 and I am not sure that the information given in my last email is now correct.
Having looked up his marriage to Rachel Halsey he is referred to as James Begents (with an "s").
I have since looked up the Parish Records for most of the churches around the Chancery Lane area and it appears that the main Church is St Andrews in Holborn.
Within these records I have found a Sarah Begents babtised in July 1797 to Charles and Ann Begents living at Dean Street.
Charles and Ann Begents may well be the parents of James Begents for the following reasons:
Sarah B is born about 7 years before James
Both surnames have an "S" at the end of Begent
James was supposedly born in Chancery Lane
Charles and Ann lived in Dean Street which was a former side street off Chancery Lane in 1797.
James first child was named Henry 'Charles' Begent

This is put forward for comments from other Begents


Subject: James Begent
Name: Stephen Mayes
Date: 4 Sept 2010

I came across your site by accident, and have to say how interesting it is.
I am a direct descendant of James Begent (b 1803) through Hilda Begent (my grandmother),and your site provided valuable information to assist with my family tree.



Subject: Begents in Hythe, Kent 1841
Name: John and Milaena Osborne
Date: 6 Jan 2011

We are living in the house that John and Abigail Begent lived in the 1841 census. It is an interesting building, originally built 1007, with additions in 1335, 1665, and 1811. Let us know if you want further information.

John and Milaena

Old St Batholomews Hospital Hythe

Subject: Vera May Begent was my grandmother
: Kim McNamara
Date: 30 Jan 2011

Vera May Begent(Marriner) was my grandmother and daughter of Beryl Begent Vera married Reg Marriner and had 4 children Reg, Phyllis, Max and Lionel..My mother is Phyllis.
Tasmanian Descendants of Eli Begent
I love your website thanks for all the info its fantastic!!


Subject: Begent ancestry
Name: Pauline Smith
Date: 1 Feb 2011

I am also interested in finding the parents of James Begent(s) b 1803. His daughter Emma is my 2nd greatgrandmother. I can confirm that she married Samuel Giliam Garner, not a Martin or Mason as suggested elsewhere. My understanding is that her parents were married in 1824 (not 1834 or 1827). I also have a note of a sister not mentioned under the Descendants of James Begent - one Mary Ann chr 31 May 1835 at Trinity Church, St Marylebone. Does anyone have any more information on her? Did she perhaps die young?

I note that there are Begents in Launceston, Tasmania. We happen to live in Launceston, Cornwall.

Pauline Smith

Subject: Esther Jones Begent Family Tree
Name: Christine Burke
Date: 13 Feb 2011

I have been trying to do my husbands tree John Jones. Esther Jones married George Roslyn Begent, you have the wrong mother down for her. There were 2 Ellens but ours we cannot find a surname for she was born in 1815 from our deductions. Wonderful job. Cheers

Subject: Catherine Clarke m. Horace Begent 1901
Name: Sharon Finn
Date: 26 July 2011

Interested in the antecedents of Catherine Clarke. Parents believed to be John Clarke and Rebecca Wright but can't get back much further on them.

Subject: Descendants of Louisa Begent born 1859 resided Hammersmith 1891 census
Name: Chris Learner
Date: 9 Aug 2011

Hello all! I am hoping you begent sleuths can help me and my family solve a mystery concerning our grandfather. His name on his birth certificate is William Searle, born 1897 to Louisa Begent, details as above. We know that Louisa was married prior to his birth to Thomas Charles Begent who was a piano-forte stringer. We cannot however find any records of our Grandfathers' (William Searle) father. He is not listed on his birth certificate, yet William listed his father as a Charles Begent on his marriage certificate (to Winnifred Raggett 1920) and his own name as William Searle Begent. Our mother, Lillian May Begent took the name,along with her sister Winnifred and two brothers William and Edward, whom we have always believed to be Begents, now we are not so sure! We know that Louisa married Charles Searle in 1900 and on the 1901 census was living with him and William in Hammersmith. On the census William is listed as Charles Searles' step-son. On this site, William is not listed as a child of Louisa and Thomas Begent. We obviously deduce therefore that William is the product of an extra-marital tryst, but would like to understand why he was given the name Searle on his birth certificate (but not Charles Searles son as listed as step-son on census), and not son of Thomas Begent. We also cannot find any records of divorce between Louisa and Thomas (who died circa 1915 so not widowed) nor can we find Thomas Begent on the 1911 census. We would love to trace any ancestors of his sibling (born of Charles Searle and Louisa) Dorothy, born in 1902, or to hear from any ancestors of Louisa's older children with Thomas Begent namely, Thomas,Albert, George, Kate, Henry, Mabel or Frederick. Our only hopes really rest on knowledge passed down by his siblings to their familys maybe of the paternity details of their step-brother William Searle. For your interest, Williams' older son, Edward Begent, born circa 1924-1925, emigrated to Queensland Australia in 1965. Any information that can shed light on this would be fantastic!

Subject: Begents
Name: Marilyn Summers
Date: 5 Oct 2011

Does anyone have any information about Begents prior to William Begent who was born about 1725, Canterbury, Kent? Would be very pleased to hear from anyone.


Subject: Charlotte Larkins, daughter of Ellen Begent
Name: Marilyn Summers
Date: 5 Oct 2011

Charlotte Larkins, my grandmother, born 30.10.1879 Nonington, Kent, was the eldest of 5 children. Anyone interested in knowing more, please contact me.


Subject: Eli Begent's wife Mary Glover
Name: Don Nelson
Date: 19 Oct 2011

Hi. I was wondering if anyone has encountered a relationship between Eli Begent's wife Mary Glover & John Glover the famous Australia artist? Both were in Tasmania. I have no evidence - it is only speculation.

Regards, Don Nelson

Subject: Begents in Dover pre 1700
Jacqueline McCutcheon
Date: 15 Feb 2012

A very belated update to Ian Harcourt's info on William Bedgeant, Corpus Christi, Cambridge etc. William Bedgeant b Dover 1648 was appointed Rector of St Mary's Sullington, Sussex in 1677 and died in Sullington 1724. William and his wife Anne had 10 children (6 died in infancy)and I'm pleased to say I am descended from his son John.

Best wishes and many thanks for such an interesting website.

Subject: Family History
Ross Cameron
Date: 8 April 2012

Hi. I just wanted to say thank you for your work. I have started researching my family tree. I am the grandson of Martha Edna Forrest Shaw who was on of the four children of Margaret Elizabeth Begent.

Kind regards, Ross Cameron

Subject: genealogy
Name: Dorothy Begent
Date: 21 Sept 2012

Would like any information on the Begents from all over, My Husbands father was Reginald Begent. I have traced some of the descents back so far but am looking for more.Please respond. My husbands name is Brad. We live in Hinckley Utah

Subject: Harriet Begent
Name: Suzanne Manning
Date: 22 March 2013

Hello, I am searching my gg grandmother Harriet Begent born abt 1792, not sure where and she died on 08 February 1834, Parish of Farnham, Surrey, age 42. She married Samuel Neal on 26 July 1820, Parish: Westminster St Martin in the Fields, Borough: Westminster.

Samuel and Harriet had five children, John baptised 17 June 1821 (my g grandfather), Thomas baptised 19 Oct 1823, Harriet baptised 26 Mar 1826, Maria baptised 16 Nov 1828 and Catherine baptised 7 Apr 1831. All five children were born in Farnham, Surrey.

I would like any information on Harriet, where born, who were her parents, siblings etc.


Subject: Harriet Begent
Name: Suzanne Manning
Date: 21 May 2013

Hi, I have done further research into Harriet Begent and I am sure I have found her parents. They were James Baigent and Mary Rance married 06 Nov 1786, Froyle, Hamspshire, England. James and Mary had 7 children. Ann b1791, Harriet b1792, John b1794, William b1796, twins Mary and Martha b1797 and Sophia b1799. All the children were born in Froyle, Hampshire.

I notice that if I have the right parents, the surname of my gg grandmother Harriet BEGENT, was born a BAIGENT. Is it feasible that the spelling has changed, or do I have the wrong family?

I would love to hear from anyone who knows or has any information about this family.


Subject: Updating information re: Albert Joyce
Name: Rowan Joyce
Date: 25 Jan 2015

I am the youngest son of Albert Joyce. I would like to confirm my father's details are correct as to date of death etc. I cannot provide any further details as to his first wife Josephine but can provide information on his second wife, Una Iris (nee Davis) b 27.01.1926 d 09.07. 2010.

Thanks to all those that have provided a very informative web site and Begent family tree information. I look forward to your reply.

Rowan Joyce

Subject: Baigent Family
Name: Pamela Ana
Date: 13 july 2015

Hello from Vancouver Island, BC Canada. I am researching my grandmother's family and have found that my great grandmother was Emma Baigent ( b. 1862, christening in March 1862). Her parents were Sarah and Eli Baigent. As a child, I had heard that Baigents were believed to be from Belgium or Austria, so all this fits. I am planning to come to the UK next summer, visit 'home' and hope to meet some very long lost relatives.

Subject: Looking for cousin or any family
Name: Philip Begent
Date: 10 February 2016

Living in France, I found your site with Google, and I would like to know if I have some family unknown somewhere. I will be very happy to read you

Subject: Sidney Begent
Name: Stephen Mayes
Date: 20 November 2016

Hi -

Hilda Begent (the sister of Sidney Begent) was my grandmother. I have a couple of watercolours painted by Sidney and given to Hilda, who then passed to my mum.
I know Carole Begent is Sidneys' grand daughter and wondered whether she would be interested in having these pictures.

Best Regards

Subject: Hello
Name: Nicholas Baigent
Date: 29 March 2017

Hi Jim,
It's been interesting to read your research. I currently live in Dumfries with my partner and family.
My dad Mark Baigent did a little family tree research years ago but I never did get around to finding where that ended up. He died when I was three.
Interestingly my grandad Noel Baigent lived in Woking in Surrey. He was chief engineer for central London. I wonder if his close ancestors stayed in the area for 200 years or so!
Also on a side note I received a email by mistake from a Polly Baigent in New Zealand. She had meant to send a birthday message to her brother - a different Nick Baigent - but made a slight mistake and sent it to me instead. Ironically her brother (also a kiwi) is studying Russian history in Glasgow university, which is less than an hour away from me.
I've run out of time for now Jim. But it'd be great to know if you've noticed my grandad on your records? regards Nick

Subject: Eli Baigent
Name: Michael Ward
Date: 22 January 2018

Hello Begents,

According to my research on I am directly descended from Eli Baigent, whose son also Eli was sent to Australia in 1811. My ancestor was the younger Eli's sister Martha. The person in Australia who posted that there do not seem to be many Begents may be because the name was spelt Baigent by many and in Australia that spelling is still used.

I have the transcript of Eli's trial for sheep stealing. I suspect that Eli was the only breadwinner and that they were starving. Upon his release his mother journeyed around the world to Tasmania live with him, and died there. Eli married and he and his family became respected citizens.

The name Begent was widely assumed to be of French origin, however I found that as for some, Baigent may have been the original name and there is a possible connection to weavers from southern Germany who settled in Holland, as the word for them was Baijentz ( or close to it) It would seem likely that they were Hugenots who settled in London amongst others of that persuasion.

My fathers third name was Begent, and he had been told that the Begents were family friends hence the name. However they were more than that. Some of my fathers family on his mothers side were from the London area, often East and Central London. I am from S West London but no longer live in England. I am curious as to how my Australian cousins are doing.

Michael Ward

Subject: Searching for Crescentia Cooke nee Baigent
Name: Debra basden
Date: 4 August 2018

Hi I was at school with Crescentia at La Retraite in Bristol. Lost touch with her when i moved to Nairobi. And u have been contacted by her younger sister Orynthia.

Please pass on my email contact.

Subject: Victor and Vincent Begent
Name: Adrienne Watts
Date: 14 December 2018

Any info on these two who I was told were twins they are related to my husband's grandmother. She used to visit the family in Jersey Channel islands and I believe there were Australian connections. Any info welcome.


Subject: Interest in understanding our history
Name: Sue Begent
Date: 1 March 2020

Thank you for providing this resource! I recently became interested in the origin of the Begent family and understanding our probable Hugenot heritage. I grew up in Staffordshire. My fathers family were based in Cheshire - I now live in New Hersey, USA
I'm interested in connecting with other Begents who are also interested in the origin of our name and history

With best wishes

Subject: James Begent c1804 Chancery Lane, London
: Ralph Jones
Date: 18 September 2020

Last weekend I visited London, and sat in a cafe on the south bank next to Southwark Cathedral. I thought of James' connection to the building and I remembered that I had written to the Registrar for the Huguenot Society regarding the name Begent.
I was told she visited Kew Gardens on each Tuesday and if the file of Begent was to be looked at an appointment should be made and the name Begent should be mentioned.
I have always visited London for short visits, and have been unable to stay long enough to visit the archives at Kew.
I was therefore wondering if anyone from London would be able to visit and record any information on this site.
P s Your last correspondent Susan D Begent is well known to me as my Cousin.

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