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Strange but true
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Office Humour
  • Office Living in 21st century
  • Work Work vs prison
  • Meetings more meetings and Weasel words
  • Appraisals Quotes from job performance evaluations
  • The Boss Difference between bosses and employees
  • Dilspeak What managers say and what they really mean
  • Dilbert Quotes from real-life Dilbert type managers
  • Lingo How to understand business lingo
  • Dead Horses A corporate approach
  • Elephant Hunting Different approaches
  • Design challenges
  • Wibble How to keep a healthy level of insanity
  • Resume Extracts from CVs
  • Buzzword Create your own management buzz phrases
  • Theorem Dilbert's Salary theorem - Proved
  • Hot Air and recruitment heaven
  • Perfect A perfect woman?
  • Tigger I like this one. Remind you of anyone?
  • Jimbo Chat online with Jimbo

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